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  1. Going out on a limb here.

    Since the part numbers seem to be correct (one number off...I didn't check a book), is it possible that the shocks were rebuilt at some time and the lever was installed backwards on the passenger side? It is possible to do that, and that would explain the 1 1/2" AND the tapered hole being on the wrong side. Just talking out loud...

    That fits....nice deduction.

  2. Its been 4 weeks...time to bump this thread!

    How about a little vid on "The Rusty Old American Dream"

    If you got a doesn't matter what it looks like, bring it on down to the 2012 Buick Nationals.

    <iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  3. Great little video!

    I'll be there but I'm "brinin" the 53 Special. We'll see how well she does driving from New Mexico. We'll also be brinin the trumpet and the bottle of Jack!!! Should be a great road trip.

    Awesome man!!!

    Look forward to seeing you...

  4. I realize that this is a thread about a 53 but I just have to interject and stop all the Sad Faced references to the 54...

    It was and always will be "The Beautiful Buy"

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  5. Right..that was my point. I know that when I type anything it is public domain.

    I hardly think a VIN number is of any consequence to anybody, hell you can see modern ones through the window so all are available to be "Taken"

    As far as my name, there are 6 Robert LeBlanc's at my Bank branch. It would be difficult to tie me to any one place.

    BCA# just ties my nickname and info posted from this hobby to my name which is benign. At worst I will get some targeted advertising but I block those anyways.

    The things to never type out in public are, Home address, Phone numbers, any financial id numbers ect. Personally I think a membership number is of no use to any nefarious individuals.

  6. You never know may just like that o'l 53.

    They do have their charm, more cozy inside ;)

    Its all subjective in the end...for me what cinches it is the great 54 community, having a 54 is a ticket in to the party! friends.gifparty.gif

    Regardless its a 50's Buick and they are all great in their own way good.gif

  7. Google your BCA number, email and/or cell number. See if you still feel this is information that needs to be posted.

    There is no such thing as privacy on the internet...

    EVERYTHING is tracked.

    Its a decision one has to make when posting, personally I think my BCA# and name is pretty benign. Never type out a phone # though ;)

    Every post is another piece of data someone can search for, I found a vent frame by searching for the part number. It came up in a post on some Cadillac forum and it was over 3 years old. I contacted the guy and he still had it!

    Brian's idea is a good one because the Google Bots don't mine data from a field that normally contains "Senior member" therefore it is somewhat ignored. ;)

  8. I did find out that prepping my own brightwork will cut my chrome costs in half :) I just have to get it done...anyone have a machine that produces extra hours in the day? My job has been hogging no less than 12 hours every weekday...sometimes 14. It's a very physically demanding job, so the last thing I want to do when I get home is work some more. I'm headed directly to the shower or a plate of food!

    Testify brother!

    I too feel your pain.......