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  1. I still have 235/75/15 tires on mine with 3" drop springs. I did leave the coil over shocks on the ass end. I only got about 1 3/4" drop in back. But that's fine by me. It still looks like it is lowered.
  2. Diggin up bones here. Another pic of mine after I lowered it. Come on guys pile on. I know you all have some pictures.
  3. If it is a miss. Like one plug isn't firing. Pull one plug wire off at a time with the car running. If you have one dead cylinder you'll be able to find it. Best to use spark plug boot pliers. Be careful when doing it. You can get a little shock. If you notice a change in idle when you pull the boot off of the spark plug. Then that plug is firing. If you don't have a change. Then that plug is not firing. Diagnose from there. Fouled plug, damaged plug or wire. It can be so many things to cause a rough idle. Like carburetor, vacuum leak, valve train issue, bad plug or wire, or just timing. If it sounds like a miss. And you just did a tune up. Maybe the gap is off on one plug.
  4. After seeing this price I checked Jamco's price and discovered they are on sale. The price in for the front springs I don't know if the rear springs are the same. But this looks like a steal! Jamco Suspension - <b>Front Suspension & Steering</b> Buick 63-70 BUICK RIVIERA FRONT COIL SPRINGS Jamco Suspension, Your #1 Source for Hot Rod Brakes and Suspension!If my memory is correct. I gave under $330 for mine shipped. I had a 10% discount. But this is alot better deal. You can get stock, 1",2",or 3" drop.
  5. I got lucky with mine. It leaked a quite a bit. I got under it and tightened up the pan bolts. Problem solved. I hope yours is no big deal. I bet you can get a tranny filter and pan gasket at any parts store.
  6. I thought about shaving the door handles on my '65. I really wanted a smooth look down the side. But I didn't want the hassle of how to get in if I had no power. I even considered just deleting them and as suggested above leaving a window down and reaching in to open the door. I always park a shows with the windows open anyhow. I'm rarely out in bad weather in the Buick. But I left the door handles alone. Instead I filled all the Riviera emblem holes on the sides and the rear. I really like the Riv emblem gone on the ass end. I took the the trunk emblem off and took it apart. Re-painted the shield and put it back on. It looks good all alone back there. I know you '63 is not the same as the '65. I just got to ramblin' on a bit.
  7. Just my 2 cents. But I think wide whites look terrible on a Riv. They belong on earlier era automobiles. 1" or less white walls.
  8. I had a similar experience. I bought a box of Riviera parts on the chance the clock from the instrument cluster worked. It did! I was thrilled.
  9. I'll bet the guy took less than $50 for it. He had no idea what he had.
  10. Dual Carb Manifold-Nailhead - $50 (Belton) Ed, Did you get this ???? I called and it had already sold. So it's gone guys. Don't bother calling. And I aready asked if he had anything else for sale. <HR>Date: 2011-03-13, 2:08PM CDT Reply to: sale-ccnev-2263287233@craigslist.org <SUP>[Errors when replying to ads?]</SUP> <HR> For sale- Dual carb manifold set up for older nail head Buick engine. This came with my 1964 Buick Riviera, I never used it and I believed it has never been used. If anyone can use this I would like $50 for it. There are some #s on top not sure if it will show up in picture. Call Tom 816 547 30 three one.<!-- START CLTAGS --> <!-- CLTAG GeographicArea=Belton -->Location: Belton it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests <!-- END CLTAGS --><TABLE summary="craigslist hosted images"><TBODY><TR><TD align=middle></TD><TD align=middle></TD></TR><TR><TD align=middle></TD><TD align=middle></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> PostingID: 2263287233 <HR>
  11. What do you all do for a drink holder in a first gen Riv? I bought a couple of the kind that hang on the door. But I hate them. I thought about a pull out hold like the mid 90's Chevy trucks had mounted on the lower passenger side dash. Give me some ideas.
  12. I use a window trim removal tool I picked up at the parts store and a stir stick beveled on one end. Use the stir stick to wedge under the trim. Then slide the tool across until you hit a clip. Pry it toward the center of the window opening. There is a nub on the outer side of each clip that the trim snaps into. Be gentle with every clip. All that being said. Monday morning call a glass shop and ask how much they charge. If they say $20. Pay them to do it.
  13. It won't take long to switch out the springs. These cars are a breeze to lower. Just out of curiousity. Is the new spring compressor that is hard to use from Harbor Freight? I've bought specialty tools from there that I don't use often. They never seem to work out very well. The cheap tools always seem to be just that. A cheap P.O.S..
  14. Be sure to post some pics after it's done.
  15. I used a floor jack to lower mine out with no drama. That lower a-arm swings way down.
  16. I masked around my grill. It looked like the fenders needed to come off to remove the grill. So I grabbed some tape and paper.
  17. I lowered mine 3". It has a more stiff ride than factory. If I remember correctly they claim a 30% stiffer spring rate. You don't have to buy the deluxe lowering kit. You can get just springs.
  18. Try Jamco. Here is a link Jamco Suspension - <b>Deluxe Lowering Kits</b> Buick Jamco Suspension, Your #1 Source for Hot Rod Brakes and Suspension!
  19. Those wheels will look great on your car. The front might need a spacer. Try them without. If the rim won't seat flush on the hub then you need a spacer.
  20. Don't change the studs. Order these lug nuts Cragar 27723-4 - Cragar Wheel Lug Nuts - Overview - SummitRacing.com . The wheels you have don't use a tapered or conical style lug nut. These are shank style lug nuts. Great choice of wheel by the way. I really like Supremes on a Riv. Are you going to lower the car?
  21. If they are a uni-lug supreme wheel. You might need shank style lug nut with a washer.
  22. bb1970

    Seat foam

    No thanks. I'm going recover the old seats. Thanks again, Bill
  23. bb1970

    Seat foam

    I had a chance to measure a '64 Impala SS bucket seat today. It measured within a 1/4" of my '65 Riviera standard bucket seat. I took several measurements of width on the seat bottom and back. Just over all length of bottom and height of back. Even seat frame at the bottom. I bet they are the same seat foam. I'm going to order them. It may take a month or so to get everything in and installed. I'll let everyone know how well they work out.
  24. You beat me to it. There is a good look at 38 sec..
  25. bb1970

    Seat foam

    I found a thread here from Dirty Dan a few years back. He had problems with the seat buns he got from Clarks Corvair. He found they are foam for a Corvair. Just by looking all the early 60's GM car bucket seat look very similar other than upolstery patterns. Clarks wants $118 for each seat. I've seen Impala seat foam for $139 for both seats. If they are so close why pay nearly double. The front is all I'm going to re-upolster.
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