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  1. Here's a closer image of the same car, does this match the damage you saw? You can just barely make out these scrapes in the other photo just not very well with all the reflections and glare.
  2. A good idea and if you can't find these specific ones for sale (the site only says they are accepting deposits for when they do build them) you can get something similar for bicycles. I see them often here in Portland, they are wireless but tend to be in one unit, not separate flashers like these so not as ideal but would work for cars like mine without factory hazards. Now that I'm thinking about this, I bet you could take apart one of these systems and install the lights inside OEM or OEM-style chrome signal pods so you could leave them in place all the time. Maybe you could even fit them inside the existing brake light housings.
  3. Wow, thanks for the excellent advice so far by all, exactly the type of stuff I was looking for and confirms some of what we have learned. I will say we have been leaning Volvo, for the mentioned elegance and modernity, but as also said by some of you, the VW will be much easier to maintain. I have had several cars that are hard to find parts for so that aspect of the Volvo doesn't scare me, and the PNW has a huge Volvo support system, I even live just a couple of blocks from the main dealer... and he's downhill from me if worst comes to worst! I think the thing keeping us drawn to the Ghia however is that it almost has a Porsche 356 vibe to me for obvious reasons, but that may not be enough for it to be the final choice.
  4. Our household is in the early stages of researching and gaining first-hand experience with the VW Karmann Ghia coupe and the Volvo P1800 or P1800es (estate) for purchase in the next year. I'd love to hear views and opinions on these cars from people who have owned or driven them extensively. I'm not really interested in "why don't you buy a Brand X car instead?" since we have narrowed the field down already. This won't be the first nor last old car we buy so plenty of time for others down the road. Also, the family member who will be using this car most of the time prefers an automatic. I know, but that's the reality here so we are seeking an Autostick VW or an automatic Volvo. I know opinions are low on the Autostick in general among VW folks, but ignoring the comparison to the manual car in each case and judging the autos on their own merits, are there any issues with the automatics themselves that I should be aware of? What car would you choose and why?
  5. I took a couple of friends who had never been to a Concours before and they both commented how much more casual this event was than they expected. Sure there were a few folks in ascots having wine and cheese from baskets positioned at the rear of their Isotta Fraschini, but generally speaking the joy of this show is the organizers do focus more on the overall car than every detail being correct. No white gloves here, just 300 fine cars gathering stares. Here's an article about a ride my buddy gave a local reporter in a '66 Ferrari 330GT.
  6. Wanted to share this post with you all. Most of you seem to be on the East Coast or middle part of the country but if anyone is in the area this is really a top shelf show, the organizers using their long standing connections to many local collections to bring out the very best cars. Hope to see some of you there! Save the Date: Forest Grove Concours d'Elegance- Sunday, July 20, 2014
  7. I have Pertronix on the Benz and it works just fine. I kept the Bosch coil rather than switch to the Pertronix version so that there is nothing visible under the hood to indicate the swap. I would, and do, recommend the change to electronic over points if so inclined.
  8. We just posted this up on MotoArigato, I love executive cars and American history, and these cars hit both marks dead on. My buddy is representing these and many other cars from a local collection, we will post some of the more interesting cars in the near future. Create Your Own Motorcade with this Presidential Limo and Parade Car
  9. Saw this on Jalopnik: http://jalopnik.com/look-at-these-bonkers-fenders-from-a-1912-french-mudgu-1594056992
  10. I have an old island out in the barn that's worth twice as much.
  11. Not to be indelicate but you can often tell high-end original mascots from aftermarket, and likewise fakes from originals, by the quality of the sculpting and finishing detail. Study the various "vintage" Rolls-Royce mascots on eBay and you will see what I mean. You may notice that this example is finished well but the sculpting of the figure, especially the lady's arms, is not natural nor particularly elegant. Still this is a fine piece and one you can enjoy while remembering your father.
  12. Exactly that, compared to the real thing these are much sleeker and lower. I felt they showed the model distinctions well however.
  13. The link Auburnseeker is a great resource, there is a page there with relevance to your project and I have used them years ago for hardware. Here's the direct link to the How-to section: http://www.brettunsvillage.com/trunks/howto/howto.html How to replace handles: http://www.brettunsvillage.com/trunks/howto/parts.html Spare parts: http://www.brettunsvillage.com/trunks/howto/parts/ I have never seen rivets on big trunks, only tacks so be prepared for that when you dig in, bit I suppose anything is possible with all the various manufacturers over the years.
  14. Here's all three, the Royal Touring Brougham (blue), Royal Brougham (burgundy) and Royal Coupe (green). Anyone know for certain which the OP owned? By "humpback" I'd think he had the Touring model. Such good looking cars.
