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  1. If you need a new voltage regulator, either electronic or mechanical, give Craig at Mobile Parts a call 516-485-1935.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for the clips to hold the "Riviera" emblem on the trunk. Does anyone know if the clips are the same as used for the horseshoe trim on the side panel? I have some clips for the horseshoe trim, but they don't want to fit. Does someone has a source for the clips. Thanks, Ron
  3. Has anyone tried the Lectric-Limited breakerless ignition unit for GM vehicles? www.lectriclimited.com
  4. If your looking for a NOS regulator, contact Craig at Mobile Parts 516-485-1935. Ron
  5. Another option for lubricating the window tracks is a product called "Sil-Glyde" sold by Napa. My experience with white lithium greese is it dries up over time.
  6. The father and son team at Campbell Automotive in Campbell, CA have worked on my `64 Riv in the past and do good work. If you need more info sent me a PM. Ron
  7. Ed Got an appointment for tomorrow to get a second opinion on the condition of the rear end. The oil was changed last year, I think I used straight 90 wt.
  8. Hello, I'm looking for a ring and pinion gear set for my 64 Riviera. It currently has the 3.07 gears. If I'm right, Buick used a 9 3/8 differential. Are there other Buicks that used the same differential. The rear end howls at about 35-40 mph. Thanks, Ron
  9. Does anyone have a source for the gasket between the antenna bezel and the fender? Ron
  10. The bilstein shocks work great on the front and are a perfect fit, however the rear shocks appear to be a little longer than the origional. One of the ROA members have the shocks listed in the Riview. The bilsteins are also avaliable from OPGI.
  11. Does anyone have pictures of a Riviera painted SeaFoam Green. I'd love to see how the color looks on the Riviera. Thanks
  12. Hello, I need to replace the driveshaft on my 1964 Riviera. Can anyone tell me if the `64 & `65 driveshafts are interchangeable? Thanks, Ron