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  1. It was a beauty. The van was nice inside also. That was original outside paint. I loved how it looked. Still have a Spyder Convertible project I’m hoping to keep as well.
  2. My grandparents owned one. It’s still running and on the Oregon Coast. 👍 My grandfather wrote a lot of technical articles for the UltaVan club. I went on many Rally’s with them in one as a child.
  3. I had insurance on this Greenbrier and this Rampy through JC Taylor. The 95 is the chassis they are all on, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t insure the Corvair Van?
  4. @Frank DuVal, although I sold a Greenbrier Deluxe van and a Rampy, (the Loadside was the other PU), I never did understand what made the Greenbrier Van different than just a Van.
  5. Yes a Greenbrier camper conversion with lots of modifications, including those windows.
  6. Sorry, I was grazing as opposed to actually reading. (Sidetracked)
  7. That would be Patsy Cline, my Texas rescue. She came with that name and helped me haul dad’s cars from Texas to Oregon. She was good company when I had to sleep in the back seat of the truck and keep an eye on the cars in the truck stops. 🐕
  8. I had one that I gave away with some Flathead V8’s I sold last year. I could not find a buyer. It would help if you know if it’s frozen or not, if it’s cracked or not inside and some people asked me if I tried to start it or took it apart to check it. Also if you are willing to strap it to a pallet for shipping purposes, you can cast a wider net for a buyer.
  9. It sold back in 2016 for about $17500 if I remember right. It was a very nice Rampy. My father passed Sep 1, 2019. His cars took care of him after many years of him caring for them. Thank you.
  10. @Joe Block, sorry but it is sold. This was most recently in Texas. My father owned it.
  11. When I’m at shows with the ‘57, the young kids are drawn to the car. I love to put some cat eye glasses on them, let them sit in the car and take a pic. It seems to really make their day! Isn’t that what our cars are for? Not only our enjoyment, but preserving them for others to enjoy and appreciate as well. 💗 Love this thread idea. Thanks for posting it.
  12. This is good advice. I’ve sold many cars on eBay this way. Take lots of pics inside, out, under, and a good description (After you clean it up), with details of any extra parts you have, the engine, the back story, etc. good luck with your sale. BTW, I didn’t have any buyers back out, but it does happen, as mentioned. Most cars sold the first go around, a couple I relisted 2-4 times because they were for sale around Thanksgiving or Christmas. Others sold that time of year with no problem. I put a reasonable reserve and started the bidding low to get attention. I was realistic about value and didn’t expect to get top dollar, but a fair price. Right now with the current crisis going on, you might have more trouble selling. I am a loan officer and can tell you that home sales have been starting to stall in the past couple weeks. I’d sell sooner rather than later, if selling is your intention. Best of luck with your sale. I hope someone restores this as I personally love Nomads and this is my favorite year. I sold a 55 210 2 door project a couple years ago. (On eBay) Also, you have some of the most Knowledgeable and helpful guys on the forum commenting here. Their advice helped me sell my late father’s collection. They are giving you good advice, and if you follow it, you will benefit.
  13. My favorite year, but that price does seem outrageous.
  14. I’d love too, but my ‘57 Skyliner is at @JACK M’s as he is trying to sort out an issue with the engine wanting to stall. Darndest thing as it drove like a top the first day out this year, then the next day it didn’t want to stay running. 😢
  15. Looks like he has several ‘58 Corvettes, including a blue and white one that reminds me of one my dad had.
  16. I believe the forum has rules against selling historic documents.
  17. Right Larry, I was referring to my many travels back and forth from Texas to Oregon. Just an observance.
  18. There’s actually some scientific basis to that. There have been many articles about the dangers of overuse of hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps. here is one pre-Covid article: (if you look you will find many more)
  19. Last time I ventured out, here I Oregon, gas was about 2.69 in my smallishish town. Too many gas taxes in our state. Always at least $1/gal more than Texas.