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  1. Did you end up buying one of these cars? That's an R129 chassis, a truly great car. Don't want to write a novel if you're no longer interested but let me know.
  2. This is extremely "iffy" and probably would get someone fired, but if you're on exceedingly good terms with a service adviser at a MB dealer they can look up the VMI (Vehicle Master Inquiry) by VIN and it could show the whereabouts of the car if it has had any dealer servicing. That is not very likely, and you would have to not reveal to the owner how you got his info, so you can see this is a long shot at best.
  3. Please send me a private message with your want list. No guarantees on these cars of course but I will make some inquiries. Please include at least your general location.
  4. Love the new generation of car programming on TV. It used to only be "Motor Week" which I loved as a kid, but now, compared to Top Gear (UK), Chasing Classic Cars, and even Wheeler Dealer, it seems so outdated. We are living in a great age, primarily because with all the competition from literally hundreds of networks, there is such a need for original programming that allows these shows to even get made in the first place. Speaking of great representatives for the hobby, a big "thanks" to Steve_Mack_CT for cross posting on the Mercedes-Benz forums, otherwise I would have never joined up here. I have also introduced a couple of friends to the AACA forums. A truly enjoyable and informative resource and a great place to expand my automotive horizons and dream of that next acquisition! Hmmm, Avanti? Studebaker Silver Hawk? Another 1957 Cadillac like my first car was? No need for daydreaming, the '62 is keeping the wallet empty for the foreseeable future!
  5. I was shocked to learn that the Wounder Warrior car isn't really for the true charity we all think of when we hear that name. Did anyone else see this article on Jalopnik? Why Did The World’s Biggest Car Auction Raise Money For This Birther Scammer Of A Wounded Vet Charity?
  6. Funnier still are the people who ask for contact info for Jay because they "have a car he might want." In fact, there's a story in the news currently that's along those lines: "Leno Sale?" lol
  7. A friend was just gifted a running board set and a separate tea set as well, I love these old baskets but was thinking of making my own picnic box that is modernized a bit, probably a winter project next year!
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