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  1. I thought I would bring this back to the top and throw a price at it … Any interest at $12,000, OBO of course? That is negotiable of course, just thought I would put a starting point out there.
  2. Thanks, but the offer I already turned down was pretty substantial. But, I will keep you in mind IF I do decide to sell and the first offer falls through.
  3. I thought I would bring this back to the top and throw a price at it … Any interest at $12,000, OBO of course? That is negotiable of course, just thought I would put a starting point out there.
  4. I checked the weather channel right after Mike posted yesterday and it was a 40% chance every day, then I checked again later and the chance went down to 30% some of the days. When I looked this morning and it has gone to a 20% chance for most of the week. Hopefully as we get closer the chance of rain will continue to diminish, but we all know they are pretty much just guessing. Still a good idea to bring a cover if you have one, no doubt about that.
  5. My plans are to arrive Tuesday afternoon, and I'll be milling around for the rest of the week. I am just taking my Silver Arrow since none of my others are presentable enough to take. It will be in the winners circle this year since it placed first in its class in Williamsburg in 2016. As has been said, your first meet is for the cars, and then you return for the friendships you make. Not to worry about "an inappropriate car" as long as you can come and enjoy the meet. Seeing all the nice cars might just get you going on your own for the next meet.
  6. Actually, I just copied and pasted the info from the registration form, and added a bit of information, but thanks.
  7. I agree, it is a nice enough Riviera, I just have too many and this one needs to find a new home. I am not interested in selling the covers that are on it, I don't want to "part it out." However, I do have 20+ wire wheel covers, some of which I would probably part with. The covers I have range anywhere from pretty rusty to NOS MINT condition. I am not ready to sell the NOS covers, what are you interested in?
  8. Yes the hospitality room is mainly for ROA members "registered" for the meet, but on Friday everyone is able to shop the vendors. If you are an ROA member and register for the week these are the benefits you receive ... Full-week & Banquet: Includes entry to the hospitality/event room for the full week where all activities are held, including seminars, annual meeting, fun events, door prizes, and vendors. Refreshments are included all day: coffee each morning, iced tea and snacks in the afternoon and evening. In addition, hot and cold hors d’oeuvres are served on Thursday evening. Each member receives a registration bag with commemorative gifts, one car for the show, as well as the Friday night awards banquet. Only those who are registered for the full week and wear their name tag have access to the event room and vendors Tuesday through Thursday. If you are an ROA member and just want to register for Friday, these are the benefits ... Friday-only & Banquet: Registration entitles member & guests to enter one car in show, receive a registration bag and attend the awards banquet. Entrance to the ROA hospitality room is restricted to Friday only. If you are not an ROA member and just want to look around at the Rivieras on show day no registration is required, and, you would be able to go into the hospitality room and shop the vendors, however, you would not be able to attend the banquet. BUT, if you want to join and register, you will be able to do all of that right there in the hospitality room when you arrive too.
  9. The easiest reference would probably be for me to say a few miles south of High Point, so almost right in the center of the state east to west.
  10. Yes, there is on site registration. I know registering for the show only is $25, and for the show and banquet is $50, however, I'm not sure what the fee would be if you wanted to come on a different day. That would be something you would have to get with Ray about.
  11. Bryan, Thanks for your input. I actually do like the color combination too, I did check into a Beige/Saddle '65 GS several years ago too, but that fell through. But yes, once I came across the Flame Red/White GS this one pretty much took a back burner. With what it is I agree, parting it out is not the way to go, that is why I am trying to find it a new home. Thanks again for your input, guess we'll see what happens.
  12. My problem with "Keep it going" is the other nine I have too, that is the reason I am looking to move this one.
  13. 15K or so Sounds Great! If I can get even close to that it's gone.
  14. OK Mitchie: Exactly what does bad look like to you? Sure, it could maybe be patched and driven, but what would it take to make it right? It runs and drives as I said above, I probably would not race it as is, but it runs OK. You are the '63-'65 Riviera expert, what would you offer me for it? That is why I am posting it here, to see if there is anyone actually interested in it. Sorry, I did not realize my location was gone from beneath my avatar, I have corrected that. The car is located in North Carolina, probably the wrong coast for your purposes.
  15. Thought I would post this here along with on the Riviera forum … Long story short, I have more projects than I will EVER be able to complete. I bought this car because of the novelty as much as anything else, and thought it would be a decent project. However, once I got it home, I realized just how much of a project it was going to be. AND, a few years after buying this one I found more what I had been wanting, a flame red/white interior ’65 GS. I need to downsize and am starting here with this one so I can hopefully get something going on the red GS. I paid WAY too much for the car, it has rust issues as stated in the subject, runs OK, has brake issues, possibly the booster, and will be a huge project to get it right. The trunk, floors, and pretty much everything is rusty. I can’t really tell much about the body panels, the paint is years old, pretty thick, and cracking in several places. Where the paint has cracked off there is a good bit of surface rust. I am attaching several pictures that hopefully capture the details. I am reducing their size so I can post several, if interested in bigger pictures you can zoom in on, let me know and I will send them to you. As I said, I paid way too much for it, I am posting it here to see if there is ANY interest in a rare project at a fairly reasonable price. I would think that even if the car is not worth fixing the LX engine has to be worth “something.” If you are interested in a project that “could” have some value when complete, make me an offer.