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    Shop Art

    Check out what I found on E-bay. It's a vinyl wall graphic. As soon as I saw it. I thought my cabinets in the shop was a great spot.
  2. The interior looks spectacular. The whole car looks spectacular! Great job!
  3. I have a 1965 Missouri plate on my Riv. In Missouri you can use an older plate if the number is not in use. It is treated as a historic plate and doesn't need to renewed. And no front plate is needed. Pretty cool deal.
  4. I wouldn't take the vinyl completely off of the seat back. Maybe expose enough of the seat frame to weld it back up. Of course cover the seat back with a welding blanket and pack wet rags around the area you weld on. I recovered my seats myself. I found the front seat backs very hard to do. You can tear the seams at the top on the outside corners. Like where the top of the metal trim piece lies. just my opinion.
  5. It's not like you're autocross racing. I don't think a light coat of paint would hurt. As far as heat affecting the paint. I've used Duplicolor cast and it held up ok. So I think Eastwood paint would be alright. Call the Eastwood customer service line and ask them.
  6. That is a very cool product. If I still had the stock radio I'd get one. My car already had a cd player installed. I upgraded it to a stereo with a usb port. I really like using an Ipod or flash drive to access music. I keep a flash drive with about 80 cds on it in my ash tray when not in use. hard to imagine something half the size of a match book could store 1000 songs.
  7. Just a couple of new pics. The grass is green and the sun was shining. And I couldn't resist.
  8. I got a light weight car cover at Big Lots for $20. I got the biggest size they had and it fits very nice. It is a indoor dust cover. I used it for the winter. The car stays in my shop. Check with your body shop on covering up a freshly painted car. You might want to wait for a month or so before you cover new paint.
  9. They only want $700for a dash pad. Plus shipping a core to them.
  10. There is one on ebay right now1963 1964 1965 BUICK RIVIERA DASH PAD VERY NICE | eBay
  11. Fawn with cloth is the best looking interior in a Riv.
  12. Thanks. It looks red in the pic. But it is really orange.
  13. This will be my next project. I want my trunk to look like this!!!!!!!
  14. I finally dyed the dash pad. And put it in. The color is real close to original. Lots of prep and still fought fish-eye. I really cleaned the thing. I used soap and water, wax and grease remover (several times), and even laquer thinner. I sprayed adhesion promoter first. And several light coats of color. Then the first wet coat I put on I got a little fisheye in a couple of spots. I was able to mist the areas and hide it. It looks SO much better than the old one.
  15. Hey guys. I have fuel that leaks from the vent tube. I would expect a little leaking when full under hard acceleration or on a hill. But this is all the time. worse if full tank. I just filled up. Drove around some. Got out of the car to a stout fuel smell. Inspected under the hood, down the fuel line along the frame. I get to the rear of the car and it leaked so bad gas was dripping from the rear bumper. It's like pressure is building in the tank and forcing fuel out of the vent tube. Should I try a vented cap?? Or disconnect return line?
  16. Maybe dilute Tilex shower cleaner for mold. I have used it in my shower. The mold just dissapears.
  17. I had pipes that exited out of the side. I hated it. After I dropped my Riv. A trip to the exhaust shop was one of the first things I did. I had pipes rans out to the rear. Turned down so you only see about 1/2" of the end of the tip.
  18. Wow. I really like that trunk. Cool idea with that speaker grill. I like the wood inserts in the first pic too.
  19. I'm going to dye the dash pad Sat. The pad is black. I have saddle interior. I always thought the stock brown pad in the car now looks out of place. It is much darker than the saddle color of the interior. Do you think it would look better dyed a saddle color to match the rest of the interior? Or darker as it is now. Keep in mind My car isn't a stock exterior color. So I really don't care about originality too much. I just want it to look good. Opinions please.
  20. Here's a link to his Ebay page. bestoffercounts | eBay
  21. Ha. Here's a link to the listing. eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
  22. I have looked for almost 2 years for a dash pad for my '65. I pulled the trigger on a used pad on Ebay. I spent almost $250 for it. But I'm happy. I had my doubts on the shipping without it getting damaged. But the seller packed it very well. If you all are hunting Riv parts on Ebay check this guy out bestoffercounts. I just had to someone how thrilled I am to get a good dash pad. My wife really didn't give a damn. Bill
  23. My experience was bad. I ordered seat covers from them. Saddle was the color. They were not even close to the right color. It was shocking what they thought saddle interior looked like. The quality was terrible too. The worst part was they hang the return shipping on the buyer. It cost me $20 in shipping to send them back. Basically it cost me $20 to learn never to deal with them again!
  24. I'm near K.C. too. I own a Cougar also. A '68 XR-7 GT. My first car.
  25. I have 3" drop springs from Jamco. No complaints. Be patient Jamco's customer service isn't the greatest. They are hard to get a hold of. And SLOW.
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