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  1. Hahnster, keep looking at U-pull-its, etc. I got lucky and found a '64 in one that I got a perfect dash pad along with a ton of small parts and perfect front buckets. If you do have a decent pad the upholstery shop is a good option just don't make it too padded. Mike Nice testimonial Kraig. That looks like it is a good start on a rear tray - I need one myself so I'll be looking him up.
  2. Wow, a lot of good posts. I was just happy to see a Rivi represented and respected. I personally care for some of the mods, but it is a cool car. The main thing that I don't like is the portholes... or the wheels. But I'm older and my tastes are different than younger builders. I know that my friend that is building a '61 bubble-top Impala thinks it looks better with 18 and 20 inch Americans. Whatever floats your boat. At least they are having fun with their cars. I like them as stock restos, lowriders, resto mods, street rods, even gassers. Not all are ones that I would want to own, but they are 'in the family'. I think that a win for team Riviera is a win for team Riviera. Mike
  3. Even with a cracked block it doesn't look like a bad deal. I bet you could get it for a bit less, maybe $5 and have money to fix it. He needs to price fixing a nailhead if he thinks it's less than $2k for that and the other things that it needs. Wish he was closer, might save me some money on fixing mine. Don't know if I could get to that stage for $5k... Mike
  4. Here's the quote and photo. The "PPG Dream Car" award winner here at the Goodguys 22nd Heartland Nationals is this bad-to-the-bone 1963 Buick Riviera! - Des Moines, IA Mike
  5. What, no bids? It's never seen rain! Quad rearview mirrors. Side pipes. Bumper guards.
  6. It's a great start on a resto... It does have the optional wheel with broken horn bar. Why not start low and put a high reserve to see if there is any interest in their creation? Mike
  7. Here are a couple shots of my recent doors. You can see that the skins have the mirrors and handle - you do have to remove the mirror control from the inside of the door. That is the correct way to adjust the glass - with the skins off. Take it from a Norwegian, you are on the right track. Mike
  8. Someone had a bright idea.... and someone should have been a friend and told them no! Mike
  9. I did Jim's trick but with a 6-in-1 tool. Just need enough outward pressure to keep the T from spinning. I also ran a tap and a die to clean up all the threads so I wouldn't need new pieces. Mike
  10. Have you ever heard that the sense of smell is stronger at bringing back memories than sight or sound? I found this with the degreaser that I used on my SBC for my '59 GMC project. My brother turned me onto this cleaner that is a totally safe engine degreaser. I got it at O'Reilly's and it comes in a spray bottle or a gallon. I used it straight with it in a mixing cup and used a parts washer brush to apply it to the engine. As I am doing this the smell of the degreaser triggered a memory from when I was a lot boy at the Chrysler dealership. I remembered something that smelled like this was used to clean whitewall tires, which I used alot as almost every car then had whitewalls. So I tried it on a tire that I have had sitting around that came off my '74 GTO. It had the WWs turned in so they weren't cleaned when the car was washed. This stuff cleaned that tire to like new. I know most tires on cars here are not WW or RWL, but it would even clean the blackwall to look like new. Anyway, I though that it might be usefull to some here, a great engine degreaser and a great tire cleaner in one and it's cheap.
  11. It's 33% without A/C. Two of mine have it, one doesn't. I'm in WA and a lot of cars from here didn't have A/C from the factory. I remember when I was a kid my dad added an under dash A/C to a Plymouth that we had - it was a big deal in the early '70s. Maybe the rarity is among GSs? Have you registered your GS over on the ROA? Sometimes there is more info on your car there. Mike
  12. Aye-yup! There ya go. I was wondering why that forum had one, but they have insane numbers anyway. Mike
  13. Is there a fix if the cable has broken free? (mine has! )
  14. I did have a problem with a linkage being put back on upside down that would not let the secondary plates seat. Also check for vacuum leaks. If the carb blades are closed air is getting in somewhere. Check to see that the carbs are bolted down tight (with gaskets ) and anything that screws into the manifold is sealed and going where it's supposed to. Also check the manifold to head bolts. You can spray starting fluid around these areas and see if it goes even higher, if ti does, there's the leak. Good luck. Mike
  15. I got a complete '63 kit from here for my '65 and it works great. I don't mind it being the earlier version and all the parts for the trunk fit like stock, the holes and tabs are already there. Piece of cake. Good luck.
  16. Looks fine the way it is - better than my rusty-floored one. Great find and I dig the plate. Mike
  17. 'This all-new sports-type car is "the greatest forward stride Buick has ever made" says Tom.' From the article. I love looking thru this. I remember wanting to build my own Heathkit radio and of course a mini bike. Big dreams back when I was a kid.
  18. Found my copy of the 1963 Mechanix Illustrated that showed the new Riviera. Cool, and Tom liked it! Mike
  19. Nice look and thanks to tinman for the tips... I need a bucket of profanity...where did I set it?!?!?!
  20. I'll be 52 in a few weeks and my sig has the cars that I own. A couple need to go bye-bye...
  21. Not my Riviera but there's a '65 in this shot of what looks like Tommy Ivo's all wheel drive multi-engine monster.
  22. Gotta be careful before you take anything out. The air-ride systems sometimes require a lot of cutting of spring pockets and lower a-arms in front. The rears may have plates welded onto the stock spring locations. I'd check it out or have it checked out before you go to the next steps of removing all the air pieces. What is wrong with the air system? If it's leaking or something simple like that you may just need to replace some lines and you're good. Good luck. Mike
  23. Sounds like a fun month ahead! I saw that Troy Trepanier will have his latest creation there, that would be cool to see in person. I hope to get to Pomona in the next couple months for the big swap meets. Have fun over here! Mike
  24. I just received my copy. Congrats! Best issue I can remember. 50th for the '63 and tons of tech. I am going to have to dig up my '63 Mechanics Illustrated with the '63 on the cover. I had 2 of the blue ones (10.8% of colors).
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