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  1. Like Greenie I stopped by the flea market last Monday on the way to the Museum as part of the Hangover. Was a really wet, cold day so we went modern and the pic is of my car on my Chocolate field spot. Coker would be in the background, the crowd was REALLY light, sales were slooow but parking on my spot was really easy! Can't wait for 2021!!
  2. I guess a few of the cars were going to caravan over to the Hershey show on Saturday and back, then all will tour to the museum as you said on Monday.
  3. We will go by on Saturday as we head east for the Hangover. Was going to the show too until it got cancelled. Actually will be interesting, never seen the HERCO site without Hershey!
  4. Ed and all- The last time I talked to Frank about a year and a half ago he said his son was starting to help him and learn the business/ skills. I really hope Frank is doing well and his son is continuing his craft. What he knows and does is amazing.
  5. Thank you mikefit but I don't get any of the Studebaker magazines. I have made up nutplates I am fiberglassing in place for a fix. I got the sheetmetal part to replace the front seat front screws but after seeing it I will not use it. Too tall, would look funny with such a square corner form and probably make the seat sit higher at the front edge. Bill
  6. I agree with Frank Casey, he has stitched two heads for me and the results have been great. Both were cracks in the compression dome of a cylinder, have held up well. Always like visiting him too, nice guy to talk to.
  7. I need some guidance here please. On my 1963 Avanti some threaded fasteners were molded in place for fastening down seats, front and rear. They have ripped out leaving oversize holes with no underside access. Are there large flange nuts or something similar I can bond in place from the top? Or another idea is to weld some nuts to a small metal patch I could bond to the fiberglass? What would be a good adhesive for this with 60 YO glass that is probably slightly brittle? Any other ideas are appreciated. I would think the Corvette restorers have come up against this problem too. Than
  8. Out and about in upstate New York the last couple of days. Came across this rather unique mailbox, thought it was pretty cool. Think a Harley lover lives here?
  9. Tell her to hurry up, the grandchildren want to meet you!
  10. These are the only photos I could find of us in the car. It was my father in law's 1930 Chevy with my MIL driving us, my older stepson with her in front. The date was 8-11-84 and it was very hot and humid day and I soaked my tux! I lost Linda in 2015 just short of 31 years so it was good memories to dig out the album and these pictures. For those who remember my father in law was John Cole from Cole's Ignition, did a LOT of T wires. I met Linda at a car show in 1982 so cars were always a centerpiece of our life!
  11. I also got this box of these Blue Crown Exciter plugs. They have dual ground electrodes but I like the box graphics. They go from inside the top flap down the back of the box to the inside, wonder if any mechanics even saw that? The size is 82SX, don't know the application.
  12. Rockettraider, I too assumed they were Western Auto but I just went and looked again There is no WA reference on the packaging. Wayne- Would the ring of small hole in the cap just above the porcelain be part of the gap you talk about? I can't see in there. They are probably 10mm, eyeball measure with a ruler is about 3/8", 10mm = .400
  13. I just got some of these interesting spark plugs in a box lot. They are a Wizard L1320, not too rare apparently. I was just wondering the application with the tiny thread on them? Or was an adapter used? Sounds like another snake oil product for tired engines from the description on the packaging! Thank you, Bill
  14. Thank you Stude Light! Means my car is in the second half of production but probably can't narrow it down more than that. Bill
  15. So I went and looked up the serial number for my car It is 312738. Is there a list that tells me the production date or era?
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