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  1. Gene, of AB&G, has them. His contact info is in the Riview. He may sell you just the piece you want? I know he doesn't like to ship them, but maybe he would for just the one piece? Good luck.
  2. Nope, not stainless. Pretty certain it is chromed pot-metal. I have seen them where the chrome has faded, and pitted pretty good too.
  3. I think if you contact Tom M, the ROA Librarian, he has copies of several, if not most of the order forms that were available, and he might be able to send you a scan of it?
  4. I believe it was. There is a wholesale order form posted on the forum here ... 1965 Riviera Wholesale Order Form
  5. Doug, I know this post is a few weeks old, but I was going through some “stuff” in my garage and ran across this. I found a copy of Old Car Price Guide from Oct 2005. Even though it is not from 2009, it is a closer value than anything that is out right now. I’m not sure if it will help you with your value dispute, but I pictured the cover, the condition code descriptions, and the page with the 1965 Riviera. Click on the image and it should give you a printable/legible image.
  6. And its on their website for $8,900. Hollywood Motors … 1965 BUICK RIVIERA GS
  7. I would have to believe there are numbers out there somewhere? Of course, they could have been disposed of, or lost over the years too? I’m not sure where Tom B got his information a few years ago when he was putting together his report about the Silver Arrow? That might be the same way to determine the supercharger option? It would take some time to look through every VIN and see how it was built, just for ’95 that would be over 41K lines of info to search.
  8. I know you’re just reposting the add Mike, but I thought I would mention a couple of errors in their add. The wheels for the last generation were not “Polished Aluminum” but actually a "basecoat/clearcoat painted" wheel. Even though you don’t see these much, they were the original wheels for the ’95 to ’97 naturally aspirated Riviera. The more popular 12 spoke wheel, was installed when the supercharger was ordered, which was more common. Sure, these will fit any of them, but I don’t think it was available after ’97 once the supercharger was standard equipment. They do look to be in pretty good condition.
  9. Great find! No doubt a better price than we had talked about a while back. Congrats!
  10. WOW! That's a hell-of-a price. It looks like there were tires on them at one time, with the valve stems in place, but they don't look TOO used that's for sure. I know I don't need any more wheels, and/or wheel covers, but I am waiting for them to give me a price for shipping to NC. Guess we'll see if I get them or not. Thanks for posting!
  11. I’m not sure what your computer or I-pad is trying to say here, “If go so far.” But yep, as I said on page 54 of this thread, that is part of my 100-year plan. The whole thing. My PLAN is, a last generation Graphite interior: dash, seats, headliner, carpet, side and door panels, a seventh-generation sunroof, all into my original ‘65. Then use 1995 Smokey Amethyst Metallic paint, and the emblems from a ’95 to complete it. One of these days I might even get close to figuring out if it will actually work … or not.
  12. The 180,000-mile, Jadestone 1995 Riviera is gone to its new home. Looks pretty good for a 25-year-old, fairly high mile car, pretty close to ROA meet presentation ready. Of course, the NCDMV was VERY uncooperative, so more to follow there, but it is gone from here anyway. Down to ten, with a few more planned to go away. I collected several to work-on and enjoy during my retirement, and now have way more than I will ever be able to complete.
  13. Now there’s an idea … That might be why I added a room on the back of my garage, not big enough of course, to store my last generation parts in. Planning to send it away with it stripped to the sheet metal inside, and probably even keep some of the bracketry that everything connects to.
  14. I have located copies of the ’71-’73 Fisher Body trim codes that shows the comparison between the Fisher code and the GM order code. I got them from the Boattail Registry that no longer exists. It shows that the 686 on 73Rivera’s Fisher Body tag is a Cloth Saddle Notchback 60/40 Bench (optional) interior. I will try to get with Ray and see if the ROA website can be updated to include the Fisher Body codes and the GM codes, at least for those years anyway.
  15. Three of my four 1995s. Can you tell which one is on its way to a new home, which one is kind of needing some tires/wheels, and which one is heading to the salvage yard, sooner than later I hope.
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