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  1. Great information, Ivan! I alway's look forward to your post's as I know I will learn something new. Dale
  2. Does'nt look like my Model "S" dash? Could you enlarge the picture of the dash? Dale
  3. Congratulations on finding a REALLY nice Hupp!! Dale
  4. Sweet car, Mark! Dale
  5. You seem to have my kind of luck, John! Hope that's all the problem! Dale
  6. I have an aquaintance locally ( Iowa) who had his '54 Olds 88 restored recently & then was involved in an accident & needs a complete ( or parts) front clip. A 98 front is different & will not work. Any leads would be appreciated! Thank You! Dale Essick
  7. Nice work!! Have really been enjoying your "resurection" of the '21! Dale
  8. Is there any kind of mounting on the feet of the figure?
  9. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you! Good Luck! Keep us posted on your progress. Dale
  10. Ha! Ha! And those idiots thought it was the police & Santa coming in the bank!
  11. I agree with Jim.....& glad to have you here!
  12. They say it's a '31....but it has a '30 grille shell? Too pricey for me!
  13. Keep it up, Carine...you'll soon be shifting with that left foot!!
  14. Ten inches so far today (in S.E. Iowa) with 40MPH winds....another four inches by morning....... Dale
  15. Old cars I am new to. BUT, I am in the process to doing a complete restoration on my historical old house myself. The part that I do not like about "this old house" is that they take a nice old house, replace the old wood windows, take a wall out and add another one somewhere else, removing some (if not all) of the historic character of the place, and making a modern house for the homeowners. There was one a while back that the new homeowners wanted all their woodwork painted! (arg) If the homeowners want a new type of house, then why not just buy a new house, and don't but an old house and destroy it character. To me, its like chopping and lowering an old car, and installing a digital instrument panel. Couldn't agree more, Jim!! Dale
  16. Nothing wrong with a nice four door hardtop! Love your Buick, TG!!
  17. Are any of these extant? Thank's for any interesting video!
  18. Thanks for the pictures, Charles....looks like a good solid car!