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  1. Is there any way to boost the airflow in a first gen car?
  2. The airflow that comes out of the driver side air vent is weaker than the rest of the dash vents. Is that to be expected? I know it's the farthest from the blower motor. Thanks, Bill
  3. I thought it looked good. I personally can't see where the vent tube is from the pic. And the sending unit hole looks correct (to me) with small holes around it for bolt in sending unit. Call the company and ask some ?'s. I was very impressed you found a re-pop tank. I had no idea someone made them. Let us know what you find out.
  4. Call these guys. Coil Spring Specialties
  5. The width was 80". Color is saddle.
  6. I stopped by the upholstery supply house. I asked what they call the material i used. They call it Flexform trunk liner. I guess Flexform is the maker.
  7. Thanks. I really get a kick out of getting the kids involved. I love it when they find their way to the barn and help me with something. Especially when it turns out well.
  8. It looks like a thick felt. But one side has a very soft finished side. Like a very short nap carpet. Very easy to cut and mold. $11.95 a yard. 3 and 1/3 yards did the trick. Plus a can of DAP Weldwood spray adhesive. Ed I got it National Fabric on 7th street in KC.KS. I wanted something else completely. Then the guy at the counter showed me this and says "Here's was everyone is using. And it's cheap." I was sold. I can't remember what he called it. Sorry guys.
  9. My week end project was to re-vamp the truck of my '65. $48 in materials. And a little help from my kids (12&14). My 12 year old daughter sewed the spare cover.
  10. Just thinking this morning about things I should have done a little different on my '65. I think I think would look good with the quarter panel trim the '63 &'64 had. The dash in the '63&4 is a lot cooler (Kahuna was on to something there). Maybe the next time I tear it apart for a repaint. I'll remember my thoughts.
  11. Wow!!!!! That is a great looking car.
  12. Thanks for all the photos. Those wheels sure do look good on a Riviera.
  13. This goes out to all the guys who run supreme wheels on you Rivi's. What size wheels did you get and back space? Maybe post some pics of how they look on your car. If you wouldn't mind. Thanks Bill
  14. First priority is to have a dependable car to drive. They all look like a POS broke down on the side of the road!
  15. Looks like they slope to a drain plug. I'd say it's normal. Did you clean up the seats before you gutted the inside? I kind of wanted to see if it looked presentable.
  16. That isn't '65 motor for sure.
  17. That looks like a great car to start with. Check the lower channel on the rear window for rust. That is where rust all starts on a Riv. Once there is a rust hole in that channel it leads to a rusted trunk floor and 1/4's. I like that it has a wood wheel and cruise control. I wish mine had both. Hold on to your hat when you go looking for a headlight motor. One that works is a little pricey. This website has been a great help to me in finding answers to ?'s and in finding parts. Being a member of the ROA was a great help as well. Please post more pics after you clean it up some. Good luck.
  18. In my case. I wanted a mild custom. My '65 isn't well optioned. Just has a/c. As soon as I bought it I knew I wanted to lower it. And put a different color on it. I wasn't in love with seafoam green. A 63-65 Riv is as close to a factory custom as you can get. A stock Riviera lowered with nice wheels looks GREAT. Other than color and ride height mines all stock.
  19. I thought my sending unit went bad. So I ordered a re-pop unit off of E-bay from Van's auto electric. When I dropped the tank to swap them out I discovered the clip to hold the float on had fallen off. Thus the float fell off. My unit is fine. I gave $90 shipped for the new unit. I'll take $75 shipped U.S. only for it. It is a 90 ohm sender. Won't work on '63-'64. It has a return line for an A/C car. Has a new gasket. No fuel sock.
  20. I can't wait to see it. R&C is the only magazine I still subscribe to.
  21. I haven't done a thing with them other than look into machine work to make the bolt hole larger. And cost of caps. The cost of all that put a stop to putting them on. I could buy a set of new Supremes for about $75-$100 more than it would cost to run the Radirs. I still have them. If you want them back. You can have for what I paid you. I'll even deliver them
  22. Are you getting close to having you '64 on the road?
  23. Me personally. I think the value is around $8000. If the tranny needs a front seal I'd offer less.
  24. bb1970

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    They have tons. In fact I found another 65 I like a little better. http://vsgraphics.net/search.php?search_query=buick&x=22&y=11
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