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  1. Tom & Jim, Although it was Jason Z that originally posted this offer, if he is not able to find his other copies, I can accommodate your requests. If Jason can’t find his, and your addresses are correct on the latest ROA roster posted on the website, I will get them in the mail. If you are not sure about the addresses on the roster, go ahead and send them to me.
  2. Ah, I’m not too sure, even with the lockdown, I will get to that one any sooner, or even at all? It has pretty much taken a back seat to a couple of the others I would like to get worked on.
  3. Once again, if the ’73 is the same as the ’72, that trim piece is a press-fit onto the edge of the hood. Here is the ’72 Factory Assembly Manual page that shows it. I haven’t gotten mine removed yet, as usual, one of these days, but I looked at it from the back side and there seems to be a couple of “clips” that I can see looking at it from the underside. I was going to try and push at those clip locations, carefully, and see if that gets it to come off. Like I said, because I have not removed mine yet, this is just a thought, but something you might try.
  4. It was my privilege to meet your dad at my first ROA meet, Charleston, SC, 2000 if I remember correctly. Quite a guy himself, I wish I had been able to get to know him better. I thought that looked like stacks of trunk lining kits in your previous picture too.
  5. Those seats look great! I had a set done locally, a LONG time ago. I did not get the period correct fabric, but I liked the idea of cloth seats too. Those have long since been removed, but I still have the covers. That is the '65 I am going a different direction with, my 100 year plan.
  6. Copy that. It sounds like you know what you are doing. It does look good in the picture, that's for sure.
  7. Sure, why not. How about a few “extra” sets of wire wheel covers …
  8. Daryle, That looks great! From the picture it doesn’t look like it “needs redone,” not anymore anyway. With it being original paint, I am surprised you were able to start with your first step. No doubt you were very careful with your sanding, but I would not have thought there would have been enough mils of paint to hold up to 1000 grit sanding first, then move on to your other steps. Congrats, the paint does look very nice. And, the wheels look good that way too.
  9. Very nice indeed! I guess I will have to agree, it can be nice to have a fleet, but troublesome too sometimes.
  10. Here is a bit different view, with different lighting ...
  11. From the public side of the ROA website ...
  12. Since the replies above cover the first generation, I'll try and answer your question about the '73. IF the '73 is the same as the '72, and I believe it is, the roof rails are screwed to the roof from underneath, the screws are hidden under the rubber weather-stripping. And, to remove the trim on the door and the quarter panel, if that is what you are talking about, "side window base trim," you have to remove the interior panels, door and rear quarter, then remove the lower stops for the windows, lower them, then remove the screws that hold the moldings on.
  13. You must have gotten one of those aftermarket mirrors I mentioned in your last post about RH mirrors? I have a pair of those I may use, when/if, I ever get my '72 back together. They are very close to the original, but not an exact match.
  14. I'm not surprised things are blocked by the filters, when I was working on Pope, I was not even able to log into the forum.