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  1. Went ahead and bought two cans of the CARS spray green since it was basically the same cost as a single can of brush on and I needed door switch boots anyway. We'll see how it turns out but since I'm painting a currently black engine its not like it'll have to match anything.
  2. Howdy, I have to pull the Turbo6 in the Franken-Riv to replace the rear main seal and have decided the black engine just gets lost in the black engine bay so I’m going Buick Green on the block and heads, “cast” aluminum on the intake, and black on the stamped/welded brackets. Big question is how to put the paint on? Of course I’m going to wire wheel and scrub the crap out of the outside of the engine to prep it but should I paint it with a foam brush out of a can or spray it with a rattle can? Planing on going with the CARS paint, just which one. Thanks
  3. Looks like the 60-62 Eldorado had a 4 prong switch. I emailed Gord to see if he can rebuild them with more contacts. Otherwise I’ll look into putting a diode network on the back of a Clarks type single terminal switch.
  4. My current switches are shot and if there is a drop in replacement (the switch mechanism itself looks to have spots for 4 contacts) with the needed terminal why add two separate switches in addition to the replacement stockers.
  5. Howdy, does anyone know if there is a 4 prong version of the 3 prong door switches in the 64-65 Rivieras? Need another ground point for a the seat back lock on the Acura seats I added. Thanks
  6. Thanks! I traced it to the breaker but didn’t check which side it was on.
  7. Howdy, Is the power seat supply wire fused? Don’t see it on the diagram or on the box. Thanks
  8. He means reverse rotation so that it's driven by the smooth side of the belt like most modern vehicles are to avoid getting enough belt wrap on the pulley on the grooved side with the idlers in that homebrewed setup. Wish I'd written down the folks the advertised in the Good Guys rag I was reading at the barber this weekend, they had a nailhead serpentine setup and it wasn't March or Alan Grove I don't think.
  9. All the silicone stuff I've found is too thick to go through the firewall block. I've thought about having a custom block 3D printed in carbon fiber reinforced ABS and pressing in stainless steel pipes and using the thicker silicone stuff on both sides. We'll see if I do that or try out O'rielly Gates 1/8in ID, 7/64in OD rubber hose. Either way I'm going to see if I can't rig a fixture up with a paint pen to stripe them. Worst case I'll just spot them like above.
  10. Howdy y'all, I'll update the floor pan repair thread tomorrow when I can get pictures during daylight hours but it's pretty much done and now it's time to start putting things back together. I want to refresh my vacuum hoses as they are all too short, brittle, or elsewise not in nice shape anymore. Does anyone have a preferred source for hoses or do y'all just hit Autozone/Oriellys and get it there? I'm considering striping them to match the colors in the manual but tagging the ends with tape is holding up fine so that's a nice to have vs. I'll for sure be doing it.
  11. For what it's worth I put a 96 Impala SS (Same as all 94-96 B-bodies if not longer) master on my stock drums and it made a huge different on the way the car stopped even with the original soft hoses. I also cut the pedal up to change the ratio but that mainly changes the engagement distance. The stock drums grabbed hard, locking up everything if you got too aggressive with it, something even a fully bled stocker would never come close to doing. I do believe the stock drums are up to the task if you get the rest of the system in good shape.
  12. Did they keep the Double Cardan CV joints in the shaft or is it just U-joints on the ends?
  13. Pictures please? I need to redo mine so I'd like to see how yours were redone if only as a bad example. Thanks
  14. Howdy, Does Mr. G's interior fastener kit include the fasteners for the body drain plugs? I can't find the pair I pulled when I redid the passengers side floor pan. Thanks
  15. Agreed. The ends of the under floor bracing just loves to collect dirt and water and rust them out from the inside. Almost finished rebuilding mine due to the same issue.
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