  15. Not mine, nor do I know the seller, but I thought this was such a neat add-on radiator mascot that somebody here might be interested, especially for cars that pull parade duty. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Radiator-Airplane-Mascot-Flag-Holder-Parade-Antique-Car-Ornament-Lindbergh-/231257231207?pt=Vintage_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item35d8014f67&vxp=mtr
  16. No rant at all, but rather incredibly valuable information. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  17. My local Mercedes indie shop scrapped about three dozen 60's and 70's cars they kept for parts a few years ago without notifying anyone, and when they mentioned they were going to scrap all their remaining vintage engine and other mechanical parts a couple of weeks ago I asked if they would let me know first so I could come by and pick some stuff out and pay them for it. Well, I stopped in the very next day unexpectedly and the scrap man was already there hauling all that stuff away. Some people do just get burnt out and surrender.
  18. You did a fine job, I'd be happy if I received that quality of work. Funny what you said about factory stitching, comes up often when we talk about restorations, how the originals can never compare to the craftsmanship of a high end resto. This almost.... almost, makes me want to try making my own!
  19. Does anyone here recall a thread posted in one of these forums depicting a silver or grey custom station wagon that incorporated some parts of a Bentley (or Rolls-Royce) and a fintail Mercedes? It was on display at a northern or northeastern show, maybe NY area, and was originally ordered by the owner of a large department store or retail chain if I am not mistaken. I have tried every combination of search terms to no avail. I did find this photo of the car, the gallery says it was at Amelia Island at the time it was taken. Somewhere there was a thread with many more detailed pics. http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2013/03/the-highlights-of-amelia-island/bentley/
  20. Awesome find, that looks like an absolute blast to drive! Enjoy it buddy! (Someone rated this as 1-star??? really? I added 5-stars to help the average, just too cool.)
  21. I think when we consider the era for this car is is acceptable. With 1,280,000 miles that means an engine rebuild at every 300,000+ miles, which is reasonable for the 1966 technology. Also these had an aluminum head on a cast iron block so the differential in metals caused head leaks causing them to need rebuilt more often, but still no more than typical cars of the era. I do see your point and feel the bottom end should be good for more miles, even in a gas engined Mercedes, but we don't know the reality, maybe the original owner had a shop that simply said "let's do it all" and just went with the flow. It seems to be a money-was-no-object car so that could easily be the case. I just got my own W111 coupe back from an extensive repair, was going to just be the head at $2,500-5,000 but once we got into it I agreed that we should go ahead and do the timing chain and tensioners and sprockets, then why not go ahead and do the injectors, and how about the front main seal while it's accessible? $10k and one month later I get my car back (just a few days ago) from it's "head rebuild" but the money spent all pencils out and I am happy with the work done. The real difference with an SE (fuel injected) W111 is the mechanical fuel injection system that can be costly and delicate to bring back online if neglected, but once sorted is among the most fascinating, well designed and wonderful systems to enjoy on any modern motorcar. Oddly enough, on many old cars the fuel injection rarely gives any problems if it has never been tampered with, but once a backyard mechanic tries to fix it by tampering with the various screws, plates and linkages, it gets all out of whack. The best thing you can do to one of these early MFI cars is to simply never touch it if it retains factory settings, it will usually remain in-spec for several lifetimes.
  22. In my experience "car guys" are far and above the most congenial and pleasant people to deal with as compared to most other hobbies I am involved in. I think we all tend to remember the "bad apples" more than the quick and easy deals, but at the end of the day we have to see each deal from the other person's perspective and sometimes that means they are selling off something they may only have one of, or maybe even have only ever seen one of, so they want to be sure it goes to the right owner who will appreciate it. I keep this in mind when dealing with sellers who may seem grumpy, but armed with the knowledge as to why, I am fine looking past this and usually end up forming new relationships. One of my favorite things actually it to turn these grumpy people around, I consider it a challenge be it a car deal or just being on the phone with my cable provider. I work to be nice no matter what and eventually they tend to come around and the benefits of a new found source usually follow.
  23. Actually even less per mile cost, the car actually has just over 1,280,000 miles today! greed, classics can become almost "free" cars if you drive them enough (and can trick yourself with the math into believing that as I have). My car is very similar to this one, but a 220 instead of a 250, and I'll say I sure don't mind the cost per mile for one of these cars even tho I'm at around 23-cents per on my own. Just gave me an idea for a thread!
  24. Here's an article I wrote and posted up today. It features a lovely car similar to my own but with one big difference, approximately 10x the mileage! Some of you may know that high mileage on German cars is a badge of honor for their owners (literally and figuratively) and that must make Ben Clopot one of the most honorable Benz guys out there. Enjoy folks! Million Mile 250SE Coupe is SoCal Owner's Daily Driver
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