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  1. MrEarl is not about acquiring every 54 Buick....more about ensuring that every 54 Buick gets acquired by someone who will save it.

    It just so happens however that he does practice what he preaches....

    I hope this SL shows up, devastating theft for sure.Who ever took must know that it can't just "fenced". I fear as well that it is in some container as we speak.

  2. The steering wheel in the Regal was fairly chunky as well, so I didn't notice too much difference.

    No family hauler for me. I sold the kids to make the down payment. Haha, just kidding.

    You can do that!!!????!!!!


    So, let us know when you lay down your first set of tracks on the pavement.

  3. Not too bad for a new car. Alot better than the bubble 4 door thing that everyone else seems to be driving. (not quite sure if they are a minivan, mini sport ute or a really chunky sedan with storage?)

    Good luck with it.

    You mean like my brand new toy?


    Some of us have large families and the requirement for such "Bubble" cars wink2.gif

    It was this or a Minivan....I stand by my decision.

    Hell of a nice car LINC400, I sat in one while at the dealer looking at the Enclave. I had a moment where I thought of what it would be like, how would the child seats work...where would the clag that follows kids go? Then I thought....what if I just leave now, surely this could out run all that. Them BAM!!! instantly brought back into reality when my wife yelled over "Get out of that dammed car!"


    Enjoy man,enjoy for all of us who are waiting for the day.....

  4. All I have to say is I can't wait to meet you characters this summer....too funny man!

    The Landau sure looks like it did us 54B'ers proud, huge thanks to Bob for his sharing our treasure and of course Lamar for....well just being MrEarl.

    Top notch guys!

  5. was the very same comment that made me ask my engine builder to check the cover. He had the same comments. The mesh was replaced and all looks good...I haven't started the motor yet so all the pit falls of a Nailhead has me concerned.

    Thanks for the video...the info here is amazing.

  6. Good theory....I was going to go with the "access hole" idea but it is rather small.

    Same sort of thing with my Jeep Liberty. The antenna is on the passengers side but on the drivers side is a "Trail Rated " badge circular and exactly the same size shape and location as the hole required to mount the antenna.

    The theory was that they got it wrong and stamped all the wrong fenders at the start, used to badge to cover the hole....then just kept using it. I haven't been able to prove it though but it does sound plausible.

    Great job laying out your resto Jim...I can only hope newbies see it and learn that full frame off's are not required to get a Full restoration done, in your driveway no less.

  7. You will burn up that oilless compressor if you hook it up a larger will cease solid. They have a duty cycle and require cool down periods before restarting.

    The answer to any question that starts with "Is this compressor big enough" is ALWAYS no....especially if you want to paint a car with it. HVLP paint guns are ridiculous for air consumption, mix in DA/Air sanders, Blasters and drills/grinders and you will need to spend north of 1K to have a useable tool.

    What you have is a tire changer/inflater....once it starts you should not let it run longer than about 5-10 minutes then let it cool for the same. That way it will last a long time doing what it was designed for. Running longer will create unnecessary heat and moisture and in the end frustration and grief when trying to paint with it.

  8. Don't forget...its not always the end result that is desired but the journey itself.

    I honestly see myself involved in one project or another for the rest of my life. Its a great diversion from the stresses of life and is also a group activity to enjoy with friends and family.

    Just pick something that fits your financial ability and tickles your passion for the hobby. Do that and the rest will figure itself out....

  9. Great pics...those Silver parts look nice. I have the exact setup but got lucky when my parents switched to a gas range. Your point of having a separate oven for this is important.

    David, you seem to think BIG...nice! You are right that these can be built much larger and rather cheaply. I have seen many examples at the 365powder forums and also the Eastwoods forum has some great info as well.

    As for the formula, I went with a 1/2 cup of Gold and 2/3 tsps each of Silver, Blue, Green (No Clear) All powders were from 365powder except for the Satin Black which was from eastwoods. Honestly I think just staying with the Gold/Silver would be fine, it lowers the Yellow out of the gold and gives it that look that changes colour at different angles. I don't really see any of the Blue or Green in the final product but who knows.

  10. Did some melting did we.....hehehe

    I used 365Powder and mixed 1/2 cup Gold with thin tsps of Silver, Blue and Green each. The neat part is that he colour changes at different angles and light conditions. My first attempts on some practice pieces were waaaay too Yellow gold. I found also that I needed to "Fluidize" rather than mix the powder after combining, I jack the air up and wasted a bit out the gun which really mixed up the reservoir. I also experimented with blasting it off on the experimental pieces...OMG this stuff is TOUGH!

  11. Well the more I think about it I would have gone Silver now based on Lamar's findings but the fact that I went through the trouble to mix my own powder and coat one plate I may just stay this way. I love the contrast as well. Who is to say there was a switch through the year, there are other switches that are correct for both 54 and 55's. Hell I was fooled once by the hood ornament on a 54 Super which was the same as a 53 RM.


    I will however hold off for a bit on the other three just in case I change my mind which seems to be as stable as wind direction right now. wacko2.gif

  12. If I did I don't recall what would have been the occasion.

    Yea I should clarify...I assumed it was Gold when you said Zinc or Cad plated simply due to the fact that I kept seeing the 55 ones and they sure stand out.

    I have other Buick things to do...I'll let this one simmer but it would seem that I will be going to Silver. I am concerned about how hard it will be to remove this powdercoat.

    Green eh...that sure would make everything a lot simpler!

    Thanks all