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  1. The wire wheels will make a huge difference in appearances
  2. Have finally got equipment ready for harvest and have been able to afford some time to the speedster. The wheels will be 23” Buffalo wire wheels. I have machined hubs to accept the axle and wheel I am using
  3. Still seeking 23” Buffalo number 5 wheels
  4. Looking for an American lafrance with what I believe is the e series v12. It would have dual updraft carburetors and four distributors. thanks for any info
  5. I should add. I would be interested in a complete set of wheels as well if somebody didn’t want to split up a set
  6. I am looking for a pair of wire wheels that match the two I have. They are 72 spoke. Included are pics with measurement. Any info appreciated
  7. Al i am waiting on the mag and distributor to come back from the rebuild shop marc
  8. I am looking for a wheelwright preferably in the Midwest part of the US to respoke a set of wheels. Any info is appreciated
  9. It is starting to look like something BBC
  10. Looking for a right hand drive steering column. Preferably fairly complete with gear box and etc.
  11. After years of gathering parts I have begun this project. It’s using a 1913 packard truck transaxle. A 1919 lafrance front clip and a 1013 cubic inch seagrave t head
  12. Yes. The felt seal cam be made. I determined the thickness that it would have beenand order a square of felt from mcmaster carr. Cut my own seal. It worked quite well
  13. Looking for an unfinished auburn boat tail speedster.
  14. Looking for a set of knock offs for a custom set of wheels I am building
  15. I am in central Indiana. Looking fo a nice heavy set of frame horns. I am planning to build a frame. Also would like to find a heavy right hand drive front axle. I would be interested in parts and pieces or a whole chassis thanks for any info marc
  16. In search of a big car chassis from the teens to early twenties
  17. Thanks for the reply. That’s what I am looking for but need it to be heavier built .
  18. Looking for a set of frame horns from the teens to twenties. Need to be from a big car or truck. Thanks for any information
  19. Pulled this out of a barn on a farm my friend bought. Thought I would see if anybody needed any parts or the whole thing before it becomes part of a 2021 Honda
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