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    After a re-paint in my garage
  2. Is that it or is it ready for paint?
  3. I agree, Rob. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone here. Fun site! Mike
  4. I found a couple shots of the '63 I bought for $500 in the mid 80s. This was after the re-paint in my garage. It turned out great. I wish I hadn't sold it. Nice car.
  5. Here's a shot of the one on my '65. It has a distribution block for the disc brakes.
  6. I agree. I have a '65 parts car that is so bad that when I have all the stuff I need off it I am thinking of making yard art out of it. No broken wagon wheels. wheel barrow/toilets full of flowers or old rusty tractors in front of my house, I want a lowered '65 maybe in flat black and blacked out glass so you can't see that it is just a shell... Mike p.s. I'm in the country in 5 acres with no CC&Rs to worry about.
  7. Rock Auto is a decent source for parts like these. I just looked it up for a '67 drum/drum Electra and they have a booster/MC combo for $107 but only one left. Otherwise it looks like they are separate. One of my '65s had this done sometime in the '70s and they even converted over to disc brakes on the front. Not sure if I am going to pull that and use it on my running '65 yet. Good luck with the searches. Mike
  8. A better value, clearly. It's $33.18 less expensive! I love it. Great post. They are both winners in my book, but I have a '59 T-bird and '65 Rivis. I like them both, but for different reasons. The '65 Riv is a much more luxurious car than the '59 Bird, but I would think that a '65 Bird would be more comparable. I think I'll go out to the shop and see which one makes me smile more... Mike
  9. Where are you located? You should be able to get a new roof pretty cheap. If you are in the NW I have one from a '65. Mike
  10. There's a guy named Kevin Kinnman on the Riviera Facebook page that is selling a '64 2x4 intake for $275 plus shipping. http://www.facebook.com/groups/119154231467114/429484330434101/?notif_t=group_activity I think anyone can join that group. Mike
  11. Did it live close to the beach? Rob, it looks like you did a good job of getting the good parts off of it. Wish you could have saved the wheels and the rear end, too. I like the stock wheels. It's good that you are sad, it meant something to you. Mike
  12. There's your answer. And your wife will probably give you props, too. I am taking a bunch of scrap to the yard tomorrow and one of the main pieces is the remains of a '74GTO that is in the same shape. So far gone that all that is left is the shell and doors. Almost want to keep the doors to sell on CL because they aren't bad, it was the floors (ALL the floors) and the rear quarters that were so bad on that body. I feel your pain.
  13. I've seen that link here before, do a forum search on Rivi Convertibles. I would do it in a heartbeat if my 400 was going bad. I converted my '94 Impala SS to a 6-speed and love it. A lot more fun to drive. I would do the convertible thing too and plan to with one of my '65s. I was at the wrecking yard locally that has older cars and they have a mid '60s Caddy convertible - windshield and all - that I was pouring over. It might be too wide, but it looked close sitting there all alone.
  14. I used to be into Porsches and my wife and I did the same thing, 9:11 or 9:14, my favorite was 9:59. I like your thinking, though.
  15. Here a car like that is about $200-ish based on weight. The front drums are probably worth that in any condition - get them off first. If it has a rad, pull that separately and you should get about $30 for it alone. The reason you would only get $50 is that they have to do the work and you'd probably get the $50 if you pulled the other parts mentioned anyway. I hate to scrap anything old just because but if you are going to do it try to do it wisely. I would pass on the $50, pull the aluminum and copper, any switches or special wires (like window and door switches, power vent/seat/?? wiring, etc.) until it is truly an empty shell then have a buddy with a trailer help you get it to a scrap yard so you get the value by the pound. They will get it off the trailer, you just have to get it on. Good luck, I'd come over and help but I'm about as far away from you as you can get and still be in the lower 48. Mike
  16. Been following your updates. Great info for when I dig into mine. I know about those archeological digs for nuts and bolts. Is yours sand or dirt? Sand is easier, we have dirt... Mike
  17. Now I don't care who you are, that's funny right there. Thanks for posting.
  18. I'm in Vancouver if someone wants me to check it out for them. The closeups look good. Most flash cameras make stuff look worse than it is. Do I need a wheel like that??? HMMMMMMMM.
  19. I love it when a plan comes together!
  20. It's here: Rare 1963 1964 Buick Riviera Tail Panel Tailpan | eBay Bidding is very active. Great!
  21. Here you go, Bernie. No need to cut yours up, just buy a new one. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3161543/1965-buick-riviera I'm going to build one some day...
  22. I've seen manual trannies in the other full sized Buicks, I would think it would be easy enough to get the pedals and assorted parts to do the swap stock-ish. Custom, anything is possible. I have a T-56 in my '94 Impala SS - they didn't make manual trans b-bodies. I thought that I remembered seeing a manual trans in an early Rivi stock, no? This was probably 25 years ago. Maybe in a mag? I like the idea.
  23. I got the fully loaded twin of that car from Oregon. It was so rusted that not much could be saved. The seats even disintegrated when I tried to remove them. The PO took the power vents that I really wanted... If you decide to part it, I may need the cathedrals if they are decent. Cool plate, a WA 63 plate number 064 on a '65 Riv. Nice! Mike
  24. Sure looks like a scam. Who would post a car like this as their first post and not mention that fact? Be careful out there.
  25. My Rivi steel wheels are the four slot ones like the second photo, not five. Do they fit switched? I think the hub on the front is bigger than the rear, not 100% sure. Hope that helps.
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