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  1. Renault Alpine!!! Belle, merci! Quelle automobile pour vous?
  2. Hi, perhaps it would be possible to get a written evaluation from an auto appraiser or similar service to verify the repair work in writing that was done to your 560SL Roadster in lieu of receipts? Here in Portland, OR there is actually an automotive forensics company that digs into cars for all sorts of legal reasons from accident injury to lemon law suits, that would be another, tho likely more costly, route. I also think you're better off just compiling as much info as others have suggested and going in another day to see what happens, as we all know success at the DMV can often come down to the mood of the individual working. Fail today, try a different branch or worker the next. Reminds me of a line from the 80's movie License to Drive, that I already know I cannot quote here, but the first line is, "God giveth, and the DMV taketh away."
  3. Maybe just a sticky at top of general forum reminding people, new and old members alike, of the sub-forums would alleviate all concerns quickly and simply? Maybe even put in a link to the more obscure such as "what is it?"
  4. It seems many of us here enjoy watching shows about cars and the hobby in general, but are frustrated by the current crop of "reality" offerings that fall short of any actual realism. Well, a good buddy of mine here in Portland, OR just sent me this pilot for a TV show he would love to see picked up and I wanted to share it with you all because I was so impressed by what he was able to put together. You may or may not be able to tell from this first pilot episode, but he tells me this show is different because they didn't create any drama, the buyer knew the cameras were coming but his reaction was real, he saw the car for the first time on camera! There really was a water pump problem on the second car, not thrown in for added drama. There are no made up time crunches, no screaming back and forth or throwing things. This is just a slice of life from a well respected local car seller, Dale Matthews of Memory Lane Motors, with a big inventory and an even bigger personality, which is just fine by me. I hope you folks will enjoy it too. Let me know what you think, I'll be sure to share this thread with the Producer. Watch the pilot episode for free on youtube now!
  5. Alsancle, I have to say it was rather a big distraction once I got on youtube with those lovely 540k start-up videos, many thanks for the joy those brought today!
  6. I was frankly expecting to see something like the Rolls-Royce armored cars of the era, but this is new to me, thanks!
  7. Without a doubt, the funniest thing I have read this month. Fairly accurate too! With regards to spending the extra $1,000 or so, when two buyers get in a stalemate over such a small amount of money I think it's wise to then move to another means of negotiating to come to an agreement, maybe ask for delivery to be included or some spares, or even splitting charges that may apply such as with a credit card transaction. I've asked for, and received, things like spare key sets made up or repairs, new tires, and so on. Think of your options for a specific car before you start negotiating. Some people feel they have dropped their price far enough or simply don't want to back off their "firm" price as a point of pride, but would be willing to make the deal otherwise.
  8. Maybe one of you guys who has a working link can share here so the OP so he can test it out on his computer?
  9. Thanks, always nice finding new car themed shows to watch.
  10. I have no idea if this addresses your specific concern but sometimes the same old content may still be available on eBay or whatever site you visit, but the URL (or website page address) may have been changed by the website for some reason. Changing a single character will make your bookmark invalid, so try your search from the website directly and make a new bookmark once you've found the content you always enjoyed.
  11. I gave up my Motor Trend and Automobile magazine subscriptions this year, and I have been a subscriber to Automobile for 27-years. They kept getting smaller and smaller, fewer pages I mean, and were so far behind the online sources I use that each issue already felt outdated by the time it arrived. I realized I don't just want "news" type magazines because of this and switched to those featuring actual journalism and long format articles that were well researched. Basically that meant buying European magazines such as Octane (you guys have to check it out if you like fine old Euro steel), Classic Mercedes and other similar types. They are costlier, usually $9-12 per issue which was probably what I paid for a full year or the others, but now I actually take the whole month to read through each issue thoroughly and most articles interest me in some way, as compared to flipping through the US magazines once, maybe reading two short articles and recycling it immediately afterwards.
  12. I have been interested in the various factory produced, and self-painted, blackout cars from WWII and while looking through some impressive images of the lengths the British went through to keep London in the dark so to say, I became curious about the Royal Family cars. I've seen pics of civilian and military cars in blackout form but never any images of the Royal cars, were they too fitted in blackout gear or were the Rolls-Royces, Daimlers, etc., simply not used during wartime?
