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  1. Future wife? You should marry her already! 🤣
  2. So many great pictures! I wish I could “like” them all, but I know from experience that this site limits how many reactions you can post. For those of you who haven’t posted yet, try to remember to take a picture the next time you get your car out. 😊
  3. Let me guess, you are a retired engineer? 😆
  4. Very nice. There are so many rust free, beautiful cars down in Hill Country. Glad you are happy with yours and you and your wife had a chance to see that part of the world.
  5. I’m going to ask my Salem friends if they have any connections. Would you be interested in checking it out if we can get in?
  6. @JACK Mis this place open to the public? I’ve never heard of it either.
  7. Also, death certificates are not hard to get if you know the county it’s recorded in.
  8. I dealt with several title issues in Texas. Luckily bonded titles are an option. In some states they are not and it gives you a better chance for a good outcome. Bonded titles convert to actual titles in 3 years, if I remember right. You can ask your DMV office to recommend a good bonding company. I had really good luck with the local small town DMV. If they can’t help, it’s worth a call to the area manager. I worked over a year on a couple cars with the manager out of Austin and eventually got a really complicated situation taken care of. Best of luck!
  9. Also @f.f.jones, you have a lot of good advice here. Share some pictures and we can better advise if these are truly projects worth time and effort or parts cars worth a few hundred dollars. One person’s project is another person’s parts car. The ones I sold had most of the required parts, new paint and/or interiors that needed to be installed. Someone was actually working on them and they just needed to be finished.
  10. It really depends on what you have and where you are at, if they are not as complete or desirable. I sold a 50 Ford, 48 Willey’s Jeepster and a 55 Chevy project. The Willeys went to someone on this forum and admittedly the sale was most likely a favor he did for me. One sold on eBay (55 Chevy) and the other in a local Facebook group (Hill Country Antique & Classic Cars & Parts, TX) (50 Ford). I would create an eBay ad with a fair reserve and a lot of pictures (at least 30, the more the better) inside, outside, underneath, detailed pics of any parts that go with it and a very detailed description (Does it have rust, damage, what is missing, included?) Then post the eBay link here and on appropriate Facebook car groups and Marketplace. This saves so much time recreating the listing. There are lots of regional antique car FB groups and many national groups for various types of cars. Use the search bar to find the groups. (Words like 50 Ford, shoebox, Oregon antique cars, Portland classic cars, etc). Once you join several groups, it’s easy to share the listing to various groups once it’s on Facebook. Possibly attend local car shows with pictures and a flyer with detailed info to show guys with similar cars who may know someone or themselves want it. Exposure is key. It may take a little longer and you may need to renew the eBay listing a few times or even pause them and relist a few weeks later, but I sold those three a couple years ago, each within a couple months. I also sold many other cars, of various stages of restoration the same way. Not to mention tractors, parts, trailers tools, etc. Which I didn’t list on eBay, but did sell with the help of Facebook Groups and Marketplace. I highly suggest you throw up a list here of what you have. I was reluctant to do that initially, but these guys helped me sell many of my dads classics. They helped me gain an understanding of what each car was when I shared pictures and gave me a lot of good advice. Only a few guys seemed to have lowball opinions of value so I’d ignore any advice that the cars were not worth much without more detail from you, though. There are many guys here who will give you an honest assessment, just look at the advice as a whole and not any one person’s opinion. Properly marketed and by researching similar sold listings, you can find a fair price for about any decent project. best of luck!
  11. Based on the way he wrote the post and the fact that this is his first post, I imagined a teen trying to settle a bet with his buddy. 😆
  12. That’s an early and looks very different then a ‘67, but I agree that it’s worth it to look around. There are some great deals on nice Corvairs.
  13. My list: 1) ’58 Corvette Stingray Convertible like my dad owed and I drove to parades. Metallic blue with white coves and a blue interior. Still not over dad selling it when I turned 18 because he was offered “an obscene amount of money” for it. 😆 I liked it better than his ‘63 SWC. My all time favorite car. 2) ‘70 Boss Bronco. Really regret selling and wish I’d have known what it was. Dad probably knew but he didn’t indicate on his insurance that he knew the current value. Then again with his AZ, he hadn’t adjusted those values in years. Tried to keep it in the family by selling to my son, but soon after he had to sell it. Was heartbroken when I later found out what it was and realized my dream of some day owing it again was crushed. It has an excellent home with a prominent collector now. He said I’m welcome to visit it and go for a ride anytime. 👍 3) ‘65 MB Pagode. Saw it in a movie a few years ago. 😍 4) 1930 Model A 5 window. Grew to love dad’s blue with black fenders car. 5) ‘71 LT1 T top Corvette, red. Another of dad’s cars. 6) ‘24 Model T Roadster PU. You guessed it, one dad had. 7) ‘61 Corvair Rampside. Would be afraid to drive it but it was cool. 😎First Gen Dodge Challenger Hemi would be cool. 9) ‘804WD GMC High Sierra PU. Drove one in High School. 10) ‘63 SWC Stingray. Feel very fortunate to own dad’s ‘57 Retractable and ‘63 Monza Spyder Convertible. Luckily I don’t have the money or garage space for more. Really neat thread and find it interesting to read other’s lists.
  14. Depending on where you are located, my experience has been that often Corvair Club members know the cars in their area. It’s worth it to contact the local club. Check the lists on the site I mentioned above. P.S. Your wife has good taste!
  15. You will find a wealth of information at www.corvair.org or one of the many local Facebook sites. You may also want to connect with your local Corvair group, which you can find on the website above. Where are you located? Parts are readily available from several vendors including Clark’s (corvair.com), or California Corvair. Personally I have an early model ‘63 Spyder Convertible that belonged to my dad and I am in the process of having a friend help me get back on the road. Also you can typically get a decent, running Corvair for that price. Good luck and keep us posted if you buy the car!
  16. Thanks for being considerate of your family. 🙂
  17. When I moved the car. 2017 or 2018 I believe. The install didn’t go well. He’s a farm boy with some car skills, so that might be why? I’ll see how hard it is to get the part and come see you to check it out. Thank you!
  18. Update on the Spyder: My buddy Tim gave the Spyder a bath and vacuum for me and brought it home until I get parts and he has time to work on it more, probably in the fall. He found a black, tar like substance in the fuel line, so we will replace the fuel tank, lines, filter & pump (pump is already installed). Also going to get vac line, turbo rebuild kit and check on a rebuilt carb for it. It needs a battery also now that we know it has spark and compression. He used an extra battery to test it. I’m going to work on detailing inside and out in the meantime. It already looks better than I thought it would. Not a trailer queen by a long shot, but will be a fun 4 speed to drive when it’s done!
  19. Thanks Jack. I’ll try running her and see if that helps. I know the accelerator pump was replaced in Texas. Justin did it.
  20. Thanks everyone. I want to clarify when I say it’s “choking”, what I really mean is “stumbling” or “hesitating”when I accelerate. I’ll have to find a shop to check some of these things for me. I appreciate all the info!
  21. Yes. It’s okay if I barely accelerate, but if I put any lead into it at all, it stumbles. Now that I think about this, I remember replacing the accelerator pump in Texas. Then Jack worked on it when I had some similar issues, but not sure what he did. Now it has the same symptoms again. Always in the spring after sitting.
  22. @JACK M, I can’t remember if it did this last time I got gas in Carlton? Do you remember the fix last time?
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