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  1. All I can say is that how many 1954 BUick convertibles you see in good driver condition that are add in that its a Skylark????

    Can you say unicorn?

    To someone who wants to restore it think low...for someone who wants to preserve it think freaking high cause they aint making any more original skylarks with a dammed continental kit that are in driver quality shape.

    My suggestion is to be patient and market this car UNTOUCHED (not even cleaned) and see what offers come bet somebody out there will pay very well for this.

    Nice find....look forward to your arrival at the 54B site.

  2. Speaking of "Shame" this THE MrEarl taking what Old Tank describes as the new and improved 1954 Buick out for a test ride?


    Hmmmm....looks like he really likes it guys, I mean look at the sheer joy on his face.

    (Should have paid me off for this pic bud....hehehe)

    Ok to be fair he did slap up his gang sign after he was caught....




  3. Most of these questions are answered on Page 240 of the 2011 membership roster with contains the SOP and Bylaws of the BCA.

    Thanks Roberta...I was leaning more to questions #1 and #2 which would require comment from those involved in the voting. I have read the Charter and will keep it handy for future questions.

  4. This overall thread is getting difficult :confused: to follow at times, but let me add a couple of items to the confusion that I haven't seen previously mentioned or addressed. Comments are always appreciated.

    #1. There are 9 BOD members. If the first vote ended in a tie, was it a two way tie at 4-4-1 or a three way tie at 3-3-3? Are the vote numbers available to the General BCA membership? I'm not looking for names or who voted for whom (at this time).

    #2. Are the vote numbers for the "second go-around" available to the General BCA membership?

    #3. Re: the ballots sent out to select the new BOD members. I remember seeing a "spouse's vote column" and would like to know if that ability to submit TWO votes on one ballot is a premium cost to the other spouse's annual general membership fee, or, just because the

    spouse is named on the mailing label, is that considered a "free" vote? I thought one membership fee = 1 vote. Please explain. The July 2012 BUICK BUGLE, on the inside front of the mailing wrap, does not address this 2-4-1 issue.

    Anybody out there want to chime in? Thanks.

    Al Mack

    BCA #8965

    "500 Miles West of Flint"

    Great questions....maybe I will engage my leaders directly and ask them.


    It would sure be nice to get some open feedback, ANY feed back from our ELECTED BOD.......crickets.

  5. Regarding the forum for questions, we have to remember, the forum is open to anyone, not just current BCA members. If I recall, I think Brian D. was trying to work out a members only forum, much as we now have for the directors (currently not heavily used).

    John D. Scheib

    Simple...make it mandatory for people who post in the "BCA business" thread be a member and to add their BCA# in their posts.

    "Member's only" could also work with the new software being utalized, it just takes someone to administer the database of members.

    For the record, I am somewhat tech savvy and could help with any logistics required to implement and maintain a "Members Only" section.

    Just offering to help if I can....

  6. The fact that you personally took an interest and the time to routinely contact Lamar and myself about the 54 numbers for Charlotte while also actively interacting on the Enclave and many other Buick forums said it all for me...the rest when you add it up equals a hell of a job.

    Class act!

  7. Bob I can only say that those that responded to my question were specifically addressing my question. It may or may not have been of interest to you and every one else so a general posting may not have been the way to go. I think John Schieb, Chuck Kerls and Brian Clark sent me PM's but it wasn't politics. I was just clarification of my personal question.

    That's fine, I can respect that....I'm not saying that every discussion involving a BOD member requires to be published but this still leaves the rest of us(me) with questions.

    I guess I'm just thirsty for anything from these individuals (my leadership), be it an open comment or a stand on an issue.

    We want to encourage participation in the process right? Well forcing the membership to each email the BOD members individually rather than just have BOD members openly comment is just silly....especially when we have the perfect medium for the exchange of information right at hand.

    I apologize if I am belaboring this topic more than what may be required....I will step back and see where this goes.

  8. As for BOD candidates comments, when I asked a couple of questions on this forum, I received PM's from those active forum BOD candidates. That helped me make an informed decision. Call the BOD candidates if you need to, email direct, but I think this current group of BOD candidates more then in the past - have been active on the forums.

    That is sort of the rub for me...why not openly comment on the current affairs?

    Open comments are held to account when decisions are made, why this secrecy and back channel communication? It only leads to what we have currently...and that is mistrust of the process. I honestly believe that ALL BOD members are altruistic to the betterment of the club but where there are shadows there are questions.

    Thanks to Rick and Pete for the other thread. I would like to hear from the other leaders on what they think of the process and where they want to take the club to improve this situation.

  9. I sometimes wonder, is Bob restoring the car or is the car restoring Bob. I think the latter.


    Well said Lamar, I don't know where Bob finds the energy to share his collection with the rest of must be some o'l nailhead running inside of him.

    I so glad I got the opportunity to finally meet him.

    Thanks Bob!

  10. I have to say I am very disappointed in my picture taking...I missed many very nice cars, including some of the "Must haves" like Bob's cars. I did get one of me and Lady Landau though.

    I guess I was so taken with all the eye candy that I was Buick Drunk. post-62521-143139089511_thumb.gif

    In all I learned a lot about how a National is done and will be better prepared for South Bend. post-62521-143139089507_thumb.gif

  11. I was one who was too lazy to vote but it goes further...I had no clue of the issues or even the candidates and I hate to randomly vote for someone.

    Still no excuse as it is imperative for members to be informed and involved. I can say that I will be both from now on.

    That all being said, I think the way to start the improvement is to try open up the discussion on club issues in it's own subforum. Yes that sounds like having a dreaded "Political" forum but properly moderated and enforced to only club business should help to keep the noise down. The tone of NO POLITICAL TALK discourages some to speak up on club issues even here on the boards...myself included. With this subforum we could all see where potential BOD members stand on all the issues that arise. First argument to come up is that not everybody comes to the forums...well that may be true but that shouldn't eliminate the exchange of ideas for the many of us more active members that do come here. Also many more come and "Lurk" than post, its a perfect medium for this type of information exchange. For starters we could have "stickies" for the list BOD members and contacts, another for the charter ect ect, posting important dates for votes or other requirements for membership participation.

    The main reason for me that a new separate subforum would help is that it would contain a record of positions for whoever may be up for BOD, a simple search of the individual and that subform around voting time and you could read all about him/her where they stand without having to filter out all the other car talk. Handled correctly I see a great improvement in club involvement and participation in it's direction.

  12. They did not come with a "Build Sheet", that was on the invoice given to the first owner which would also have the selling dealer info. Also there were no "Window Stickers" in 53. Someone should be able to find you an estimated build date based off of the Vin#.

    Hopefully you get the original invoice with the documents, that will tell all.