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  1. Thanks Rusty, the filter is a clear one and looks clean, nothing floating when it refilled on the restart. When I replace it I will look closer for debris. Bill
  2. I took the Avanti out for a ride recently, had driven about 10 miles and pulled away from a light when she lost all power and died. Got it home and the next day it fired right up, ran and restarted just fine. On the initial start after the failure I noticed the filter before the carb was empty but it filled right up and the car started fine and ran. This tells me most of the fuel system is working but I wonder about the tank. I sealed it 20-25 years ago with Hirsch sealer which worked great. In the meantime I had to run ethanol thru it until non-eth came out now I that is all I run. Could it be the sealant is old and breaking down, floating in the tank and intermittently blocking the output opening inside the tank? Can I inspect the tank for this condition without pulling it? Even if I pull it how do I inspect it without opening it up? The filter before the carb was clean from what I could tell, replacing it anyways to be safe. It's an 289 R-1 on original mechanical pump if that matters, replaced a few years (5?) ago. Thanks for the help, Bill
  3. Thank you Marty and Dale for the kind words. Robert, tell her it is JUST enough for another car you have in mind! - Bill
  4. Thanks for the support Steve. 'cept it was almost two years, started Labor Day 2018, these things take time to get right. Or I'm just a slowpoke.... Bill
  5. Frank, I wish it were simple to pull off an event in these times. I have organized a lot of national tours in the last twenty years for different clubs. I have spent two years working on this Glidden and really tried to make it work. We are less than 90 days from the start date and in the last two weeks lost over two days worth of things to do, all the food events were in trouble with the NYS guidelines and lack of information, attendance was dropping and this was all making it harder to deal with financially. Foremost we did not want to endanger our hobbyists not to mention contract commitments, sponsorship and a few other things. I feel a lot of it was due to NYS and how all aspects of this pandemic have been handled here from the shutdown to where we are today with very little guidance for anything looking out to September. I had NO control over that just had to suffer with it! We could not take the chance on being shut down as the event started after investing time, money that would have been non recoverable, liability issues, etc. If you have ever ran an event you know the myriad of things to consider in making it to the finish and it just was not heading that way for this Glidden in today's world. Sorry to disappoint you, I am too, Bill Preston, Tour Director 2020
  6. Thanks Matt, I looked at HD website and did not find it, HD is about 20 miles away for me,. Lowes is closer but I did not see it on their site either. They both went up to about an inch ID, I need 1 3/4 ID. Thanks, Bill
  7. One more question please if you can stand it. I cannot find a local supply of the clear hose. Is the clear PVC from MSC usable at 29 PSI max pressure? I need 1 3/4 ID and this has a 1/4:|" wall. Plus you buy it cut to order by the foot. Thanks for all the help here, Bill
  8. Thanks Matt, I remembered the thread on your pump was one of the better reads on Evaporust. I went to the store today and I got the quart of Thermocure because they had that on the shelf, no Evaporust. But the majority here seem to use the Evaporust straight up so I am reconsidering. I may return the Thermocure, or run it thru first per directions and if not satisfied do the regular Evaporust. I like the filter idea, have a lot of my wife's hose in her gardening supplies, she used to use them to tie up plants and flowers. Will also look at the clear hose idea. Thanks all, Bill
  9. Thank you Hugh and Mike for your replies. Mike, it sounds like you ran almost 100% Evaporust (2 gallons) while Hugh, you suggested quarts. I do notice the Thermorust is sold in quarts so is it a concentrate that can be diluted? Where as Evaporust should be used full strength without dilution? And if Thermocure is diluted can it be saved and used over like you use Evaporust? Sorry for all the questions but I lke the idea of using Evaporust for more rust removal on other things. Thanks, Bill
  10. I am about to try Evaporust for the first time after my '31 A ran quite warm, got hot and lost water daily on tour last year in South Carolina. Reading many threads here on using it made the decision for me but I have a question after looking at Evaporust's website and various sellers. Everyone here talks of using Evaporust but is that the namesake product or Thermocure by Evaporust? Thermocure is their specific cooling system product but I can't find any real difference between the two and wondering which one you guys are using? Thanks, Bill
  11. Hello Robert and everyone, At this time the 75th Revival AAA Glidden is still on. We are working hard to navigate the maze and get answers from NYS so we can accommodate the rules in place at that time. The current problem is getting guidelines, seems they are still in development for some aspects of the reopening. We have 160 cars registered and room for more! Please think about joining us, September in Saratoga is a beautiful time of year! Go play with cars!, Bil
  12. HI all, Registration has been open a week now and is going well. We are still working hard to make this a special tour and it is still on. The virus has caused a few hiccups we are working thru and we won't know NY plans fro reopeing until May 15 but we are still going forward with planning. Earl, I am sorry you cannot attend. Maybe you could ride with someone. Ted, come on over and we will get you a ride every day. Like Terry said, we have had some great times being riders. In Texas in 2012(?) we flew in and rode in a different vehicle every day from a gorgeous big Packard to a Yellowstone tour bus. Had an absolute ball and made new friends too boot! Seriously, it is not hard to get a ride- just ask! We all want to have fun, sometimes a car breaks for the week and other times bringing your own is not practical BUT you are still welcome to join the Glidden any way you can! It is a great tradition for 75 years now! Bill Preston Tour Director 2020
  13. I am also sorry to see the Sentimental Tour cancelled, there have been way too many events affected by the pandemic. At this time we are still planning on having the 75th Revival AAA Glidden in September and registration opens May 1. Go to the VMCCA website for links to tour information and an application for the tour. We are working hard to make it a memorable event and invite everyone to come to Saratoga Springs, NY September 13- 18 and enjoy the camaraderie of the Glidden! Go play with cars, it's what we do, Bill Preston, Tour Director 2020
  14. I am looking for a'12 model 59 radiator. I talked to durospeed about a year ago and his radiator measured an inch wider than mine (26 1/4 vs. 25 1/4). With the 59 being the smaller model in '12 I do not know if his radiator would fit a larger model 61. Likewise up thru '14 between the models. Does anyone know if the radiator is the same across models within a year or year to year to help our searches? Thank you,
  15. Thanks Terry, I know a little about 3D printing but have never seen it done from a picture. We always had to create an STL from a CAD file. Bill