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  1. I have a mounting bracket for a 67- rear, I think. No charge- you pay shipping
  2. If I didn't know better I'd think someone added some type of catalyst into the engine to solidify the oil, just for entertainment purposes. How in the world did that car drive into the service station?
  3. Sorry- sold it a while ago. They're out there but you have to have patience. And make sure the chrome nut is the real deal. Someone wrote an in depth article about the history of these air cleaners a while back- you should look for it in the archives. Maybe Jason Zerbini wrote it?
  4. Be careful that the ohms for your new speakers match the new radio
  5. I did mine a few years ago/ was easy, and I felt like it came out good. made me feel like I knew what I was doing. Went to a local shop specializing in seat covers, etc; he had rolls of the stuff. 99% match
  6. Beside Dewey doing my booster, I asked him if he could re-plate ( gold ) the res cap, which he did. the ones you can buy online just don't look right. But he matched them up. I asked him what else he could re-plate- he said "send me your hood release assembly". Which I did. Not expensive at all, and the 3 matching gold components really made a difference.
  7. My father, years ago, bought a used 58 T-Bird from a dealer. There was a tag "Built Expressly for Bobby Darrin". We all had a good laugh over it, even the dealer and my father.
  8. Had plastic wrap installed on my new ( 2019) Mustang, only on the front clip/ every thing else got ceramic coating. Have the car 18 months ( garage kept) and have washed it maybe 12 times. The coatings are the best investment I ever made. But the older cars had a much different paint job. You can bring an old finish back to life, in many cases, with some good compounding, waxing, buffing etvc. The paint on newer cars is way different, thinner, with a lot of clear coats. If I had an older car, like my 67 Riv, I don't think I'd use a wrap or ceramic, because I don't think you'd need it.
  9. On my 67, over the course of about 8 years, I freshened up my engine bay with a "rattle can restoration". The booster and hood latch were re-finished ( thank you Boosters by Dewey) but most of the other stuff was done by masking( a lot) and small detail brushes. Not being a good mechanic, I went for painting things in place rather than removing and spraying. Especially things on the firewall, like the wiper motor. Like I've said before, the worse a mechanic you are, the better masker you become. The front engine cover was pulled by my friend, and I painted the AC and gen brackets, and while the carb was off I painted what I could by hand. Can an experienced eye see the difference? Of course. But I was fine with it. That front "plate" over the radiator comes off easy, and if you look over old articles you'll learn the many types of paint, i.e. glossy/satin/eggshell/flat, at the least. The satin black will become your friend, as will Argent Silver. Doing the air cleaner was fun, and putting the new decals on really made a difference. One tip; the bracket that holds the power steering pump is aluminium, and if your pump leaked mine did, you'll see that getting the paint to stick is a trick because the (leaking) oil penetrates the alum.. I sand blasted it, rubbed it with steel wool, everything you could imagine, but the paint wouldn't stick, until I stripped everything and used some alum primer first. After that, no prob. So break out the masking tape, use tin foil to wrap what needs to be wrapped ( watch those electric connections) stock up on Q tips, and have at it.
  10. I'll try Jason but I always thought the resolution was set in the camera, when I took the pic, which was several years ago. If I can enhance it I will but I doubt it.
  11. Here's some pix of minor rust areas on my (former) 67. Car was in good shape overall- must have been garage kept
  12. here's a few pix of mine- before and after
  13. I think that's the muffler. On my 67 it was rusted at the bottom. They are hard to find, and some people do without them as they were made to suppress noise/vibration when the AC was running ( better to hear this from an expert). I took mine to the blacksmith and we cut off the bottom 2", then welded a new bottom. Seemed to always work well.On the 67 there's supposed to be a heavy rubber "jacket" around it to control condensation. I can see your jacket in the photo; don't lose it.
  14. If you type in "Ozone generator" in a Google search, you'll see the EPA website. They have a lot to say about them.
  15. Darwin Falk sold me one for my 67 a few years ago, but it looked different
  16. Not to be a wise guy, but did you try the old coat hanger and bubble gum trick?
  17. Whenever I see a car that has exploded, I always say to myself " See, that guy didn't know the value of keeping his car in good tune"
  18. In the 60's and 70's, and even the 80's, the only choice the wise guys had was whether to go with the Eldorado, or a less flashy Caddy. But in this day and age, a good family man ( get it?) must balance his duty to his wife and kids while still maintaining an honest business. Like say, the garbage business.
  19. Whenever my 67 was up on the lift, the mechanics would note how rust free it was, considering it was a Philly car and spent it's life in the NE. We knocked around the possibility that, obviously, the car was garage kept most of its life. Who owned Rivs back in the day? People of higher income, many of whom had large homes and garages. At least, it's a thought. In North Jersey, we always pegged doctors with Buicks, wise guys with Caddys.
  20. I just watched a video on you tube with a young guy/ his site is "engineering explained". He spent 20 minutes explaining the relationship between bore and stroke, and the effects on HP. I was getting dizzy but I understood most of it. You guys would really get a kick out of it.
  21. Didn't a member have repros of that strap done? I think I still have one, unused, if anyone's interested
  22. I like it/ when will some one chrome one? Or, how about color coding the paint to the car color?
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