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  1. Those look like Impala seat buns. I refused to pay Clark's prices for foam. Instead I bought Impala foam on E-bay for much less. What I got looked just like those. I cut a groove in mine to match the Riviera seat foam. When you install the new cover. Be careful not to tear the material just above the metal trim on the sides. That was the roughest part of it for me. Trying to hog ring the horizontal seam at the top of the seat. Then pull the seat cover over the top of the seat back. Bill
  2. Ed, I used Duplicolor's Detroit Diesel Alpine Green engine enamel. It was the closest thing to the Buick color that could be purchased at the parts store. For a cheap spray bomb paint job. It has held up very nicely. I don't usually recommend rattle can paint for much. But again this has worked out fine. Looked like the Buick color to me. I'm sure others will differ. Bill
  3. I just replaced the front seat foam. The rear seat weren't a mess like the front seats were.
  4. I too have standard interior. I used seat buns from an early 60's Impala. I bought on ebay for less than half the price of Clark's. Be sure to go to an automotive paint store to inquire about vinyl dye. They can mix a custom color and load a rattle can. Or SEM make several saddle or tan products. Prep is key for a good job. They have products specific for vinyl prep. Stay away from Duplicolor or other part store dyes. Spend a few dollars more for a quality product. http://www.semproducts.com/automotive-flexible-coatings
  5. Kind of looks like October is getting busy for me. Maybe a gathering in the spring will be better.
  6. Damn. Orange is as common as white now. Time to think of a new color.
  7. Go to a local glass shop. If you still have the retaining ring. They can cut and fit a new mirror.
  8. I would like to try get a Kansas City Riviera meet together. We can do this on my property. Seating in my barn. I have hosted about 80 people. 35 + antique cars. Usually a potluck affair and bring booze if you wish. I can supply burgers and soda/water. If we pull this off for the later part of oct. We can incorperate a bon fire. By the way I live east of K.C. 4 miles north of I/70 from the Grain Valley exit. Suggest a date and give me an idea of who might come. PS. Ed if this flys you might be used as a vital part. Maybe get Marty and Rich involved.
  9. I used a roof panel from a Subaru mini van looking thing. Because I liked the contour of the front of the roof to patch my quarter panels. Haven't a clue on the tickness. But I played hell not blowing through it mig welding it on.
  10. They rubbed the frame at full turn before and after lowering the car. No wheel well issues after dropping it BTW.
  11. I had 235/70/15's on ralleys. The car is lowered 3". The close up was taken before I dropped it.
  12. I don't think I've ever seen one completely straight.
  13. bb1970

    Car shows?

    There is a very big cruise night every Sat. night east of Kansas City in Independence MO. It draws 400-600 cars every week. I can think of 5 first gen. cars I've seen there in 6 years. 3 (including ours) show up fairly often. A few boat tails also. Any one near K.C. should check it out. Big time draw (for a cruise night) and FREE! Here's a link to facebook https://www.facebook.com/PHHCenter. It is put on by the shopping center that's why there are business postings on there.
  14. That is the tallest tall boy I've ever seen!
  15. It's always the picky dick that pays to have his car done that is most critical. I too installed my own seat covers. Not as easy as I thought it would be. Maybe Mitch should give it a try before he pisses on another mans work!
  16. I did send the set I bought back due to color. I too didn't want to go to the added expense of the Clark's set. I even went to the local automotive paint store and bought dye to make the OPGI set match. The plan was to install the covers and dye them with the stock rear seat so everything matched. Then when I was installing the first cover a seam tore through the thin vinyl that was used. That was it. I sent them back. The re-stocking fee added to the bad experience. Kaber's interior looks great. Maybe my experience was a fluke. He has a good point about the buttons also. I didn't like how the buttons are an added expense with the Clark's product. Bill
  17. The are NOT worth buying. They didn't match my saddle interior. Made with very thin vinyl. Black might be a different story. But they will charge you a re-stocking fee when you aren't happy with the product. I spent over $50 (if memory serves me correctly) to send back a worthless pair of OPGI seat covers. Good Luck if you go that route. Bill
  18. I think Buick's largest market is China.
  19. We all appreciate you Ed. Crazy or not.
  20. I didn't want weights on the outside. They are all on the inside. No problems.
  21. Great car!!!!!!!!! I love the LS. I would lower it though.
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