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  1. Geeze I could have sworn you said they were Gold Cad....

    Boy is my face is Red.

    Thanks Al for bringing it up....thanks even more Lamar for running out to the barn to clean one off.

    I see slight gold hints on mine under where the spindle was installed but its hard to tell for sure. I just assumed the plating was long gone and that's why they were not all gold.

    I have to admit, I have been following the 55'ers on this. Could it be that the 54's were silver Cad? I guess I may now find out how tough that powder really is when I have to blast it all off. Good thing I was busy and did not bake the rest.

    Fun fun fun eh.....ooops!

  2. I thought the same and then deleted my post...

    Not long ago another member had this was not a scam but he was using this members pics as his own. The thing is one pic had his wife in it. I called the add up and played dumb and then dropped the hammer on him. He still tried to convince me that was his car in the pics! dash1.gif

  3. So HOW expensive it it to POWDER coat a frame?

    Must be nice to have a POWDER COATED FRAME, good for you!

    Dale in Indy sure looks great and it will last a long time for sure.

    There is a local company that does it, the frame alone was a thousand but that included everything including shipping. They also did two coats! I had some other items so the final bill was a bit more. I plan on PC'ing every part I can, most at home though. Next is a test on a true flat clear for my bare metal parts, hope they look uncoated but I have my doubts.

    Jim...I envy you and your approach, you will be driving long before I will. You ingenious way of doing a frame on is a model for us to follow.

  4. Very good question....

    I have simply followed the lead of some very knowledgeable restorers. These are top notch guys and I have full trust in them when they say that some things are, the way they say they are.

    Names not required...just look up the 3 longest threads in the Buick section and you will see who I am talking about ;)

    There is also a wealth of 54 Buick info on the 54Buick site....where a MrEarl hangs his hat. He is the one who has a whole garden of 54 Buicks to draw info from.

    ....just saying pleasantry.gif

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  5. I am in the profession of municipal water treatment, both drinking water and sewage.

    Always think of your sink drains and your toilet as a direct pipe to your water supply, in essence that is what is happening. We all live downstream from someone and we all have to be careful of what we pour down our drains. Back in the fifties (and sometimes unfortunately now) some think the solution to pollution is dilution...we know better now.

    When I give tours to school kids I always say "If it doesn't go in your mouth it shouldn't go in your toilet"

    There is a reason that we have moved away from cyanide's in plating, there is a cost for that "old" look...a cost I personally don't think is worth the reward.

    I'm not preaching here although it must sound like it...I'm just speaking my mind on the subject, one I am directly involved with and one I am passionate about.

  6. Thanks guys...

    I was worried it looked "cheap" or way off.

    I really like the concept of powder is freaking strong! I looked into the plating kits...I just love the chemistry and fun factor but in the end it was the fact of the expensive rectifier and that I doubt it would be economical to do all the plating myself.

    Now that I am confidant that I have the right mix for my powder, I will do the other three plates.

    For the record this will be a driver...all the way to the first National after it is done. good.gif

    Jim, your project is how I should have done mine....I envy your wisdom in being able to complete your restoration with the balance of doing it correct and complete but doing it in a way that saves time energy and money. Beautiful work, its a model for all of us!

    Me I got caught up in the "Might as wells".....

  7. I want the original look but demand the durability of powder here I am.

    I have had a shop powdercoat my frame and other chassis bits but I am doing the stuff that I can fit in a normal oven....


    I am trying to match the colour of Cad plating though....I know it is impossible but would like to get close (sans the green blue viens look).

    I have never really seen true Cad plating in person so all I can go by are the pics out there. The thing is I think most are paint anyway so I really don't know?

    Any thoughts on this:


  8. I'm HAPPY for those that are DRIVING their Buick, I thought we would hear from MORE that have Buick's that have been sitting A LONG, LONG TIME.

    MrEarl, sure would like to see pictures of the Buick Garden grounds.

    Oh, I can tell you DON'T like 54 models...............I also see that your Riviera model # has a 5 & 4 in it toooooo. 54 must be your lucky number, LOL.

    Dale in Indy should see the guys left arm!

    Think sweepspear portholes and ink.

    Anyway, I got to have a wonderful 50 miles with my ride until it left me on the side of the road back in the fall of 09...the last time it moved under its own power.

    The last time it actually moved though was this to the powdercoaters.



    I actually have it in the garage now but my camera is not!!!

  9. Now that you are a member you can buy them here for 5 bucks each!

    Buick Bugle Chapter Project - Past Issues Ordering Information - Pittsburgh Portholes BCA Greater Pittsburgh Area Chapter Buick Club of America

    Here is a link to see images of all the covers, from that you just pick out the ones with a 56 on it.

    Looks like October 2004 and June 2006 are for 56's. The June 2006 is a special one celebrating 50 years old.