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  1. Yes it had.Thank's for everyone's input! Dale
  2. 30 Hupp

    1954 Olds

    Thank's, Jim! That's what he needed to know! Dale
  3. 30 Hupp

    1954 Olds

    I put this question on the Olds forum also. An aquaintance has a '54 Old's that was involved in an accident and needs new front fenders, etc. He needs to know if 88 & 98 front sheetmetal will interchange? Thanx! Dale
  4. A aquintance has a 1954 Olds that was involved in an accident and needs new front fenders, etc. His question is, will the 88 & 98 front sheetmetal interchange? Thanx! Dale Essick
  5. It alway's amazes me that someone who wanted to fund there retirement would leave a car without a top out in the element's for year's!
  6. Lookin' good! Now....If only I had a garage like that!!!
  7. 30 Hupp

    Grand-pa's Car

    Car looks pretty rough to be only a year old! Paint all look's flat except the rear of the back fender. Dale
  8. I don't think the Andy Griffith show had that many cars! I'd like to have a nickel for everytime that Mercury Comet went by! Dale
  9. 1930 also had the fender lites. Also look's like a center medallion on the bumper...not on '30 or '31 "S"
  10. 30 Hupp

    Old Gage?

    Albert, It might help if you show a picture of the back?
  11. But.......they didn't exist then!
  12. Ah! I believe your right, Layden! Dale
  13. Look's like it's an open car...so I'm assuming part of the hold downs? Dale
  14. Ditto, here!! I just wish I was as diligent ! Dale
  15. Also looks like it could have "double" whitewalls....
  16. Now there's a period car with whitewalls...
  17. I could stand one like that!! Beautiful car!!
  18. Nice car....I'd sure be proud of that one!!