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  1. Try R&Jl Fasteners, Macedon, NY http://www.rjlautofasteners.com/contact.html manufacturer and dealer of many clips
  2. Not sure it matters but Brett, one of the owners, and a very knowledgeable hands on guy passed away earlier this year. I do not know the status of the business or of any changes but Brett was integral to the great work I always have gotten there.
  3. Hi Gary, Paul and all, Like Bob I am still moving forward with planning for the Glidden in September. There is risk of course but it takes a good amount of time to find and lock things in, arrange all the contracts and plan the week. It is not feasible to wait until the last minute for an organizer to wait until the last minute. In fact when I decided to redo the tour this year I had already lost one banquet venue I wanted as it had been taken for 2021. We can only hope at this point that things will be better by September and keep trying. I did not give in last year until the end of
  4. Rod Serling is buried in Interlaken, NY, about 20 miles away. There was a family lakeside home there on Cayuga where he spent summers both as a youth and adult.
  5. Happy and healthy New Year to all! Let's hope we can get our hobby back to life and on track! I know Pam and I can't wait to tour again!
  6. I was just telling my girlfriend about this thread so I asked her about her test. Got an answer I never knew possible, she rented a cab to take her test! Then the car died sideways in the street when she attempted an illegal U turn after the officer said to go back to the start point. The officer drove her back and she still passed! She's a pretty good driver now but can't drive clutch so she doesn't touch the old cars!
  7. Another good search engine that works without a lot of baggage is 'Dogpile'. It is a metasearch engine so it compiles results from everywhere including Google and Yahoo among many. Seems very fast and useful but I moved over to Firefox a while ago and just got in that habit.
  8. Thank you Larry and Jim, You have reinforced all the bad I have ever (and only) heard about dollies. I do tow with my own open and closed trailers so the Ford is not an issue. This case is for a one way transport so I can bring a new trailer home on the return. The trailer rental is about 3X the dolly price with UH but I may reconsider. I would be much more comfortable with a trailer even though it is not mine. Thank you both for your thoughts, Bill
  9. So we have a new adventure and looking for some advice. We are about to do a seasonal move and need to move three vehicles part of the way with two drivers. My idea is to rent a tow dolly one way for that part of the trip. I have never used a dolly but heard lots of stories over the years. Many include damage from the car moving on the dolly , especially when turning and the dolly fenders hitting the car fenders. I would tow with my F250 PS diesel pulling a small car on the dolly. The trip will be about 650 miles in one day with about half on interstates, the rest on local roads (2 and 4
  10. Not a bad deal on the boxes- buy that setup and get a free mechanic with them! Congrats Ed!
  11. Congrats Marty! Spent many enjoyable hours talking to you on tour so maybe 6K is a little low? Or maybe you are just getting started! Bill
  12. My father was a B-17 navigator in the war. Based out of England he flew many missions over Europe. I have his bomber jacket with bomb graphics that count about thirty missions. Six are red for missions over Germany. Born in 1922, he was in his early twenties when he served.
  13. Stutzl6- As the tour director for the 75th Revival Glidden I would love to have you bring that camper to Saratoga!! Very cool and very unique piece of history! Bill
  14. Like Greenie I stopped by the flea market last Monday on the way to the Museum as part of the Hangover. Was a really wet, cold day so we went modern and the pic is of my car on my Chocolate field spot. Coker would be in the background, the crowd was REALLY light, sales were slooow but parking on my spot was really easy! Can't wait for 2021!!
  15. I guess a few of the cars were going to caravan over to the Hershey show on Saturday and back, then all will tour to the museum as you said on Monday.
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