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  1. 30 Hupp

    Car I wanted all my life from 21 till now 71

    Great video! Love it!!!!!!!!!!! Iowa Dale
  2. 30 Hupp

    Someone may know what this is.

    Sorry kid! Reminds me of a manure spreader mounted on a "T" chassis! Oop's..........too many years on the farm for me!! Iowa Dale
  3. 30 Hupp

    Seller Beware!

    And I bet I know what the FU (in FUAD) mean's!!!😵 Iowa Dale
  4. 30 Hupp

    Model 20: Successful Tour

    Good, enjoyable stories, MochetVelo! Glad you were successful on your tour!! Iowa Dale
  5. 30 Hupp

    Paint Color Opinions

    Back in '63 I had a '58 Corsair four door hardtop. It was white with gold cove wrapping around below the trunk lid. Might have had a gold top, too. Can't remember for sure! Iowa Dale
  6. 30 Hupp

    Cast plate for car or possibly motorcycle

    As nice as it is, I would definitely leave it original! Iowa Dale
  7. 30 Hupp

    Hollier 8

    Terry, Nice poster & story! Iowa Dale
  8. 30 Hupp

    Help! Early 1900's Mystery

    One has round corner windshield..........other appears to be square...........? Iowa Dale
  9. 30 Hupp

    What toy car is it..

    Only a few more? Iowa Dale
  10. 30 Hupp

    1929 Hupmobile Century M

    Look's good......& serviceable! Nice car! Iowa Dale
  11. 30 Hupp

    Interesting Railroad car

    Rabbit for supper!
  12. 30 Hupp

    Another early what is it on a day at the lake

    My first thought was White also..........but the back doors are different than the "M". (at least the way I see them.) Iowa Dale
  13. What a story!!! Thank's for posting this, Bhigdog!
  14. 30 Hupp

    Looking for a Nice Chrysler?

    ..........& nothing is said about a re-body in the auction ad either? Hmmmmm!!! Iowa Dale
  15. 30 Hupp

    Doc Knoch's Land Speed Hupmobile Needs Headlights

    I'm with you on the "Woodlites" They should be a good match....... Iowa Dale