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  1. Looks like a friends '36 Plymouth.......it had a central dial for the guages....( if memory serves me! )
  2. Thanx so much, Hupp 36!!! That's what I needed! I'm having the head decked & magnafluxed right now. I had to order a headgasket from Olsen's.......pretty pricey!!!!!
  3. Was it the glass jar that looked different? If so, maybe someone broke the original & replaced it with another jar.?
  4. Hello! I'm replacing a leaking headgasket on my '30 Hupp model "S" six cylinder. Need to know the correct torque ( I'm guessing about 60 lbs.) Also need a diagram of the correct sequence for torquing the headbolts. Thank's in advance! Dale
  5. I haven't taken my windshield apart, yet.....but hope these will fit my Model "S" coupe!
  6. Sweet sounding engine!!!! Congratulation's on a job well done! ( Nice looking car, too! )
  7. Front two definately '28-'29 Ford. Back one w/disc wheels possibly '28 Chevrolet? ( Just a guess! )
  8. Great thread!! I'd say someone needs to save this car.........sound's like it may be a rare one!
  9. Do the tank...........You won't be sorry!!!
  10. 30 Hupp


    Anyone have sidemount hardware for a '30 Model "S" they would sell ? ( both sides ) Thanks! Dale Essick
  11. I'll be there (probably in the rain!) on Friday.
  12. My machinest made mine from the skirt of a Caterpiller piston!
  13. Look's to be an 8 cyl. Hupp. As Terry says, bumpers ae correct.
  14. Wow,Chuck.......That's going to be KILLER when done! Dale
  15. 30 Hupp


    Also wrong position for lower rear door hinge.... All the Peerless's seem to be in the wrong position.
  16. Lookin' good, Huppnut! By all means....post more pictures!!! Dale
  17. I need all sidemount hardware for both sides....anyone have any of these parts for sale? Thanks! Dale
  18. Looking forward to your pictures, Larry.......and "Good Luck" with your restoration! Dale
  19. Must be the standard roadster...look's like wood wheels & no sidemounts. Still a beautiful car! Whoa! Ugly woman tho!! Oop's, hope it's not your relation, West.....! Dale
  20. 30 Hupp

    gear oil

    I concur with Dennis.....that's what I used in my '30 Model "S". Dale