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  1. The obvious reaction for most of us is to pick apart all the mismatched items. Be it era conflicts with the body style and the rims or the look of beautiful wood juxtaposed to the parts car seats and bargain bin radio.

    That is through our eyes though, and not the builder.... chacun son goût I guess.

    Like you said though is the larger question of why do all this work for that end result? I would think that its tantamount to asking why mountain climbers do what they do, all you get from them when asked is "because its there"

    Some things I guess just can't be explained to others.

  2. If I'm not mistaken that may be the same thing I hear about the 54 starter...

    The outside end does not use a bearing but a special bushing and that is a hard part to find apparently. It also is prone to premature wear and one is to try to limit the crank time so as not to heat it up.

    .....that's what I recall, could very well be mistaken though.

  3. Just to tell you how much I know, well, when this thread started, I said to myself, WOW, this won't get much attention...................LOL.

    You see, I'm a NEVER HAD A SINGLE DRINK IN MY 74 PLUS YEARS GUY. I want to make my feelings clear, I have not a single issue with you all ENJOYING, needless to say if such doesn't infringe on mine and others health.

    Dale in Indy

    Looks like we found ourselves a driver fellas! yahoo.gif

  4. Geeze a good o'l fashioned Pub Crawl...just like my College days!

    Just FGS!!! don't miss the bus as it leaves to the next bar. That's where the crazy nights really happen.......you might even end up waking up on a raft on a river with dry clothes on and not remembering even being on a boat. True story shok.gif

  5. Mike-Adam-Mud

    "50's Buick Trinity"

    I have to say all three of your threads are bookmarked for reference. Like Matt just said, I doubt you guys realize your influence on some of us...

    I have a bookmark called "Start Here" and its for this very thread. My frame is about to be delivered from the powdercoater and thanks to this thread I have a step by step on what to do next.

    All jokes aside...thank you!

  6. hehehe that was a good one....

    In the spirit of our "Team" atmosphere and where we are help each other out when ever we can I feel that this Motivational Poster is in order for the events of searching out for a place to drink in Charlotte.

    Remember folks its all about Team Buick!


  7. I have to say that I think I will enjoy meeting you all...we have so much in common!

    I will be traveling with my Dad who is always asking about what you..the forum guys are up to, we are planning this trip with some stops on the way including Buick Gardens. I'm sure some other night life stops will be in order!

    ......any Back Bacon at the forum Breakfast? Nothin goes better than chasing a great night with the fellas with some good old slabs of Bacon rubbed with peameal.


  8. I am sure that the smoke in the deep south is from tobacco not what they were smoking at a Steppenwolf Concert in 69. Is a hooka the same as a bong...

    Chuck Kerls

    Calling a Hooka a bong is tantamount to calling our cars some old fixed up junker....but yes in the end they do the same thing but typically with a different ingredient.





  9. I thought StealthBob had offered his corner room. :D

    There's two kinds of shine. The lovin kind and the fightin kind. Problem is there's never a lable on the jar. PM me for your order now. :D

    Sorry MrEarl...I just checked the Hotel policy, not only is my corner room a non-smoking room (so no Hooka's aka smoking bongs) but no Stills either? I would have thought there would be Still friendly Hotels in Charlotte?

    Count me in for a quart or two for my order....I sure do hope I get the right type:

    This.... aggressive.gif



    I'm always good with this though...drinks.gif...I will be sure to have some Canadian samples for you guys.

  10. Well when time is not a factor theoretically anything can be accomplished.....

    In my opinion Adam has performed far beyond the level and patience that most of us would ever dare to complete....seems to me that the adventures of a "Muggy Weld" may be in this man's "Wheel House". ...or maybe not

    Far be it for us to say that something is not feasible...after all, all one has to do is refresh this thread and look at the enormous task of metal repair that was done to start this project in the first place.

    Its enough to scare the pants of any restorer on these forums....just like pot metal repair does.

    In the end I just love to see guys innovate and do the things that once were thought to be impossible or infeasible.

    Keep on doing what you do Adam....

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