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  1. Driver quality is fine as long as the price is too. Let me know, or PM me.
  2. Ed, it wouldn't happen to have a remote trunk release, would it? I may also be interested if you have the grills for the front fenders.
  3. Looks a lot like the lower splash shield under the core support at the inner fenderwell. You would know if it was missing on the car, though. Mike
  4. Aw Man! I guess he's keeping it. $50,100.01 and it didn't sell with 66 bids. Maybe that's all it's worth right now. Over 6800 hits, people were looking. Still a cool car, hope he didn't spend $100k to have a $50k car.
  5. I love this! He added to his listing: " I'm adding additional photos of the LX stamping, engine number stamping, vin plate (showing matching numbers), the data plate and the transmission "BS" tag. The trans tag and data plate are unfortunately tough to read in these pics but they are there. This is a rare opportunity to own a beautiful example of an iconic car. The Riviera "experts" are trying their best to pick this car apart but are having a tough time finding anything significant. So far I've got that it shouldn't have radial tires, the A/C muffler is missing some small metal clamps and the driver's door is missing a plastic drain plug. So it sounds like for around $10 this car could be perfect (aside from the tires which is a preference since I drive my cars!). Folks just to contextualize things, try to find a good, rust free 1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport with all the goodies. Then take it completely apart, restore the exterior, interior, chrome, stainless trim and most everything else and see how much you will spend in both time and money. Or buy this car and just turn the key and go or show (oh, and make sure you buy the correct A/C muffler clamps and driver's door drain plug!). The single stage black paint job alone cost very close to what the current bid is at. If the car does not sell in this auction it will stay in my collection and will no longer be available for sale. Thanks to all for your interest." Right on! Less than 20 hours to go and stuck at $47k... will it sell? How much? He's right on the 2 or 3 small fixes, you could be 99.9% in a couple hours. I hope it sells, it's been fun to watch. 6k hits! Wow!
  6. Thanks for pointing out the insert option on the photos, works great! Your car in coming along nicely! Great work. Are you keeping it on budget?
  7. Wow, that is the slickest black paintjob! Nice one for sure. At 45k with 4 days to go, how hi will it get?
  8. Wow, that is clean. Are you going ti keep moving forward and pull the rear end and rebuild that and detail the underside and so on? Has to make the hard jobs like that easier to tackle in little bits. Not looking forward to that on mine.
  9. Most any auto paint store will have some choices of seam sealer, I used the one below. It's easy to work with and stays where you put it. There are some tricks to putting it on it you want a more concourse look. I've used rags soaked with lacquer thinner (after it tacks) or paint brushes (right away) to get the wiped-on look of the original. You need to treat the rust in the seams first, then prime and put on the sealer then paint. I've done this on quite a few cars now with great results.
  10. Beautiful car! It's amazing the marketing behind the cars. Was it the same as the '50s dual quad cars? Most were not hyper performance cars, most were on luxury cars. I think '65 GS's had a bigger exhaust at least. Also, is your '74 a 2.0 or a six? I used to own a '74 triple black 2.0 SE. I loved that car - was totaled three times. I let it go after the third one - then I saw it on the road again! Great combo of enthusiast cars. Mike
  11. Do a search here and you'll find out what to look for with a true GS Rivi. 2x4's are a start, but other differences are the exhaust size, the rear diff, the trans code, of course emblems. If it doesn't have the GS emblems, it could still be legit as a few 425 2x4's were built as non-GS. Price is in the eye of the beholder. Depending on what it needs. You are probably over $10k as minimally described. I've seen basket cases for $6-7k. Good luck with the search. There are several people here with more detailed GS knowledge. See if you can get in touch with one of those so you can bounce images/questions off on them.
  12. Nice upgrade to the forum. It looks better and is easier to navigate. I especially like the 'LIKE' feature. We're moving forward! :cool:
  13. Thanks! That is great info for us DIY guys. That is a great way to make my patchwork interior look uniform. Some is blue, some tan, some green. Thanks again!!!
  14. What kind of paint did you get that has that satin sheen? Looks almost like vinyl paint. Nice how-to. Most need that repair because they get brittle. Even if you know that is an issue, they can still break when you pull them.
  15. Saw this on CL and wished that I had a spare $4k. 1972 Buick Riviera Boat tail Someone is going to get a cool car for cheap $.
  16. The horn bar might be broken. It's visible on the right but not the left. Still looks like a clean car. p.s. it looks like it has two jacks and the hole under the plate is a hole...
  17. Not sure, but some sites have a limit per month. Try downsizing the images and see what happens.
  18. Is it the size of the images? The image below is 313k and 1080x800. Are you actually uploading or putting in a link? Can you be more specific so we can see what's up? We'll get you going.
  19. Goldfinger! Great name for your car. You did a fine job on the write up too. And it's the first feature car, nice. Sorry to hear about your '69 SS/RS. I've loved your car, now I can look at it whenever.
  20. Yeah, I found my red one in Portland for a lot less than his and it has more options. Mine does need floors, interior and paint. Runs good, though. Keep looking, they are still out there. I saw one in Clatskanie (I think, it was just before I got mine) for $1k. Black. Been in a barn for years. Still a good place to start. You sound like me with the cars. Good variety.
  21. The one from CL is the same one rattle canned black, used to be red. It does look better, but I think it's a basic model also. Still, it is a '65 runner for $3500.
  22. And man did I get a bunch of stuff off it. It has apparently been there for a couple weeks. The turn signal lenses/grills and headlight grills as well as all the drums were gone before I got there. I had hoped to get the grills so I can put the '65 headlights behind them on my project convertible. I did score a perfect set of buckets (non-power) for my '55 project. Also a perfect dash pad and console. Armrests for the rear, wiper arms, steering wheel, front bumpers and grill. A ton of small parts. The engine was frozen but still had the carb, and the body was full of cancer. That's what amazed me about the front seats and dash. The rear seat was trash. All the inside trim around the windows was bad. Both fenders and core support were rotten. It was a car from Lincoln City on the Oregon coast. This was as basic a car as I have seen. No power on the interior, clear glass, basic, basic, basic. Still, it was a good haul for 1/2 price day!
  23. I got one from a local private owner shop and it was very reasonable, like $225-ish and that was for a tinted one. Install is $100. I thought it was a good deal and it looks great. Like some have said, check the local independent shops. I used the same guys for my '55 glass. Great to build the rapport.
  24. And it's on the COVER!!!!! Cool. Gotta go get one before they are gone.
  25. So how do we get autographed copies? I'll be sure to pick up at least an ordinary copy. Thanks for the heads up.
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