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  1. What a **** song. I made it to 46 seconds and I was DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry. I am almost embarrassed they used a Buick in that video!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Man I really like what you've done Aaron. Good job. I much prefer the '64 dash. By the way I set my clock back every time I get in my Riv. It runs fast and has never corrected itself. I did read that they are meant to correct themselves. Mine hasn't.
  3. Welcome to Paul's, the world's Premiere Restoration Replater
  4. I went ahead and put 4x10 speakers in the rear arm rests. Sounds great. I two 4" speakers in the dash kind of rigged with plumbers strap. They point to each side ever so slightly. Not a pro mounting style but works. You can't see them anyhow. Here's a pic of the rear speakers.
  5. I went to NAPA and got a manual shut off valve. Problem solved.
  6. It doesn't sound like an adjustment problem. Sounds like you need new bushings in the hinges. Several companies offer re-build kits. I wouldn't remove the fender to work on the door. Just remove the door and replace the bushings.
  7. I have put piece of foam around the shaft in the column. It helped ALOT. I May have some heat coming through the firewall. But the heat coms from the console bad.
  8. Can I shutoff waterflow to the heater core without overheating issues in my '65. I get alot of heat coming through the console. I assume a heater door is open and letting it in. I rarely drive in the cool weather. Rather than struggle under the dash. Can i just put a shut off on a heater hose and cut flow. But still leave the hoses intact so I can open it if needed.
  9. If you were close by. I would gladly swap a set of rallies for those spokes.
  10. Ed, We got a deal. I just took that rim out of the trunk of my work car about three weeks ago. Thanks, Bill
  11. Does anyone have a center section of the rear seat bottom ('63-'65) they want to sell cheap? The filler panel between the seat bottom cushions. I have an idea for a drink holder. I need a piece I can cut up and try to use a drink holder from a '95 Riv. Kind of a flip forward lid.
  12. My car has working A/C. And I use the fresh air vents all the time.
  13. Hey Chris, Would you mind posting a pic of how the 4x10's look in the rear armrests. Thanks, Bill
  14. I have taken the arm rests out and looked at that option. They won't accomodate a 6" speaker and not be below the seat line. You'll end up with a small speaker in that space. But that was my first thought it is a great spot. Kick panels would be a great spot too. But then you loose the vent.
  15. I know most of you all are "all original" car owners. I have a '65 low optioned car. It is a fantastic driving car. Even after I lowered it. Anyhow I hate the mono speaker set up in these cars. We are in the car nearly every weekend driving to cruise nights. Or just to get a burger. I'm thinking of putting 6x9's in the package tray. And 6" round speakers in the doors. I don't want booming bass. Just a good sounding stereo. The car already had a cd player in it when I bought it (in the original radio spot). Anyone have a better solution to the problem before I install these speakers? Please include pics of any aftermarket ideas. Thanks, Bill
  16. I can't say I have ruled them out. But it will be for small items. Nothing big or expensive.
  17. My first purchase fom OPG was not the best experience. I ordered seat buns and front seat upholstery. The buns were fine. And a great price compared to Clarks Corvair. The seat covers were a different story. First at they told me one to two weeks for the upholstery. That turned into six weeks. And when they arrived it was shocking how bad the color was. Saddle was the intended color. They were more of a cream color. They did give me a refund. But it cost me $20 to ship the covers back. That they do not reimburse. That pisses me off. It cost me $20 to buy and inferior product and send it back. Long story short. Proceed with caution when dealing with OPG.
  18. Hey guys don't get your hopes up with OPG. The one purchase I made cost me $20 to send back to them. They wouldn't cover the shipping on returns. I won't order again.
  19. I've had my ups and downs with ebay. I just couldn't believe this guy listing a $4 Fram oil filter for $16.
  20. I was doing my daily search for Riviera parts on Ebay and this listing catches my eye. Oil Filter CANISTER 4.05 IN. H X 3.78 OD NEW DIRECT FIT | eBay I guess there is a sucker born everyday. This filter is 4 bucks at the parts store. The Wix filters I run on the Riv are $8.
  21. Come on Scottie. Drop the bomb. Tell everybody you paid $1500. Put air in the tires, dropped a battery in it and drove it home.
  22. bb1970

    Seat foam

    I ordered seat foam and covers from OPG. The foam came in immediately looked fine. The covers were back ordered for a month. They came in a month and a half after I ordered them. And look like crap. Way too light in color. And a weird blotchy pattern. I know my interior is faded. I can't imagine they actually think this is a direct match for a factory color.
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