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  1. Waldren

    Tire Pressure 1947 Lincoln Continental

    My 42 Continental coupe has always carried 32 pounds 700x15. I have had L C since 1955 and always carried 32 all around
  2. Waldren

    Front bumper for a 1948 Lincoln Continental convertible

    I have a complete front bumper . Did you find one? I am in Ft. Myers, Fl. Closing out parts so we can make a deal.
  3. Waldren

    Where does this wire go??

    Are you sure that is not the temp. wire?
  4. Waldren


    1046 or early 47. Wing hood emblem and hex hub caps were used in 46 and early 47
  5. Waldren

    1956 Lincoln Mark II Hubcaps (4)

    Those do not look like Mark II hubcaps. No nuts showing on the caps fins. It has been a long time since I had one but the Mark hubcaps bolted together.
  6. Waldren

    Saw this Lincoln and Corvair yesterday....

    The Lincoln is a 42. The bumpers and no driving lights prove it. I would guess that it is Grotto Blue but the camera changes the shade. I had a Sheldon gray 42 that looked different on different film photos. Looks like a very nice rare LC one of 200 built in 41 42 production for coupes.
  7. Waldren

    47 Continental Dash ?

    Go thru firewall. Will try for photo . Not thru transmission cover. Lee
  8. Waldren

    47 Continental Dash ?

    the flasher mounts on the electrical breaker bolt. The clock has ground L brackets that holds in in to the dash and the adjustment cable to set the clock How about a picture?
  9. Waldren

    1942 with overdrive. Question on relay.

    I have one also your voltage relay is wrong. They are both aluminum (silver colored) I have a 42 coupe number 160 buil Dec. 14,1941
  10. Waldren

    Today was a good day.

    Enjoy it is well worth it.
  11. Waldren

    1936-1948 LINCOLN V 12 PARTS

  12. Waldren

    Very unhappy with a vendor

    I use Earl Brown Jr. and have had good service.
  13. Waldren

    How to remove the spare on Continentals.

    Back in the 50's and 60 we always had a spare in the trunk. Going to all the national LCOC meets from 1959 to 1980 and driving one of our Lincoln 's daily we never had a flat or needed the spare.. Spare condensors were needed twice. A V12 will run on 6 but weak. Lee
  14. Waldren

    New tailights from Knobsoup

    There are two different tail lites on 40 and 41 Lincoln's One is flat the other is the one you have in your ad. I'll look up the parts numbers tomorrow. I bought and sold L C's at our upholstery shop in Ohio. I had 5 41's at one time in our showroom. Lee