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  1. Not shooting the messenger Tom, just disappointed as I was certain they were the correct '65 wheels. The seller of the first lens listed above is my restorer and he sent me one for my car ☺️. The second one listed (although cheaper is not correct as the face of the lens is not "ribbed." Anyone who needs one of these console lenses should bite the bullet and buy the one from AZ...
  2. I’m not Tom, but yes rubber valve stems. Not certain that mine are “correct,” but I did go through BCA 400 point judging last year and did not receive any deductions for the wrong size. Honestly, worrying about that one may be taking it a little too far :)
  3. Here is a photo of the lens cover in question... I need one of these too for my '70! This photo was taken at the ROA meet in Lexington and it's from the interior of Pat Curran's unrestored '69. Sadly, the car has left the U.S. and is now overseas. If someone were willing to let us borrow an original, they could be reproduced. I would love love to find one also to complete my car...
  4. Found this one in a Craigslist ad this summer from a guy trying to sell his LeSabre...
  5. My first generation Riviera's... Baby Gran Sport - Midnight Blue over White... KX 64 - Coral Mist over White...
  6. From July 4, 2012... My niece Whitney:
  7. Looks great Ted! Even a '65 Riv made it into the collection - awesome!!
  8. For the '84 and '85 convertibles, Buick also added a headliner to the underside of the convertible top. Somewhere along the line I read or was told this was an "upgrade" insisted upon by Cadillac with the introduction of the Eldorado convertible in '84. This helps to reduce road noise inside the car with the top up. When looking for a nice example to add to your collection, this can be a desirable difference between the first two and last two model years. It is getting much harder to find well cared for Riviera convertibles for sale - especially by their original owners. I agree with Mer
  9. 1982 production = 1248 1985 production = 400 Check out this site for good information about the Riv Convertibles... New Page 1
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