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  1. Just curious, did your new addition come from North Carolina? I’m kind of wondering because it looks like one that a member here in NC owned. A very nice couple we lost touch with a few years ago. Nice looking Riv.
  2. I can’t get to mine at the moment, but I don’t think the handle separates from the cable. I believe you have to remove the cable from the latch and fish it through the firewall and the trim panel to get it out. I think the handle is “molded” to the cable? The illustrations I have from the assembly manual, and the parts manual, don’t show that the handle is removable. The second picture does show the cable comes apart under the hood, but I believe that is for ’71 only, and not on the ‘72? Sorry I can’t answer better, this is all I have available at this time.
  3. A ’70 with buckets and short skirts. 1970 Buick Riviera Hardtop 455 v8 Doesn’t look too bad, except for the mismatched paint, and of course it could use whitewalls, but could be a nice one overall?
  4. As far as meets go, unfortunately the issue you mention above was the same for Overland Park last year.
  5. That info isn’t under the password protected part of the website. Just hover over the “Evolution and Stats” on the left side of the home page, then click on … “1963-65 Fisher Body Plate Codes” It is there as a PDF.
  6. It does show it on the website ... Group No. 3 3B Rear window defogger 3T Rear center arm rest Mine also has the 3T, and does have the rear armrest too. I believe I have seen some with the 3B also?
  7. Not a problem at all Mike, I'm sure you have seen several posts stray from the "original" on lots of occasions, as we all have. I should have left it alone myself, and left it to the experts to answer Jason's original question. I have deleted my posts that did not pertain.
  8. I would guesstimate a “very” low percentage, for “all” the years it was standard equipment! I think I have seen “one only” with a cloth bench, and just a handful with a leather bench. It does seem I am seeing them a bit more often recently in ads for sale, but not too many that’s for sure.
  9. Just as an FYI … While looking for “Cars for Sale” for the Riview classifieds I ran across a couple of samples of the last generation “without” buckets. I figured I would share what I found, since the question was asked. The burgundy sample below is a ’95, and the blue is a ’96. You can see the difference of how the radio/HVAC is in the dash too. The radio was recessed on the ’95, that changed in ’96, and ran that way until ‘99. The “cloth” bench was “standard” through ’97, so the “leather” bench and/or buckets was optional until ‘98. The ’96 sticker I found shows the leather bench was a $600 option, so if someone was ordering it that way, they must have really wanted the bench, but with leather instead of cloth? You can see from the sticker I posted it was only $50 more to get the buckets and console. The ’96 sticker listed the “Standard Equipment” a bit different than the ’95 sticker, and the base price was a bit higher, but the “Options” seemed to be the same. The ’96 sticker listed the leather bench as follows … JADESTONE LEATHER/VINYL 55/45 600.00 FRONT SEAT WITH STORAGE ARMREST Just thought I would add a little clarification to Jason’s question, not that it really matters, just a bit of completely useless information.
  10. As for details ... Here is a sticker for a pretty loaded '95. Under "Standard Equipment" it shows it comes with a 6-way power seat, then under the "Options" column, it shows the bucket seats/console was a $650 option.
  11. Yep, for '95 cloth bench seat was standard, the next option was leather bench, both had column shift. The leather bucket, with console was the next option, I believe it was the highest option for that year.
  12. $6K is not bad, but, I would question a couple of the items in the description ... "455 Stage 1 original motor w/ 117,000 original miles. I drive it everyday in the summer. She's fast and mean. Needs some interior work on driver seat. Original Buick mag rims, dual pipes, metal flake charcoal grey w/ black interior. Original cassette in dash, and 8 track. DVD - CD bluetooth player with extra monitor. Make an offer. Serious perspective buyers only." No such thing as a Stage 1 in 1971, and I do not think a '71 would have an "original cassette" in the dash, 8-track probably, but not a cassette.