  13. This actually just recently happened! http://www.npr.org/blogs/alltechconsidered/2014/11/30/367238642/to-boldly-go-where-no-3-d-printer-has-gone-before-yep-space
  14. Still very much enjoying this thread, good to see you guys still moving ahead and maintaining the momentum. I actually think about this car every few months randomly, such a cool backstory.
  15. You can also scan an original item using a handheld laser scanner and just wave it around all sides of the object you want to reproduce. You could do this with the 300sl emblem above, rather than creating totally from scratch in a CAD file. You can/may still need to use the CAD to adjust, alter or otherwise make to suit your specific needs but scanning eliminates the need to go from nothing to something.
  16. Same here, looks like a racing boat model. Probably somehow related to the design and engineering rather than a display piece tho, I do agree with you there.
  17. I'd say it was an "homage" piece before trademark laws were more heavily enforced, or maybe that's why we don't see many of these. If you look closely you will notice the crest logo has been changed just enough to be different than the Cadillac car company emblem, specifically the fields where there are lines are not a checker-board like in the original Cadillac logo. Neat and I'd like one if I was a Caddy owner still, but almost certainly NOT official.
  18. Do you mean Vancouver, WA near the Oregon (Portland) border or Vancouver, CA? Vancouver, WA is now just a suburb of Portland with all the crime, drugs and gang issues that come along with it from what I read in the news.
  19. Here's an article with all the details: http://www.oregonlive.com/washingtoncounty/index.ssf/2014/08/ford_model_a_stolen_from_hills.html#incart_m-rpt-1
  20. All good points but just like any business the employees have a workload they are expected to complete and the "sausage making" should be invisible to the customer. While any and all of these may apply, none should be a cause for the OP's delay. Personally, I think 5-weeks is egregious, especially if it is being totaled.
  21. My Agreed Value collector car policy with Chubb states an intention to have a check in my hands within 48-hours on a total loss but I do not know for a partial loss/repair job. I pay $300/yr at my valuation with no mileage restrictions, just a few common use restrictions like no business use, do not drive to work, no racing, etc. I'm surprised to hear of these issues with a collector car policy as they seem at a loss with finding parts and info, which is always pitched as a specialty with these companies. I know Hagerty has a specialist dedicated to going to places like Hershey with a list of parts he needs for client's cars, and Chubb simply allows me to have my car fixed at the restoration shop of my choice eliminating that aspect since they would have the expertise. I'd remind myself that "no news is good news" and perhaps rather than being slacking they are actually working very hard to make sure you are getting exactly what you need out of the settlement and get you back on the road. Stay positive and good luck!
  22. Jay's buddy has a solution in this video, made by Archoil and you can also buy a flash-rust inhibitor to follow treatment. http://youtu.be/18x8TlFlY0k?t=4m22s
  23. If you're only having trouble selling your own cars I would suggest that maybe you are being "too detailed" with descriptions. I do not mean that you should be less up-front, keep doing what you are in fact, but understand that you know your own car best so you will describe all the small issues, flaws and needs whereas on your friend's cars you may only notice a handful of things that need correction, or be totally unaware of other hidden problems. See, you're simply too honest, which we could use more of in this hobby. I'll pay a premium for that!
  24. Hi all, and thanks for the continued advice. Helfen & Rusty: As to other cars, I am aware of the other Karmann Ghia (Type 3?) but the style just doesn't speak to me the same. I also do not want a 924 and to the suggestion of a 944, I had one and loved it but want something different I haven't owned. Writer Jon: I have been trying to seek out owners of both cars but atthe recent Historic Races and Concours here there were no Ghias present but plenty of P1800's. I have chatted up and made friends with one P1800 couple who are wonderful folks and a great source of info and we may even meet up tonight at a local Wednesday cruise-in. Always useful to speak to real world owners! I don't mind heavy steering at all on the Volvo. Trunk space is useful, thanks for that too. We're decided thanks to all of you taking the time to offer opinions and facts... the Volvo wins. I will post updates as we seek them out or once we buy one.
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