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  1. Thanks Brad for the fuel filter tip. There's an old glass bowl in line just before the carb, similar to the one from a Chevy like you suggested. It still isn't getting any fuel.

    Best go back and check that pump....

    How about the fuel feed line, I forget if you mentioned if it is new or not....maybe a blockage or even a pin hole in the suction line/fittings?

    Maybe try bypassing the tank altogether and run the suction into a portable can of gas.

  2. Having difficulty finding a modern kit to rebuild my Power Brake Master Cylinder, everything is for the manual. This is for my 1954 Buick Roadmaster.

    I did find one kit, expensive and NOS???

    Thoughts on using 30-50 year old o-rings?

    Other good options other than shopping out the whole job? The part is in great shape so it should not take much to rebuild. Primarily I just need to disassemble it, have the booster Cad Plated and the master cleaned up for powder coating.

  3. Loving this part of the thread...its the shop tips I see in your pics that are neat. Stuff like the little base you made right to the way you secured it to do the Torque Converter.

    I look forward to your method of testing for pressures.

  4. Bob, with all due respect, I think it is incorrect to label this as a purist's forum. I prefer to see it as a place where Buicks are appreciated in all their ways shapes and forms.

    I couldn't agree anything it's what you make it.

    I was strong with the "purist" term but we both understand the general thrust of this board and that is, to stay original. There are varying degrees of how others see this, as is the case here in this very thread.

    Drive'r like you stole her spooner.....and be sure to show off that Buick, like John said don't let a hater at some show get you down.

  5. Internet privacy is a matter what you do or where you go you are tracked.

    Have a smart phone? Google CarrierIQ for a big eye opener...they are key logging not to mention tracking your location.

    Google bots are crawling everywhere all the time collecting and mining data.

    Some major things to remember...

    Never type out a phone number or an email on an open forum, PM is ok.

  6. Don't like the rules or how the board is handled I suggest you grab your hat and walk out, keep walking until that hat starts to float. There will be plenty left behind here to enjoy things as they are, with a little less noise to boot.

    Your restraint Peter is admirable to say the least.

  7. I learned to mark my bolts as I set torque on them when I was the service manager at an Ag dealership. The service manager was in a severe car accident and was paralyzed from the waist down. I was head mechanic in the morning and in the afternoon I was service manager and head mechanic. After that everything I set torque on or adjusted (Like Valves) were marked in some way or tagged. I have never had so many interruptions in my life as trying to do both jobs at once. It helps to mark them so you don’t miss any or forget where you were. The reason the sides are marked is that I started at a lower torque and move up so I marked them in different locations. Mud

    The things you learn...thanks man.

    You realize now that my project will carry the same marks.....

  8. Ok Stealthbob, If I was a guessing man, I would guess that they would be put there to know that those bolts have been torqued to spec. for assembly. I think by looking at the picture, that is the valve body and it will be inside the pan, unviewable. Just a guess, I reckon...

    Yea but why the top of the bolt and the base as well...almost as if it is like a wax seal to check for tampering or a loosening of some kind. That doesn't really fit either because the base marks are not all lined up with the mark on the bolt.

  9. Those "Might as wells" are a very strong force to be reckoned with eh?

    I started with the notion that I was going to just fix'er up a bit and drive her for a while...well after a ceased engine I ended up down to the frame.

    Here is a part of my Blog where it started for me...

    Might as well.... - Blogs - 1954 Buick Highway....

    Tearing in... - Blogs - 1954 Buick Highway...

    Start driving it quick...or else you will be down to another bare frame again. ;)

  10. Thank you Brian....

    For all those '54 owners out there...let me bump this vid:

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>