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  1. From my current understanding of the automobile, vehicular brakes developed in this fashion: archaic wooden brakes>>>>mechanical drum brakes>>>>hydraulic drum brakes>>>>hydraulic disc brakes>and then abs. I'm just curious: was there ever an phase where MECHANICAL disc brakes were used? I asked because, in the bicycle world at least, we seem to have an almost identical brake history (main exception being the computerized abs). As in the automobile world, we noticed that disc brakes offer better performances in a lot of situations. The difference is that cyclists have a choice between disc brakes that are actuated mechanically (by physical cables) and ones that are actuated hydraulically (by fluids). Did car drivers used to have that choice?
  2. *Note 1: I have not used the cleaner on the interior of any of my vehicles yet* *Note 2: I realize that this is not a car cleaning forum, but I don't like signing into too many forums that I would end up using only once* I've bought a tonneau cleaner in a spray bottle a while ago. I've used it quite a few times for my truck covering and found out that I don't really need it. Unfortunately, the labeling has been torn out and I'm not sure if it is advisable to use it on the interior fabric. Even if -as a result of quick googling - the label says that it can be used on fabrics, I just want to be extra sure. Have you guys ever used tonneau cleaners on the interior fabrics? There were no - at least what you considered pertinent - problems, right?
  3. Hi guys. I am currently not an antique cars collector but I have always been interested in the engineering history and the developmental milestones of the automobile. From my current understanding, many safety features we have on vehicles today have contestable timelines. For instance, a lot of people are unsure about when and which company introduced the red brake/tail lights to a car. The same contestable timeline seems to also apply to the history of the Instrument board. If I am not mistaken, people first used to calculate their speed by the use of postings on a stretch of road. But what is the - even though it might be arguable - first instrument board with the odometer, speedometer, and/or rpm dial? What does it look like and was it made mostly out of brass? How was it made visible at night; was it lit up by oil/carbide lamps or was it - pretty much - immediately designed with lightbulbs in mind?