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  1. Many seasoned automotive enthusiasts have come to instantly recognize Fitzpatrick and Kaufman’s beautiful and idealistic illustrations anytime they see them, and several of my favorite ads in my own collection are marked with that familiar AF VK identifier in a corner of the ad. For almost 25 years, the two artists worked together to create stunning ads for not only Pontiac but Buick, Mercury, and Opel as well. Finally, a book has been written that provides a compelling archive of their work. Author Rob Keil, who was fortunate enough to develop a friendship with Fitzpatrick, cataloged a video
  2. I'm with the other commenters, hard pass at anywhere close to $6500 on this.
  3. I'm 41 and it would have caught my eye and appreciation. Nothing but respect for anyone who keeps a Willys with a slide valve enigne running down the road!
  4. This. I'm an independent appraiser myself and I have zero qualms about telling a client "I have limited, or NO background or experience with X car (or cars) in your collection". It's not even close to worth my fee relative the potential damage to my reputation to try and hack it through on a car I have little experience with. Stressful for me, and not a good value for them. Then I can explain how I can help them with whatever cars they have that I do have requisite expertise in, and in many cases help connect clients with people more knowledgeable than myself to go through the the ones I'm pas
  5. Never liked those 66 big block hood's on mid-years. Stinger or bust!
  6. Some good advice already bestowed here. If you can get a good mechanic involved to get them at least running, do so. It will make them easier to sell, and maybe frankly easier for you to make a decision about what you really want to do with them. Maybe you rediscover you really enjoy driving one or both and make a decision to keep them. Offering non runners will bring out real low ball opportunists looking to beat you up on price and score a steal. Your cars are not remarkably rare, so finding good baseline intelligence about their potential value on the net should not be too hard.
  7. You are correct. I think 6 motors in 57, and then up to to 7 motors in 58 and 59 if I recall. I recall the last two years had one more motor. They really are a marvel, with a few large springs replacing the needed leverage and strength of hydraulics. There is something like just over 600 feet of wiring in them to keep everything connected and talking. And limit switches... lots of those! Every time I'm around one I marvel at the amount of engineering and brainpower it must've taken to make it happen.
  8. This is excellent, and I'm glad to read it. Well done. The next generation of enthusiasts who are intertested in these cars are out there, but the older generations need to help find connection points like this. I know a teenage docent who volunteers all summer long at the Gilmore who has a voratious appetite for pre war automotive history, and he already knows more about Pierce Arrows and Franklins than I ever did. I love talking cars with him. On the other hand, I was recently part of a team that led tours for several dozen high schoolers at the Gilmore and got to talk to each g
  9. To me total membership is somewhat less important than actual engaged participation. In almost every car club I'm actively involved with 20% of the members do 80% of the work anyway. I doubt very much my experience is vastly different from anyone else in that regard. There is a lot to be said for quality over quantity. That said, I'm always happy to see new faces getting involved!
  10. I can tell you my least favorite- Classic Car Rescue- an old British show that is an infuriatingly unrealistic manufactured mess to watch. I know that's the case with most of them, but this one takes the pole position as far as I'm concerned. If you seach it out episodes on youtube you can give yourself a headache too if you like.... my favorite would be the BBC Top Gear when Clarkson, Hammond and May were at their finest.
  11. That Macho T/A is pretty Macho, but I'd rather have this Navin Johnson special, a Barris job as I recall... The ultimate in gaudy macho. Love the faux sidepipes tacked on... those suckers are LOW! "The ashtray, the paddle game, the remote control and the Firebird... that's all I need..."
  12. While the electronics in the Allantes can be a bugger, it's the engune that really hurts them. The HT's and Northstars in the Allante are pretty fragile, and the Northstar is only slightly better as far as I'm concerned, which is too bad because it should have been one of Cadillac's best motors. They had a bad habit of stretching head bolts which of course results in chaos. Reattas dont have that problem with those near bulletproof 3.8's they got. Interestingly, every time I drive an Allante, and I've probably driven atleast 10, I'm always surprised and pretty impressed by how nice
  13. Have you tried vinegar? I'd keep it away from the coolant tank hoses, as rubber and vinegar don't mix well, but it should be good on the plastic.
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