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  1. Alive, but my Linc is a '47 and my brakes are fine. ?
  2. I haven't used them, but when I started researching the topic previously I found SMS Autofabrics and liked what I saw enough to bookmark them.
  3. Great photos, I really wish my Lincoln and I could have made it (though mine pales in comparison to the beauties I see photographed above.) Hopefully my Lincoln and I will be ready for the 60th (or maybe 75th.)
  4. I would check with Merv Atkins, his contact info is on the LZOC website under sources.
  5. Last time I needed tubes I think I got them from the early ford store.
  6. I've debated the same myself, but still working out other small issues including engine temp. In my case I was thinking of installing the fan as a pusher where it would be pretty much hidden. Do let us know what you decide (I'll keep an eye out over on the barn too.)
  7. H&H has them if you can't find them elsewhere.
  8. Glad I don' have to deal with that white-stuff. Though I wish my wife was brave enough to drive my Linc. She has no problem with the manual transmission, it's the long hood that intimidates her (she grew up driving sub-compacts with 4 bangers.)
  9. Not that I did spectacular in high-school geometry but "radiused" really makes a lot more sense.
  10. I will wait for others to chime in as I'm still a bit of a Lincoln novice, but I suspect you need to find a brake shop that can arc your shoes to match the drums. This was a standard procedure "back in the day" but these days it's much less common even though our old vehicles still require it for optimal braking.
  11. I have an 6 volt LED in my brake-light, and a 6 volt alternator (mostly because I rarely have the opportunity to drive far enough to get a good charge with the generator which sits on a shelf waiting for this to no longer be the case.) But yes, 6 volts is just fine.
  12. Ryan Q


    Merv Adkins had quite a few (dozens?) of them last time I visited his lot, might want to give him a call, his info is in the LZOC website sources list.
  13. Like others this level of work is beyond what I think I'm capable of. But I'm glad to see other's have the skills and patience. (Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to take on such a project, but I'm not there yet.)
  14. I have to assume that you have a working heater in your Lincoln. (That's still pretty low down on my to-do list. (I think it was 80F here today.))
  15. I suggest contacting Merv Atkins -- his contact info is on the LZOC page under sources. I would be shocked if he didn't have a couple dozen good or easily rebuildable units.