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  1. I had callled my IT gut, thinking my computer had been hacked. MAybe a little advance notice next ime.
  2. rocky5517

    Engine Removal

    Wasn't there some things written about not using ex manifold gaskets because it's better not to have something (gasket) interfering with letting the manifold cool off evenly?
  3. rocky5517

    63 Riv AC flush and vacuum

    Good one Ed! Little Willie was a chemist Little Willie is no more What he thought was h2o Was h2so4
  4. I have a nice hood spear for sale; prev owner had it re-chromed. He said it was from a 66. Asking $50
  5. Selling Star Wars air cleaner with original base and nut. It was restored, has a few dings but looks good. First time I displayed it at a show I won "Dealer's Choice". Co-incidence or not? Asking $750 plus shipping. Trying this forum first, then V8 Buick . Thx, Sam from North Jersey
  6. I was having trouble listing my car so I went to Google and asked 'How to sell a car on Ebay". I was directed to a site that looked exactly like e-bay's site re asking info about the car. Everything looked good until it asked a lot of info re credit card #'s, pay pal info, checking acct, etc. When I had ebay on the phone I told them about it. They said it sounded like a scam but they didn't seem too concerned. I made a report about it anyway.
  7. I was on the phone with them twice before getting my ad straight. I went thru e-bay motors; there's a way to list it for a set price as opposed to an auction "Sell it Now" I think. You can always say "Or Best Offer" in your text. It isn't easy. I got more action from Hemmings. Careful with craigslist- home of the scammers.
  8. I bought mine from OPG and pd $499 incl delivery, I think, about 5 yrs ago. I chose the one that had the bearing already set into place. Never had a problem since.
  9. rocky5517

    Engine Removal

    Have a good look at the rear seal while you're there. You'll never be that close again.
  10. rocky5517

    PayPal Scam?

    By the way I posted ( last week) which venues I used and the rate of serious buyers. Hemmings was #1, followed by e-bay. Classic Auto Trader was zero ( only has it on for a week) and Craig's list had a few but that;s where the scammers lurk. Luckily I found a local buyer. And here in Jersey we've had about half of our cruise nites and shows rained out, which was my biggest disappointment. The local guy saw it on Hemmings ( the electronic version, not the book). The book that I'm still listed in doesn't come out till September.
  11. rocky5517

    PayPal Scam?

    I just went through this with my 67, which I finally sold. Don't waste your time. I had virtually the same pitch, from 3 different guys; they're all the same. I like the car/ it's for someone else/I'll pay asking price and arrange pick-up. But the tip off is "Do you have Pay Pal"? I had a guy tell me "It's for my brother, a surprise for his birthday"/ I'll pay asking price plus $50 to take it off the advertisement. He said he was on a drilling well in the Gulf and didn't have access to e-mail ( while e-mailing me). But it always starts with "Pay Pal".Whether its a text or e-mail, it'a always the same. Once you say " I don't have Pay Pal" they go away. I called Pay Pal and they said IF a transfer was made and the $$ cleared, then it's yours fair and square. But they said there's a lot of scammers who will always try to outfox you. If they sense greed ( I'll give you asking price") I think that's how it starts. Two of the three scammers were from Georgia. When I asked 'Aren't you gonna ask me to lower the price" they get funny/ also, when the mention PayPal without asking for any pix or info, tell them to get lost. I told one guy I was driving the car and I got stuck on a grade crossing and the car got cut in half by a freight train. I said as soon as I find the other half of the car I'd have it welded back together. He said "OK" Let me know when you're ready". Seriously.
  12. Maybe I'm mis-understanding, bit if you're doing the water pump, and you're going to do the timing chain, isn't it a snap to change the gear at the same time? When we did my water pump/fan clutch/rebuilt oil pump/install new fuel pump ( I was getting all AC Delco parts at cost) I would have sworn the gear was right there, begging to be pulled off. Which we did/ am I confused? Also, as you know, the front cover is cast aluminium and very soft. I ruined mine by prying it off with screwdrivers. Had to get a new one from OPG, $500 with the bearing already pressed in. I get confused easily these days so bear with me
  13. By the way, someone ( Jason I think) had mentioned that there are sellers from overseas looking for these cars. The guy who bought my car sold a 64 Merc to a guy from Norway or somewhere nearby. As if on cue, 4 hrs after the sale wetn thru I get a message from a guy from Norway looking for a 66 or 67 and was prepared to fly here. I suggested he join the ROA first thing, then look for a private owner, not a dealer. I volunteered to look at one if it's within 50 miles. His concern was that he needs one that doesn't need much work because of lack of parts and mechanics over there. Too bad he waited on mine- it was perfect for him. I suggested he lean towards a 67 only because of better chance of finding parts and mechanics for the 430 than the nailhead. If anyone has a clean 67 in good repair PM me and I'll forward to you his info. PS in case you're wondering I got $16,000 for mine. Thought it was worth $17,500 but then again we all think they're worth more. I got 6 great years out of it. I also will be selling my Star Wars air cleaner along with a new (repro) set of door sills, and a re-chromed hood spear from a 66 in case anyone's interested.
  14. Chimera... most action including the successful one, was from Hemmings on line. Had a heck of a time getting the listing right on E-bay/ they have different programs. Mine wasn't an auction, was listed under "Sell it Now". I guess once you master how e-bay works it's easy but I was on the phone with them twice for a total of about 50 minutes. And beware if the first thing someone asks is " Do you have Pay Pal"? Scammers.