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  1. Nice looking......except, what happened on the front seat! 😵 Iowa Dale
  2. There is no better cottage cheese than AE!!! ..............& I had some AE chip dip earlier this evening! Oh, & I love the truck..........Sadly, too old & bad health................. Iowa Dale
  3. Nice looking car.........but I don't think I've seen a '47 Plymouth with a continental kit!? And that interior color!!!??? 30 Hupp
  4. Thanx, Caddyshack! The lights are about 60 miles away & I don't know when I'll get back there............. 30Hupp
  5. Anyone know what car(s) these fit? Or were they just generic? Thanx! 30 Hupp
  6. Beautiful car, Matt! Good luck with the sale! Iowa Dale
  7. Sorry kid! Reminds me of a manure spreader mounted on a "T" chassis! Oop's..........too many years on the farm for me!! Iowa Dale
  8. And I bet I know what the FU (in FUAD) mean's!!!😵 Iowa Dale
  9. Good, enjoyable stories, MochetVelo! Glad you were successful on your tour!! Iowa Dale
  10. Back in '63 I had a '58 Corsair four door hardtop. It was white with gold cove wrapping around below the trunk lid. Might have had a gold top, too. Can't remember for sure! Iowa Dale
  11. As nice as it is, I would definitely leave it original! Iowa Dale
  12. Terry, Nice poster & story! Iowa Dale
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