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  1. Top Gear actually tested this out several years ago. Not with a convertible though.
  2. Too many cars and too much junk! It is roughed in for a bathroom, but not built yet. That and heat would make it about perfect for me.
  3. I don't own a Century, but both my '54 Roadmasters have electric power windows and seat. -Scott
  4. Brian, thanks for checking, not sure how I missed your response. Maybe there is something about the full size top frames that precludes them. I know a 62 Special, and 65 and 70 Chevelles have them, so I expected the other too as well. Scott
  5. Bob's comment about the door flipper had me going out to take another look. While all the dimensions seem to be the same, the difference appears to be this little part of the casting that sticks up on the coupe version. Seems like, if you really had to you could grind off the extension for use on a convertible, although it doesn't appear it will interfere with anything. This is where mine is broken on my convertible. Allowing the assembly to flex. It seems to be pot metal, so a good repair is unlikely. Thanks again for everyone's input. If you happen to have a good, driver quality or better driver's side vent window assembly you'd like to get rid of, let me know. Scott
  6. Thanks all! That verifies what I need. Scott
  7. Are the vent window assemblies for a full size '58 the same for coupe and convertible? From what I can measure with them still in the door, they seem to be. Thanks Scott
  8. Maybe this will counter balance Doug's post...
  9. It was really nice all last week and was able to drive a convertible to work everyday. Cold and cloudy this weekend and predicting 1.5" snow for Monday night...
  10. Looks like a Lotus Europa to me. One of my favorite cars, but I can't fit inside one. Heck, at 6' 5" I barely fit in my '54 Roadie (top down helps though)! Scott
  11. Black walls in front, whitewalls in back, for when you can't decide! 😄
  12. My 54 Buick and 58 Cadillac convertibles are missing the filler piece that goes in the top of the piston covers. I’ve attached a picture of the one in my Chevelle for reference (red). Does anyone know of a source for these, or what the correct name for them is so I can search for them? Thanks Scott
  13. Made it up to and back from the BCA meet in Denver on Sat. Finished up the torque ball seal et al. about 11pm the night before. Met Father Buick and several others while wandering the show and swap meet. Stopped at the end of the driveway an took this. Scott
  14. This is one of many issues I have to deal with too... I plan on registering and coming up maybe Friday evening and definitely Saturday. Hopefully I'll be driving the '54, but my daily driver 63 Skylark will be there if not. I'll be parking out with the other riff-raff in the parking lot. For those looking to imbibe there are many breweries and distilleries close by. Coors tour is good, but Boulder is a ways away. Here are a couple of helpful websites with interactive maps: Colorado Brewery list Drinker's Guide to Colorado There are at least half a dozen close by the Hotel. If you are looking to partake of other things recently legalized in Colorado, you are on your own. ? Scott
  15. Took the Roadmaster to the local C&C yesterday and parked next to a wonderful all original 51 Roadmaster. I had seen the car at other local shows but never got a chance to talk to the owner. It was originally an east coast car owned by a priest. On the way home I managed to run out of gas about 10 minutes from home. Still looks pretty good sitting on the side of the road though. Running out of gas caused it to vapor lock in the record heat we're having, 91 degrees yesterday, 20 above normal. Hope it cools off for the nationals in a couple of weeks. Scott
  16. I've got a set of 4. One center is loose. None of them is perfect, as you can see. As Woody Michel says, they are kind of thin and would straighten out with some light hammer and dolly work. Since they won't fit the 13" wheels on my '63, I'd like to get them off the shelf. How about $100, plus shipping, or make me an offer. Thanks Scott
  17. Last I read the only one of these cars that had been found was Corvette: https://www.solidaxlecorvettemi.com/?lightbox=imagezy7 From what I remember it had been repainted and sold on after the show, but the original paint was found during restoration and it was then restored as it appeared for the show. Scott
  18. Lots of brew pubs, microbreweries, tap rooms, etc. around. It is Colorado after all. Old Loveland pass is a nice drive, but I'm more used to doing it in a TR-3 rather than a 50's Buick. Disc brake probably make a big difference. For those into 'train spotting' type actives, you can sit at the top of the pass with a hazardous materials book and look up all the numbers on the sides of the semis, since hazmat is not allowed through the tunnels on I-70! I am going to try and make the Nationals if my employment situation allows, but I'll be day tripping it. The 50 miles each way is cheaper on gas than a hotel room. Scott
  19. Rockauto lists the CH106pl for 11.59 each. Their application is shown as mid-50's GM, I've gotten these for my 54 Buicks and 58 Cadillacs.. They also show the ACDELCO PF122 for 6.24, and the WIX 51121 for 8.29. Not sure why I got the Fram when the Delco was available. Looks like I need to add some to my next order. Scott
  20. John, You are correct. 63 only. Perhaps coupe or Skylark only. If my pictures were cooperating I would upload a picture of them on my 63 Skylark coupe. Scott
  21. Took the Roadmaster out to the last big cars and coffee of the season. Temps in the 70s today and tomorrow, first snow storm of the season on Monday. Had the Eldorado out too, just to enjoy the weather. Scott
  22. Not sure how I missed this earlier, but I have a few of these. One is a 62 Special Deluxe V8 4sp. with buckets and power top. The engine has been rebuilt and the seats redone with correct material from SMS, however it has one rust spot on the passenger front floor and both rear quarters are bad. Here is a link to the pictures I've used on Craigslist. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AilHsu_gDfzRtSAyR5Etkbm-XQS4 The second is a 62 Special, V6, bench seat, manual top car. I really think this is the one the dealer used to get people to come in by advertising a super cheap car. My father-in-law bought this as a parts car, but for a while I thought it was a better car than that. I have a 63 V6 and automatic to go with it. The engine ran before I pulled it, but it would need a rebuild to be sure of it. The seats got left outside for a while so the frames are pretty rusty. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AilHsu_gDfzRtymKlN6fd_xjI1AU I am asking $3500 for both these cars, build one or build both. Make me an offer I can't refuse! : ) The third one is a V8 bench seat 3spd with a rebuilt motor. The car is currently wrapped in a tarp outside, so I don’t have any pictures of it. Not sure if it is a Special or a Special Deluxe. I think the body is in pretty good shape. It is missing the transmission. It is in my wife’s name, and I’ll have to see what she want’s for it if you are interested. All of these cars are located just north of Colorado Springs, CO and have clear Colorado titles. Scott
  23. My 63 Skylark has this same engine. Anti-seize on the plugs is a must. The engine was used by Rover until Ford bought them. It was also the original engine in the TR-8. I have a couple of spares around and always make sure they are accounted for when the Triumph club leaves after a get together. I also have a few extra 4 barrel intakes, but the hot setup would be to find the FI off a Range Rover, my understanding is that is basically bolt on. Scott