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  1. My 42 Continental coupe has always carried 32 pounds 700x15. I have had L C since 1955 and always carried 32 all around
  2. I have a complete front bumper . Did you find one? I am in Ft. Myers, Fl. Closing out parts so we can make a deal.
  3. Are you sure that is not the temp. wire?
  4. 1046 or early 47. Wing hood emblem and hex hub caps were used in 46 and early 47
  5. Those do not look like Mark II hubcaps. No nuts showing on the caps fins. It has been a long time since I had one but the Mark hubcaps bolted together.
  6. I need a windshield frame for a 1935 Convertible sedan Ford. {rollup windows not side curtains} Lee
  7. Best wishes to Barry and Glynette may God speed your recovery Lee
  8. Prayers are with you and your wife. May you have a speedy recovery. Lee and Janice
  9. 46-48 can be retrofitted but are different than 42. I have two 46-48 front bumpers with guards. Lee
  10. serial numbers for 1942 H129691 to H136354 left side of cross member near motor mount, 26H body number on firewall near hindge on passenger side of car. Picture shows postwar grills and postwar dash. A lot of them were changed after WW11 The darkinstrument panel backgroung suggest 1946 serial numbers H136255 to H152839 5EH body number on firewall 42 is a rare low production number less the 200 convertibles I have a 42 Continental coupe that is in its 4th year of restoration Lee Waldren Ft. Myers, Fl.
  11. thanks for the information. They sure are different. Lee
  12. what are the heads for?I never have seen a set like them. Lee
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