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    Seat foam

    Where can i get a deal on replacement seat foam for a '65 Riv?? And are 64 impala bucket seats the same frame and foam as Riviera?
  2. 409 dual quad air cleaner is probably worth $400-$600. If this could be had for $300 you could make a buck.
  3. I think they look GREAT lowered a bit. That is why I had to lower mine. Everyone thought I was nuts to do it. But it looks much better to me. And it's my car.
  4. He has sold this car long ago. I'll bet he doesn't lurk here anymore. You might find him on the HAMB (jalopy journal) website under the same user name. This is one of my favorite Rivs!
  5. Terrible choice of wheels. Those belong on a Jeep or something like that.
  6. I bought a box of parts for a clock for my '65. I'm cleanig up a bit and wanted to see if anybody want to make an offer? Speedo cluster is broken by vent hole. Wiper control knob. console side vent. Heater A/C control bezel. Center dash vent. One console kick panel (I don't know which side). One piece or all. Let me know.
  7. Check this link out. IMCDb.org: Buick Riviera in movies and TV series I can't imagine how long it took to set this site up. Go back to the home page. You can search many different makes.
  8. I was goofing on Youtube. And came up with this video.
  9. It sold shorty after I posted. Did anyone here get it?
  10. I kind of want a wood wheel. But it's X-mas and tax time so I can't buy it. Maybe one of you guys want a driver quality wheel. A little rough but a fair price. 1965-1966 Riviera Wood Sport Steering Wheel - eBay (item 300500974987 end time Dec-11-10 20:50:52 PST)
  11. bb1970


    The products at the big name parts stores are not going to give the best results. Go to your local automotive paint store and get a quality product. They can even mix any color you want. There are even products for prep and adhesion promoters.
  12. A couple of Rivs went though the Mecum auction in K.C.. I watched on HDNet last night. Both were no sales. A 64 Jesse James custom no sale at 20k. The other was a '63 nosale at 10k. But the announcers agreed that Rivs are hot and the prices will be on the increase.
  13. Try this http://www.oldbuickparts.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=19_36&products_id=1466
  14. Still a damn nice looking Riv. I wonder what it sold for?
  15. Hey looks like we have the same plan for our cars. Here is a pic of mine. It's lowered 3" with Jamco drop springs. I still have the stock rims but I'll get 17" Billet Specialties Vintec rims.
  16. That's why I said to snug them up. I didn't say torque the SH*T out of them. My Buick leaked when I first I got it. Half the pan bolts were finger tight. I simply tightened them a bit and no more leaks.
  17. I was hoping Steelman would get in on this. Check out how that car is lifted on the two post lift. The pads a on the floor pan braces not on the frame. I passed on one exhaust shop because he was going to have to lift my '65 that way. I guess it would have held up.
  18. Just snug up the pan bolts and see if it stops.
  19. There are cross flow mufflers available from many companies. They are generally used for 80's & 90's Camaros. That is my plan for my '65. A Flowmaster cross over behind the diff.. I have glass packs under the floor pan. I dropped mine with springs and I don't drag too much at all. But when it does drag it's the mufflers.
  20. SEM makes great interior dyes in many colors. Go to you local automotive paint store. They have vinyl dyes that can br mixed to color match your interior. You can spray it with a gun or gat it loaded into a rattle can. You can even get a sample sprayed to compare to your interior. Talk to them about prep and prep product available also. Start with a clean surface for best results.
  21. Look like a tab for a trailer electrical pug in.
  22. Raise a Riv??????????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
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