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  1. $6K is not bad, but, I would question a couple of the items in the description ... "455 Stage 1 original motor w/ 117,000 original miles. I drive it everyday in the summer. She's fast and mean. Needs some interior work on driver seat. Original Buick mag rims, dual pipes, metal flake charcoal grey w/ black interior. Original cassette in dash, and 8 track. DVD - CD bluetooth player with extra monitor. Make an offer. Serious perspective buyers only." No such thing as a Stage 1 in 1971, and I do not think a '71 would have an "original cassette" in the dash, 8-track probably, but not a cassette.
  2. Nice looking Riviera! For what it's worth, my '65 LX, non GS, has the BT trans too. The BT trans was what was used in the '65s ordered with the 425, whether a LW or LX, unless it was a GS of course.
  3. Yep, I didn't realize there was a problem until the insulation was on fire, thus the extreme melting. For a second, maybe less, I thought about letting it burn and collecting the insurance for it, but, that would have meant the '72 GS and the Silver Arrow up in smoke too, so I decided to put it out. Already purchased a replacement harness, from Gene, and a new ignition switch, to replace everything involved. I'll check everything out when I do the install … eventually I hope.
  4. I agree, be sure to inspect the wires on your ignition switch! Luckily I saw the "flames" between the gaps in the dash panels and put it out before it did too much damage.
  5. I agree, it is always a good read, and yes, a great publication for a Region! I gave it a try several years ago but just didn't keep it going. Mine was no where near the quality of The Australian Riview though. Here is the article, it is on page 7 of the Jan 2019 publication … Just as an FYI … The Australian Riview is posted on the ROA website under the Australia section of the Regional New & Events tab.
  6. Looks to me like a new front clip and it would be good to go. Depends on what year it was, probably repaired if it was when the car was fairly new.
  7. I don't think they are broken off, just not installed? Looks to me like the threaded hole is visible in the picture?
  8. Thanks for looking up, and posting the link, Mike.
  9. Rivman

    73 rivi frame stamp

    Tim is probably right here? My '72 has the same hole, on both sides. Maybe Gord can let us know with his manufacturing history?
  10. Rivman

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas to All ... An oldie, but a goodie …
  11. I agree, I like the turbine look of these, and I do like the idea of the GS spinner on my '65 GS … However, until I get a nice set of those, or a restoration done, I'll probably end up using the NOS wire covers I have … Luckily they have the spinner too.
  12. Rivman

    Riviera Wildcat?

    I have to admit, the last time it came up Jason and I discussed it, then asked Ray about it, and he was the one that informed us about the Riview article, and that it was truly a GM built car.
  13. Rivman

    Riviera Wildcat?

    I forgot to mention Steve … This one does look like another one to add to your stable!