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  1. Muggy weld does work but the pros prefer to lay in lead on top of copper....pit by pit by pit.

    Either way it is not easy.......

    That being said, Muggy Weld has its place. I have used it myself but lack the technique to be good at making it a viable alternative to pot metal restoration.

  2. I have played with the process and it is very technique dependent...

    "Muggy Weld" does work but requires extreme attention to the degrease part of the equation and removing the depths of each and every pit that is in the part.

    I plan on working at it some more but will likely pay to have a pro do my parts.

  3. Great work Brian.....

    There will be a large 54 crowd there for sure...not all with our cars unfortunately.

    Still working on getting those 54-54's :grin:

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/5AVKRTX0UK8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  4. I have to say notwithstanding the "True X" debate I am enjoying the images posted of the different frames out there. To me a book/discussion about frame design in general is in order with a predominant chapter on the X Frames and their variants.

    ...just my $.02

  5. I'm trying to help out a co-worker who is not that good on a computer....

    He is looking for 2 RT's and 2 LT's, they have the 4 bolt mount on them.

    I looked around and can find repops for Tudor and Coupe but the Fordor ones are hard to find.

    Any guidance?

    He is going to try and re-manufacture the main gear that is missing the teeth but I thought I'd check here for him.


  6. Without knowing the ips used have you tried to ban the entire subnet used by this spammer?

    For example if his ip was:

    Ban anyone using through

    ...are the IP's used random or from the same node?

    These are likely auto bot spam scripts that keep hammering away and not an individual.

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