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  1. Well, that escalated quickly! After replacing the brake power booster, I had been trying to get the power seat to move in my Roadmaster so I could more easily get behind the wheel and drive, being 6’ 5” makes this a challenge under the best circumstances. Having pulled the switch and reconnected the two wires I found loose; I still had no movement. Looking at the service manual it seemed pretty easy to remove the seat from the frame to gain access to all the motors and wiring, which it was. Getting Laura to help me lift the seat out lead to the first step down the slippery slope.
  2. Top Gear actually tested this out several years ago. Not with a convertible though.
  3. Too many cars and too much junk! It is roughed in for a bathroom, but not built yet. That and heat would make it about perfect for me.
  4. I don't own a Century, but both my '54 Roadmasters have electric power windows and seat. -Scott
  5. Brian, thanks for checking, not sure how I missed your response. Maybe there is something about the full size top frames that precludes them. I know a 62 Special, and 65 and 70 Chevelles have them, so I expected the other too as well. Scott
  6. Bob's comment about the door flipper had me going out to take another look. While all the dimensions seem to be the same, the difference appears to be this little part of the casting that sticks up on the coupe version. Seems like, if you really had to you could grind off the extension for use on a convertible, although it doesn't appear it will interfere with anything. This is where mine is broken on my convertible. Allowing the assembly to flex. It seems to be pot metal, so a good repair is unlikely. Thanks again for everyone'
  7. Thanks all! That verifies what I need. Scott
  8. Are the vent window assemblies for a full size '58 the same for coupe and convertible? From what I can measure with them still in the door, they seem to be. Thanks Scott
  9. Maybe this will counter balance Doug's post...
  10. It was really nice all last week and was able to drive a convertible to work everyday. Cold and cloudy this weekend and predicting 1.5" snow for Monday night...
  11. Looks like a Lotus Europa to me. One of my favorite cars, but I can't fit inside one. Heck, at 6' 5" I barely fit in my '54 Roadie (top down helps though)! Scott
  12. Black walls in front, whitewalls in back, for when you can't decide! 😄
  13. My 54 Buick and 58 Cadillac convertibles are missing the filler piece that goes in the top of the piston covers. I’ve attached a picture of the one in my Chevelle for reference (red). Does anyone know of a source for these, or what the correct name for them is so I can search for them? Thanks Scott
  14. Made it up to and back from the BCA meet in Denver on Sat. Finished up the torque ball seal et al. about 11pm the night before. Met Father Buick and several others while wandering the show and swap meet. Stopped at the end of the driveway an took this. Scott
  15. This is one of many issues I have to deal with too... I plan on registering and coming up maybe Friday evening and definitely Saturday. Hopefully I'll be driving the '54, but my daily driver 63 Skylark will be there if not. I'll be parking out with the other riff-raff in the parking lot. For those looking to imbibe there are many breweries and distilleries close by. Coors tour is good, but Boulder is a ways away. Here are a couple of helpful websites with interactive maps: Colorado Brewery list Drinker's Guide to Colorado There are at least half a dozen
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