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  1. He's a ROA member and the car has been featured in the Riview. I'm in touch with him about his suspension mods.

    The 1970 Buick Riviera

    There is a recessed area for the top of the skirt to fit into and a big bracket that hangs down to latch too. I've seen people do rust repair and rebuild the wheel opening without all of that and a conventional lip but it's not a simple add chrome trim job.
  3. Good point. Turns out it's a '65 but the more I look at it, the greater the fundamental differences appear to be. I'm glad you pointed that out before I spent $190 on it.
  4. I might actually get to do this. I found a semi local 66 Cadillac tilt/telescope column that some pulled for a project and then didn't quite get it back together in a working fashion. I think I'm going to buy it and get to work on trying to hybridize it together with a stock column. Hoping Mitch can help us out here with a donor column to play with in exchange for my stock one when I get this working.
  5. Been awhile since I updated this, mainly since as I was taking the drivers side apart on Memorial day weekend I hit my thumb with a hammer so hard that I broke it and after it healed up enough to start considering using it, I went out of town for 3 weeks straight... Fortunately I was back this week and started patching up the damage on the drivers side. Still need to clean up the welds and install the patch piece into the rear underseat brace attachment point. I ended up cutting out most of the bottom of the rear under seat brace to repair it, that'll be next then I'll patch in the donor front under seat brace section. What I'm still unsure about is how to rebuild the rear seat mount plate since I have no more whole donors and I'm not feeling too trusting of patching together the best of the three rusted sections I've pulled out.

    Buick cookies

    Tell me more about that black '70 there if you please.
  7. Well one has been sitting on www.autotrader.com for at least two months now: 1988 Riviera T-Type $2,500 Looks pretty good till I got to the underhood picture and it's most of the way across the country from me here in CA. Still something that interests me.
  8. It is, I asked the same thing and it's apparently how the Roadster Shop does it counting on the suspension being "free" enough to not need the isolation of body mounts. Personally, I think there is going to be a level of accepted NVH that the approach requires that is likely well worth the trade off for handling.
  9. Been a bit both since there was an update and since I was home to repost the pictures Exhaust Update The owner as lamenting that he's going to miss Hot August Nights AND he only has 8wks till Goodguys and this is the status of the car Legendary Mark Stielow "supervising" work: A bit more work done in the interim
  10. CTX-SLPR

    Body ground

    You can use a step bit to drill out thin stuff like the ends of grounding straps or eye terminals to fit over larger studs if needed. I started it at the point he talks about and shows enlarging the hole on an adel clamp.
  11. CTX-SLPR

    WTB: 63 HVAC Panel

    Good to know they are direct bolt ins. That opens up possibilities I didn't know about. I'll talk to Mitch about how much he'd want for this part as it's really his.
  12. CTX-SLPR

    WTB: 63 HVAC Panel

    I'd have to ask Mitch if he's interested in me letting go of it and for how much since we're mainly trading back and forth parts so I don't feel I can sell it outright. Do you still have your less than functional unit?
  13. Years ago I bought random dash cluster from Wheatbelt with the intension of cutting the insides up to use for stuffing Autometer gauges into but I found out it was a cruise cluster when it arrived. No pictures right now but it's been sitting in my parts stash for probably 10yrs and I'm looking to get rid of it. It's in definitely used but fully intact shape. There is wear around the ignition switch area and minor scratches in the interior colored area. I'd call the color fawn just looking at the interior chart but pictures should show more exactly. No idea how much its worth but I'll start at $40.00 plus shipping.
  14. CTX-SLPR

    Body ground

    No picture but my '64 had a single strap on the drivers side from the head to the firewall as well as the black wire from the battery terminal to the voltage regulator. Nothing I can remember on the passengers head. I think I got my replacement, and addon ground straps, from Napa.
  15. http://www.dakotadigital.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=997/category_id=411/mode=prod/prd997.htm