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  1. Thanks to all, in the end I decided to forgo any chance of problems for any future buyers and simple had a new VIN inspection done to correct the title to reflect the Serial Number as stamped. Was no problem to have done. I did find out that the dealer I bought the car from about 8-years ago put three different VIN numbers on the various paperwork and did his own VIN inspection. They entered plenty of notes on the correction so everything is good now. i will say that the DMV still suggested I leave it alone as it was acceptable in Oregon and oddly California, but that just doesn't carry weight in most other states. The ways we do things out here in the Wild Wild West doesn't always translate in the more "by the books" states.
  2. An out of state buyer who was very interested and even paid for an inspection walked away because the VIN on the title didn't match the Chassis number that is used as a serial number/VIN on vintage Mercedes cars. I want to avoid that if another out-of-state buyer is interested. I've been told both that it will be no problem, and also that it would be a huge problem, if a buyer in another state tried to register it there and the VIN on the title doesn't actually appear on the car anywhere. To reiterate, the VIN on the title is made up from the model number and the last half of the serial number that's stamped on the core support plate.
  3. This is closer to my thinking. Maybe the "VIN" is technically correct as listed but I want any future transactions to be trouble free. Thank you.
  4. I appreciate the comments so far, very useful. I welcome any other experiences or advice you may have.
  5. I have an odd situation, I own a '62 Mercedes-Benz coupe and while a potential buyer was looking it over noticed that the VIN number on the title is not the full serial number, but rather the first half of the model number and the last half of the serial number (Chassis number specifically as stamped on the metal data tag). It essentially looks like this "220se56789" when the serial number might read as "123456789." (Not the actual numbers, just an example.) Naturally, I assumed this was an input error at the DMV when I bought it several years ago so we pulled the car and I waited a week to hear from the Oregon DMV. The gentleman who helped me, also a vintage car owner, said that he sees this all the time and it's common, expected, and even said it's correct. He said pre-VIN cars often use the model number and the serial number for the title designation. He knew a lot about my car generally and even the locations of the tags, so he knows old cars to a degree at least. He said he sees this on all types of vintage cars, and further said do not change the title, it's correct as it is, and good luck with my sale. It just doesn't seem right tho? Oddly he told me that the car has always had this as it's title number when the original owner in California had it, and when they sold it to the dealer here in Oregon that I bought it from, there was a VIN inspection done by the DMV as noted on his record. I have never heard of a Title VIN for a vintage car being listed with half model number and half serial number. Can anyone shed some light here? Also, how could this pass through the DMV, dealer, owner, and a VIN inspection if it is in fact incorrect? Can this guy be right? Thanks much, I just want this to get sorted before we offer it again so there's no delays for the eventual buyer or problems when he tries to register it.
  6. I'm a bit late to the conversation as always but this car is a legit 23-mile example (it was 22 but made some rounds of the local Forest Grove Concours d'Elegance) and the current owners are good friends of mine who also own Burback Motors, which is an indie shop specializing in Mercedes-Benz and they have done work on my '62 coupe. This was a family car that was inherited. It is really something to see, as said above the hubcaps have never been fitted and it even has a printed info card that's folded over one of the sun visors that even many Beetle experts have never seen before so it really is THE one to use for comparisons for a restoration. Is $1-million too high? Some would say yes, I say no... just try to find another one.
  7. Fabulous car! My very first car was a '57 Series 62 sedan with 50k miles back in the late 80's. This really makes me smile, enjoy it my friend!
  8. Hi, please send me a PM with your email address and we can discuss specifics. We likely don’t have AAA but very possibly have some SCCA as we do look for and buy those items often, but they tend to find homes quickly. I can also keep an eye out if you can tell me more what you’re seeking.
  9. We could start perhaps by encouraging members to meet at Cars & Coffee down in Wilsonville each Saturday, or perhaps the Vintage Racing Festival at PIR, or Forest Grove Concours? I'm just thinking maybe if there is a standing event that would hold interest to AACA folks it would be a good way to meet & greet and get the ball rolling. I'm open to your ideas tho my time is limited to organize, I am interested to attend and perhaps even host as we have a property in the countryside outside of Portland near Oregon City with lots of space for parking cars on the lawn. There are numerous amazing drives that could take place out here, and I definitely have seen motorcades of Pierce Arrows and Cadillacs sporting CCCA medallions, so there IS hope! As stated above, depending upon the scheduling, I could even host a gathering, or be a stopping point or catch up point, at our home outside of Portland in Oregon City. I have a 1962 car but I very much enjoy being around the cars of the 20's and 30's just to learn more about them, I'm also not a "car show guy" and prefer non-judged gatherings (like the Vintage Racing Festival), so there are plenty of us around who just want to drive, hang out, chat, and eat together.
  10. This is the group I was referring to in my post, Vancouver (WA) is right across the river from Portland and we are the "Rose City" which is a long time nickname. Oddly I haven't even thought of them since I tried to meet up those years ago so it seems there is no real activity or presence, not even at our Historic Racing Festival which has a massive car show attached. Man oh man Carl that is a sweet-looking machine, never get tired of the pics or stories!
  11. So very awesome, what a great post, really made my day! I love that it is a custom made family piece, really special.
  12. You nailed it on that one! Thanks! I do see a difference in the font between the brand "Merit" which is a bit more flowery and the sans serif font on my wrench so this could be a possibility. I think this is the only one that says Merit, and based on what Dave found above it seems this is a pieced-together set.
  13. I picked up this old canvas and leather tool roll yesterday at a sale and was curious if anyone knows what car it might have gone with? The first two pics show close ups of a wrench marked “Merit” and a well-worn logo on what looks like a tappet wrench, but I can’t make it out, and others have part numbers. Any and all info appreciated!
  14. When I first joined the club maybe 6-years ago I reached out to a local chapter that was listed and supposed to be the Portland region, but never got any sort of reply from them. I believe someone at HQ even did so on my bahalf but again with no response. They appeared to really only hold occasional meeting at one member’s home and no real events so I didn’t follow up. In order to find and commune with other car enthusiasts I tend to hang out with various local car clubs instead, specifically Lotus, Mercedes, British car clubs, and to some degree the Ferrari guys, and also events like Cars and Coffee so I still get a solid car guy experience up here in the PNW. I can’t offer any explanation why the local chapters are so dead, as you know there’s a massive “old car” hobby up here with out no-rust environment so it never made sense to me either.
  15. We are seeking any vintage automobile memorabilia ranging from old shop coats & coveralls, car club Jackets, patches, plates, and rings, dealership displays or signs, and even old club or lodge rings, biker rings, etc. Prefer 1920's-60's. Condition doesn't always matter as some of our buyers like these things greasy or uncleaned. We are *not* seeking car parts or paper goods like brochures or catalogs, thank you. Feel free to reach out with other items that may be of interest. Please send a PM and description and/or pics of what you have and your location. Thanks much! Here are examples of what we buy and collect:
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