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  1. While my '47 has had a V-12 in it for at least 20 years, there are still mounts in it from an earlier V-8 swap, no idea if it was a flathead or a Cadillac (which was also a popular swap.) I've left them in case I ever need to save up for a V-12 rebuild I'm likely to have access to a flathead V-8 "loaner" from my brother.
  2. When mine went it still OEM condensers on it. The shop that went through my distributor recommended using .40 Mag Condensors ($32 each but I can't argue with the results.) -- I know others use IH-200's which you can usually obtain at NAPA. Both will require minor modifications to work. Good luck.
  3. in the directions I received from Skip Haney after he rebuilt my water pumps he specifically stated to not use the baffles with the new higher flow impellers that come with his rebuilds. So something to consider.
  4. Alive, but my Linc is a '47 and my brakes are fine. ?
  5. I haven't used them, but when I started researching the topic previously I found SMS Autofabrics and liked what I saw enough to bookmark them.
  6. Great photos, I really wish my Lincoln and I could have made it (though mine pales in comparison to the beauties I see photographed above.) Hopefully my Lincoln and I will be ready for the 60th (or maybe 75th.)
  7. I would check with Merv Atkins, his contact info is on the LZOC website under sources.
  8. Last time I needed tubes I think I got them from the early ford store.
  9. I've debated the same myself, but still working out other small issues including engine temp. In my case I was thinking of installing the fan as a pusher where it would be pretty much hidden. Do let us know what you decide (I'll keep an eye out over on the barn too.)
  10. H&H has them if you can't find them elsewhere.
  11. Glad I don' have to deal with that white-stuff. Though I wish my wife was brave enough to drive my Linc. She has no problem with the manual transmission, it's the long hood that intimidates her (she grew up driving sub-compacts with 4 bangers.)
  12. Not that I did spectacular in high-school geometry but "radiused" really makes a lot more sense.
  13. I will wait for others to chime in as I'm still a bit of a Lincoln novice, but I suspect you need to find a brake shop that can arc your shoes to match the drums. This was a standard procedure "back in the day" but these days it's much less common even though our old vehicles still require it for optimal braking.
  14. I have an 6 volt LED in my brake-light, and a 6 volt alternator (mostly because I rarely have the opportunity to drive far enough to get a good charge with the generator which sits on a shelf waiting for this to no longer be the case.) But yes, 6 volts is just fine.
  15. Merv Adkins had quite a few (dozens?) of them last time I visited his lot, might want to give him a call, his info is in the LZOC website sources list.
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