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  1. GREAT recap of your travels, and the meet Mike!
  2. From what I have learned, yes, a lap joint is better than say a butt joint. I would say it isn’t as usable on newer, thinner sheet metal used today, if at all, but on the heavier steel used years ago it works well. Doing it that way the metal is less likely to warp when welding it in place. He might want to treat the underside with something to keep it from corroding too. Is your body man going to be able to blend his touch-ups in, or is it going to require a complete repaint?
  3. I rejected Seamist Green as a possibility because it wasn't on the ROA site (I'm so trusting). I'll agree that it is visually closer. How common were special order paint cars? It looks like the ROA lists only the "standard" colors that were available on the Riviera, the others on the 1972 Buick color chart are left off. I know one member that has a Fire Red '72, not a "standard" color, but an "available" color. His body tag doesn't list it as an SCO car, it just has the 75 code for Fire Red.
  4. Emerald Mist? How about Seamist Green? The chart below shows it was available on Riviera at an extra charge, maybe it was special ordered? I posted both pages because the color looks different on each one. It might have been an SCO car? Seamist Green is not listed on the ROA site, maybe because it was an optional extra cost color?
  5. That looks great Bob! I can’t believe our mutual friend can’t be satisfied?
  6. Well actually there are others out there with MORE than I have, and several others that have much NICER examples than I too. I bet at least your mother in law has the space to keep adding horses, I really don’t need to be adding anything with the lack of space I already have.
  7. The low production numbers of the bench seat were discussed a little bit on your “Guides To Purchasing” thread a while back. As many of these as I have looked at/into over the years, I have seen very few.
  8. Yep, still thinking about it, that is part of my 100-year plan. Not sure I’ll ever get there, but still contemplating it. So no, no clues yet.
  9. Both are 1995, neither of them has a sunroof, and both are high mile cars, one at 177K, and the other at 237K. The higher mile car has a leather bench seat too, a pretty stripped version.
  10. Yes, she is VERY understanding, and I haven’t even put all of them in my name. Oh yea, the insurance company loves me every August. These are a couple more left to me by another member. He bought them with high miles, took good care of them, and even had some paint touch up work done. They both need some attention, but once again I’m not sure exactly what I am going to do with them … yet, I just needed to get them moved from where they were.
  11. Na, I don’t think so. Neither of these meet his requirements. Both are ‘95s, and neither one has a sunroof.
  12. Yep, I probably do, or at least an 11-step program … in the opposite direction.
  13. Here I am trying to DOWNSIZE, and look what followed me home this weekend … I got down to nine, but now back up to eleven. Still working on downsizing, just a couple more in the mix to work on now.
  14. As usual, Gordon knows what he is talking about here. I was kind of lucky with my ’72 GS. I checked with the Sloan Museum, and ’72 was one of the years they had records for. But, even having the microfilm, they could not give me the detail I was looking for. They did clarify some things ordered on the car, but my main goal was to find the color it was painted because it was an SCO car. That is not listed on the microfilm, it just shows 001, meaning it was SCO, so they were no help with that. There were a couple other items they could not identify too, so it shows even with the records, we can’t find out everything about them.