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  1. jonly, thanks. They were chrome but in OK shape, so I hit them with some candy red. Deanoko, yeah, I go about 3 or 4 times. I work usually until after 5pm then have to get back to Ridgefield, then down to there. I just spent the whole day at PIR and EXPO at the Portland Swap Meet. There was a lot of stuff there, but not for Rivis. I only saw the one red GS. Someone said that there were 2 others! 3 GS's at one swap meet? Are they all real?... hmmmmm. The only thing I picked up is a manual trans pedal assembly for my '55 Chevy. If anyone wants a WIP '65 GS with tons of NOS parts, I know the guy with the red GS. He wants $7k. Later, Mike
  2. ^^ Don't breath it either way... Mike
  3. I ran into the same colored sludge under the valve covers of my '65 401 the other day. It must be from the additives that used to be in oil. Almost looked like grey tooth paste. I heard that Kendall is the best oil to use with our older engines. I think it was on the HAMB. It's also the cheapest! I used 30w which is what I used to put in them when I was the oil-change flunky at the service station I worked at in the '70s. I have never owned a Riv with the optional horns, so I'm no help there. Paint hangers sounds right. Later, Mike
  4. bb1970 - that's the look I'm going for. Just ordered the springs so we'll see when they get here. The clock has started... Not that I'm is a rush. Just got all the floorpans and need to rebuild the carb, and... Mike
  5. OK, I just checked the Jamco link and the rears are on sale too. Jamco Suspension - <b>Rear Suspension</b> <b>Coil Springs</b> Buick 65-70 BUICK REAR COIL SPRINGS Jamco Suspension, Your #1 Source for Hot Rod Brakes and Suspension! 129.95 for fronts and 134.95 for rears. Sounds like a good deal. I don't want to bag my car, but I want it low. Has anyone done the 3" kit w/stock size tires. On my first Riv it was lowered the '70's way - someone torched the springs! It was low, but the springs were scary. Mike
  6. Thank for the post, Dick. Mr. Guenere is a true American Hero. Humble, gracious, and full of life. A great representation of the Greatest Generation. My mother's uncle was a tail gunner in a B-52 and was shot down twice. He's still around. We can't thank these heros enough. Later, Mike
  7. ^^ And I meant O-kay, not Oklahoma -steelman. I like OK! Mike
  8. Looks like an OK car. The funny thing is the time to call - between 11pm and 6am! :eek: If it runs and drives, and you could get a clean title, it seems like a saver. Later, Mike
  9. Hey Rob, I'd say that you were luck not to start it. All that crud in the intake, and the water in the cylinders, you could have fried the engine right there. Looks like it could use a basic cleanup, mic, bearings and rings, new gaskets, and you're good to go. Might have to touch up the valves and seats, too. Nice find anyway. It's an LX, right? I think I saw that in one of your other posts. Later, Mike
  10. That's sweet! Looks like it could have come that way. Is it just the fronts of the fenders, or is the windshield Rivi, too? Mike
  11. Rob, Your GN can come sit next to my 94 Imp SS 6-speed. Nice and warm and dry... Mike p.s. good luck on the GS. I almost got one, but it was a lot more than this car and further gone.
  12. Here's a picture. I already started by removing some of the rusted out floor. I have new ones coming from Cars, Inc. I have 2 more parts cars that I am going to pirate the deluxe doors and glass from. I got a new windshield and power steering box, too. It looks like it used to belong to an ROA member... Needs most stuff redone. I'll work on it in my spare time. After I finish the 73 Benz for my cousin, the '59 T-bird in the back (Blackbird) and my '55 gasser... I did sell off a few projects to afford to do the one I really wanted - this one. Later, Mike
  13. I forgot, you can check the motors by disconnecting the switch and applying 12v to the wire socket. The motor is grounded. The socket kinda looks like a clover leaf and the right and left wires are 12v + up or down. I can't remember which is which, but you can hear the motor run either way. Do that before you go to the trouble of removing the motor. Mike
  14. Hey mtn, I'm doing the same thing on my '65. They are a pain in the you-know-what to get out. It took me a couple hours to get one side out, now I'm stuck. I can't figure out how to re-install the whole setup. I've got a '65 body manual coming, so hopefully that will shed some light on the subject. I'll be watching this thread as well. Wish I had more info to share. Later, Mike
  15. Just joined ROA and they had this listed as a forum of Buick owners so I thought I would join. Not sure if this is where to introduce myself, but here goes. I got my first Riviera, a '65, in 1979. It was white with a blue interior, had full power/AC/ etc. for only $500! I recently purchased another '65 and am working on getting it on the road. Looking forward to getting involved with Rivieras again. Mike
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