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  1. I agree 100%. 1st Place - 1965 2nd Place - 1967 3rd Place - 1971 Mike
  2. From what I've seen it is necessary. I was just talking to a friend tonight about bagging my '65. He did his C-10 himself with parts bought at the local truck shop. With double convoluted bags you need the clearance so they don't get pinched. I think that even 'normal' bags need a lot cut out. NOT for the feint of heart (or people who change their minds). I've got an extra frame if you want.
  3. Nice Riv! It's beautiful... nice trailer, too.
  4. Wow, it didn't budge. Who cares if it's not a real GS. Standard Rivs with those pieces are still worth more than $2550 aren't they? Looks like a good start on a decent build - maybe not a numbers resto - but a cool car. The market has calmed down a ton. Kinda like real estate. Some price correction in the collector market? Wonder what the reserve was? Carl, my brother drives for BNSF and does the hand-off when in PDX.
  5. 13 hours to go and still at $2550... that's a good deal for what you get. How much more will it go?
  6. Nice looking all cleaned up! Those wheels look like Daytons - lowrider wheels. Here's a pic: You why it started raining so hard? I knew someone must have washed a car somewhere.
  7. Welcome aboard from Washington state. I've seen the wheels before. They are from the '70s or '80s and I think Western made them. We used to call them wagon wheels because of their looks. Someone just updated them with spinners and logos. Is your fabric like this? or like this from Clarks? I've seen the dark charcoal or black brocade cloth interior in person - it's pretty wild. Post some shots of what you have and I'm sure someone here will be able to identify it.
  8. ... and smile. It's difficult not to. It's the reason you have one and not a Honda. (no offense to anyone who owns a Honda here )
  9. Welcome. I hope it'a a real GS. There is a registry that you might check here. Also, if the block was machined, the tech may have done the top of the engine, too. Not sure that is necessary. I think if you tear the block down that there are some internal differences with a 425 vs 401. Don't know if you can tell an LX from a non LX, though. Any pics? Is it driveable? Sounds like a cool car. At worst it sounds like someone took all the good parts from a GS and put them on your car. Exhausts can always be changed. With more than 132k in '76 it may have been replaced with the more common exhaust. Keep investigating, you may find a build sheet or the info in the owner's manual that will verify the originality. Mike
  10. Great buy. I loved my '63s. Glad you didn't have to do much to enjoy it.
  11. Rob, that's the coolest 12 seconds on you-tube. Mike
  12. The car looks like a '65, not a '64. Still a great deal compared to what is available out here... I'd bite if it were closer. Oh, and if I didn't already have too many projects!
  13. ^^ Nice catch, Rob. I missed it too. Tom, your car is striking. My first Riv was blue/blue. Nice combo. Great options. Makes you wonder who would order A/C, remote trunk, power brakes and not get power windows. Makes your car unique. I also dig the tires. Good luck with your 'new' new car. And thanks for posting large pics... make great wallpaper.
  14. I got the tail section like that off a '63 that was already cut in half at the door jamb, and it was from a local ROA member! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I'll probably 'restore' it and use it as a tool box. I couldn't see it going to the scrap dude.
  15. I made a color like that for my '55. Decided to go a different route, but here's a shot of the model that I tested it out on. The rear is an '03 Chevy Silverado color. Just go to a good paint store and have them mix up a sample bottle of green pearl in black (either single stage or base) and have them keep track of the ratio of pearl to finish so you can duplicate it in a full gallon or for later touchup. It helps to have a guy at the shop that will take the time. Good luck.
  16. I thought from your sig that it may have been finished already. At this point I would put all the effort into the 6 and get it as gnarly as I could. Keep the engine and trans if you have room to keep them and don't need the money. I converted my '94 Impala SS to a 6-speed manual and saved the stock 4l60e for another project. I think I have about 7 v-8s out of various cars, and almost as many transmissions and rear ends. You've had Riv's in the past and you'll probably get more in the future. You know what they say, 'You can never have too many Nailheads'. Someday soon you'll find a cherry Riv with a toasted drivetrain and the light will shine. That, or maybe you could get an old Chevy and join the Gasser club. Blown Nailheads look cool in '55s. I guess I'm not the one to ask about getting rid of extra parts. I should have a garage sale!
  17. This car was all that in 1963. I have this issue around here somewhere. Tom McCahill thought it was great. (I do too!) They look like low-rider tires even on the cover. It's amazing that there weren't more accidents with all that power and those skinny shoes.
  18. Are you looking for the unique factor, or mega power, or just something that may get better economy? The v-6 can make tons of power if you build it up. Here's a 650hp (on race fuel, though) in a Trans-Am: Also, turbobuicks.com has a lot of swap info and examples. Buick V6 Turbo Hybrid Cars - TurboBuicks.com There's a guy up here that put a complete front wheel drive setup in his '64 Riv, it's plate says Merlo. I guess because the car is a wine color. Anyway, do what you want if you are going to keep the car. If you plan on selling it when your finished, don't hope to get what you have in it (unless you go all out). It's a tough decision. I was looking forward to seeing what it turned out like. Good luck
  19. It's in Portland, OR. Says that it was owned by an ROA member. Looks like a really nice car, especially for the $. less than 30k miles! 1963 Buick Riviera with 29,800 original miles
  20. Weren't there some dual-quad cars that were not GSs? I thought that I remembered reading that on the '65 built specs. Not a horrible car. Needs someone to love it. Could be brought back... Kinda weird that it has power vents and no AC.
  21. Looks like it's prime restoration material, regardless of what's missing. Are you picking it up? If it is a GS, save it! Mike
  22. I finally got the coils. It took about a week once everything was straightened out (no pun intended ). The order got lost at the manufacturer, so they said. They told me that it normally takes about 2 weeks to fill orders. I won't install them for a while yet. But I will post shots when I do. They may have raised springs, but raised Rivi's? They just look so sleek lowered... JMHO.
  23. Any d/s core fenders? Just need the front headlight area on d/s. Mine is munched. Thanks
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