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  1. I really like the convenience of one kit but at what cost?

    I will report as to what I got and how it went...thanks for the comments, I'm guessing that there were many who restrained from blowing up one or all of the vendors mentioned. Like Banks I think we have all had issue with one parts vendor or another.

  2. Hey Lamar, are they on to us yet?

    Whew, good...if they only knew our plans for total 1954 Buick domination. This is just one more step in the process until its all 54 all the time. Good thing I am saying this in a PM, Imagine what they would say if this conspiracy got out?

    Keep up the good work soon it will all be ours Buuuwwwaahahahahahh!

  3. I have read bad things about pretty much every vendor out there and its hard to keep track. I know the forum admins prefer to keep things positive so please, anyone recommend, rather than dump on one of the big 3 (Kanter/Bob's/CARS) for this kit? Are there other companies I should look at?

    I would rather not piecemeal it out, it's a full replacement kit I am after for my 54 76R...Santa said I can finally get it.

  4. stealthbob

    that is a good one

    However remember east is a direction not a destination, therefor you can NOT reach east, you can only travel east, and continuously do so and never stop, east will always be east of you and you will continue to travel east until you decide to stop traveling east, and at that point east will still be east of you. Travel on...

    Kinda my point, there is NO end in this "Frame off" or any other abuse of car lexicon debate. It seems to me its a destination that doesn't exist?

    We keep heading East but when do we actually get there, and how do we know it? crazy_pilot.gif

  5. Ok next debate....

    If you keep on traveling east, when will you reach the east? And what will lie east of you then?

    I tell ya, the depths we reach on debating inane topics on these forums baffles me, even worst I actively and happily participate.

    Pie anyone?

  6. I actually took the frame off the body by putting the jack stands under the body and the two jacks on each end of the frame....removed all the bolts then lowered the frame.

    Is that a frame off????

    lol, I enjoyed marveling at your "Perfect" example of a 54 Fred. I also enjoyed meeting you. I will soon be posting the pics taken in our engine bay thread for future reference for others.