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  1. In our state he will likely be out of Jail in less than 24 hours. https://ktvz.com/news/fire-alert/2020/09/14/suspect-arrested-after-brush-fire-set-near-portland-freeway/?fbclid=IwAR2NWGfuKYbk8_mEtOi-8e2snmDK-E_k5fEwjWkUX48Oh0Z3wdPgGDzyCrk
  2. There was arson and they’ve made an arrest.
  3. So glad to hear you and Cherrie are okay and your home is still standing! I'm crying too. Give her a big hug for me. Take care and check in when you can here so we know you are ok. God Bless!
  4. I also and trying to get a resident to check his house. They are allowing residents to walk into Phoenix from the Home Depot across the highway.
  5. There are evacuation centers in the area. My niece was at one. The highways have been shut down on and off so it can be difficult to leave the area. They also have friends in the area. I am sure he will check in when he can, but given the situation and lack of cell phone, it may not be right away. He lists a Skype address. I will see if I can reach him that way. If he has internet access, that might work if he still uses it.
  6. I hope we hear from John soon, I know we are all thinking of him. Sadly there are new fires are in Southern Oregon. Hopefully they get them out before they get too large and destructive. There are verifiable reports that some fires are being set intentionally. The one in John’s area that started in Ashland is being investigated. My heart hurts, my brain is numb. As I watch videos of my friends from around the state dealing with loss of life, animals, properties from the fires... I cry. ENOUGH!!! The only glimmers of hope are the reports of people helping e
  7. Local Corvair clubs can help. There is a forum also. https://www.corvairforum.com/forum/app.php/portal
  8. This was a pic of my house yesterday. A crazy day to get a new roof. Praying for so many family and friends. These fires don’t usually affect so many towns, but mostly forests.
  9. Hi everyone, I am fine. The town where John lives is substantially destroyed. It’s probable that his house is gone, though I pray I’m wrong. More importantly I hope he and his wife are okay and were able to evacuate. Where I lived down there is evacuated as is most of Medford and towns south to the CA border. There is a huge fire east of Portland that has destroyed many towns and threatens Lake Oswego, Oregon City and many other cities. The Santiam Fire near Detroit Lake has Destroyed several towns. Video looks like a war zone on the major highway through there an
  10. His mom just told me he will be featured in our magazine soon.
  11. Yes, I’m sure he will have some challenges during his lifetime, and this could help him have a leg up. He’s very industrious and adds pictures everyday to his “Friends of Anthony Schmidt” Facebook Page. He even signs each book by hand! He’s already sold 700+. Each book is numbered also. His pictures are really good. We always say we want to support youth in our hobby. This is a great place to start.
  12. There is a young man that I follow on Facebook. He has Autism and loves old cars. He takes pictures with his model cars and has even published a book. Someone even donated to him a ‘57 Ford. If you are interested in supporting him, here is a link for purchase of his book. https://anthonyryanschmidt.com/store/small-cars-big-inspiration
  13. Lincoln’s and T-Bird tops are hydraulic and a lot more problematic then the Skyliners.
  14. Not really resistance, just focused on getting it running to start.
  15. I have it on good authority that is only necessary if I plan to go fast.
  16. Thanks and good info. Funny that pic in Wiki isn’t even a turbo. Here’s a better one.
  17. Crossing my fingers on that. It’s a four speed and it would be nice to have a little red convertible that would be fun to drive, especially one that was my dad’s.
  18. My buddy has lots of really nice cars and he’s the one who helped me value and auction the cars I sold. He’s been a tremendous help, like so many friends have been. I did my research about the turbo on the Corvair forum and about starting up this long time sleeping beauty. (I think sleeping beauty is a better name!). I printed info from the Corvair forum members and shared it with Tim. He also is well educated on Precautions for car that have been sitting. It was surprisingly difficult to find someone to take on the task of evaluating the car and trying to start it up.
  19. Thank you, but I happen to be a fan of the SLK’s also. I took a weekend trip in one. Storage is an issue. Lol
  20. I don’t think so. Just a turbo.
  21. Agree. It’s much smaller and I would probably drive it a lot more. Can’t wait to see what the turbo is all about. 👍
  22. I was so upset about the Bronco. Felt guilty about what it could have meant to help dad when he was alive. No way I could have known though. The Spyder is a welcome distraction.
  23. Thanks for the info. I did a ton of research with the Corvair forum and printed out the advice for my friend Tim. You are right also, no brakes. Had to use the e brake when we hauled him. I will copy this advice to Tim though. Also, I had to google. 😂
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