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  1. Bob, any interest in what I believe are the centers for ’64 and/or later other Buicks? I have a set of these that are NOS, and in VERY good condition. All mint except for a tiny chip on the edge of one of them. I was going to delete this because these are for the wire wheel cover spinners and NOT for the turbines, but it does mention the wires in the subject, so I figured I would leave it. Again, they are NOT for the Riviera, I just thought I would see if you were interested.
  2. Looks Great Mike!!! Besides finding where to mount it in your garage, you’ll have to figure out how to “light and display” it at car shows.
  3. Not to worry, I have no intensions of buying ANYTHING in the near, or distant, future, hopefully anyway. I too like the buckets better, but I wouldn’t try and buy one that you were interested in. I just kind of think it would be cool to have one because of the rarity of the cloth bench.
  4. HA! HA! HA!!! I did that once in ’05, flew to Dallas for my first Silver Arrow, I won’t say never, but it probably/hopefully won’t happen again. Happy New Year to you too!
  5. You mean projects like this … I started this simple re-paint in early 2015, and this is where it is at as of right now!!!
  6. Good thing this one is way far away, like I need another one! It might be an interesting one to have.
  7. A nice 1:43 scale that is a close match to one of mine, except mine is a ’72. Unfortunately, there is a ton more, just thought I would post a couple, for now at least. I have a few of the colors of the Pentico’s ’64 too, like I said, waaay toooo many!
  8. Just like with full size Riviera models, I have way too much die-cast also. Here is a couple I could put my hands on quickly … A couple 1:64 scale … And of course, I had to have one of these when they came out … I had to have it even though it is not a Riviera year I own.
  9. Sorry Daryle, I can't help with a paint code. But, for the other replies, isn't it "interior color" with the "standard" interior, and "chrome" with the "custom" interior? And, I am pretty certain the member asking about "changing" his dash from a '65 to a '64 dash is a different member altogether.
  10. You'll have to let us know how it works out, and of course show us the end result.
  11. It looks like they will make whatever you want Mike, you could send them this picture of the Aqua Zephyr and have one made ... That would make a nice one.
  12. Nice clock Bob!!! I need to find, or make myself find, some of that Riviera “fix” time! I was going to post how good the wheels look on the red Riv on your other post, they do look great! I’m glad you know, or at least realize, you will have to return to a “stock” set-up for the ROA meet. As good as the true spokes look, if you left them on for the meet, your Riv would automatically be moved to the modified class. There were two ‘65s at Gettysburg that were moved just because they had true spoke wheels. They look great, and I personally feel they shouldn’t be moved for just a wheel change, but the “Class Gestapo” would insist!
  13. The same seller has this listed too ... 1964-1966 Buick Rivera 2 Spoke Woodgrain Steering Wheel OEM GM TRUE SURVIVOR WOW Discounted 10% @ $805 right now, and there is a "Make Offer" on the steering wheel too.