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  1. The type used in the open touring cars in the teens and twenties. Sorry for not being more specific.
  2. Looking for a bench/ coach seat , with styling from the early 1900's. no particular make or model.
  3. Looking for 3 stromberg 03 brass carburetors for a multi carb set up.
  4. Looking for a water pump for my t head 6 engine. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Looking for t head engine. Big cubic inches. 600 or bigger. Preferably complete
  6. I had the same guy call me. Said he was from the Bay Area and his wife had a t head engine for sale that was her dads. Already crated up and ready to ship. When I started asking questions he had no answers. Said his phone would not take pictures and if I sent him 50 bucks he would pay a guy to take pictures. When I asked him why he was trying to scam me, he blew up, called me a piece of s$$$t and said he should come to Indiana and kick my a$$. When I told him myself and MR. Winchester would be waiting on him he hung up. What a piece of work!
  7. I am looking for a t head 6 engine. Preferably complete. Thanks for any information.
  8. Hello. I am building a lafrance chain drive speedster. Looking for a t head 6 engine for it. Would prefer a complete engine. Thanks for any information.
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