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  1. Man...I wasn't going to go as my Buick will not be worthy of the trip.

    I may just reconsider and go anyways...the thing is any money spent will have to come out of my "Buick Bucks" budget. That $500 or so that a trip like that will cost would buy me a lot of parts/services to getting her back on the road.:confused:

  2. I have to say I was so pleased that Lamar offered those pics for me to try and present them. What a great story board that was to work with. I was able to spend some time with my dad making them, he owned a 54 Roadmaster 76R, the very same that I just got and is really getting into the whole vibe of the hobby. :D

    As Lamar said Bob was obviously camera shy because out of the 50 or so pictures there were only 3 of him. You Sir are certainly the "Badest Cat Alive"....I see that Cheshire cat grin ;)

    Thanks to both of you for sharing your Buick passion....

  3. Mr Coker, I'm sure you are getting tired of hearing this, but THANK YOU again for opening up your garage to my son and I and allowing us to enjoy to the absolute fullest this beautiful automobile. It definitely has a great new care taker.

    Yes I second that...

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful car. Maybe one day soon I too can have the "Time of my life" and get to see the Landau in the metal.

    I also want to thank you Lamar for sharing your pictures for all of us to enjoy the landau's beauty, I feel honoured you asked me to put them together. It must have been a special day and to be able to share with your Son, it just makes it all the more special.

    So what I want to know now is....Bob you gonna try to make those 55's look better now by cutting the back window out and make them Landau's? Pfffft...just get it over with and graft 54 clips on them all, you just know they are nicer right? :D

  4. Hell it sounds like there is very little for you to turn it into a reliable driver...

    If you are mechanical and can do the work to make her a reliable driver I would recommend you enjoy her right now....

    Drive her for a while then decide on selling but my bet you get the bug and want to keep her. ;)

  5. Without commenting on the value as it is very hard to say without more info and pictures I feel compelled to say this....

    Is the car a special one to you? Is this something you have wanted to do and was just waiting for the right car? Do you just want a nice cool driver for good days and Sundays?


    Is this something you think that you can flip and make a buck?

    The latter will almost never happen...it should be a choice based out of passion for the project and not a lets do it to see what happens.

    Post some pictures and elaborate on the status of the car.

    Man, I wish I could have found a house with a bonus Buick in the garage....was there a story behind it?

  6. I would sell them and then buy what you need. The guys that want them in many cases are in the same boat you are regarding parts. Trying to swap will only get you to the few who stock and sell parts. And by trading you may not get that good of a deal.

    Go back and look at the time you recieved the posts and work from earliest to latest post recieved, tell them your price and be done with it.

    Any other way and you may be alienating someone you may need help from later...

    As a passive lurker to your Reatta section (I own a 54 Roadmaster) I have to say that this is the best advice.... Best to just go by the order they posted with your new price and move through until all are sold. Also it would be best you do all this in PM. To do in the open would cause bidding posts which will be a detriment to the good intention you had from the start to make sure the forum members get the items.

    Sell them for what you want, now that you know what they are worth...be done with this.

  7. Great pics Serb.....you must be so proud!

    You hit a nerve for me. Maybe we should have a subsection just with "Brides and Buicks"

    It is my hope that my daughter (now 4) will someday want to involve the Buick in her wedding....I can see her right now there in the back seat as I drive her to the church. :)


  8. Well bofusmosby has repeated he thought he did his homework by checking a broker. That was a mistake he has learned I'm sure...

    I guess you got a little caught up in the whole purchase and did rush it a little bofusmosby, lesson learned I guess.

    This board has a wealth of knowledge and will always be here to offer sage advice gained from the collected mistakes of the past so believe what you are being told here.

    Trulyvintage mentioned some of the main issues you are up against and why you are having problem getting a "reasonable" price. That term is relative of course and with the knowledge gained maybe you can understand now why it will cost so much.

    Think of it this way....how much will a repaint cost? All that snow/salt/water and grime that may get on and into the car. The chances of vandalism or theft of some "unobtainium" part while it sits in a lot somewhere. Also the real scary chance of some unscrupulous "Broker" who ditched out of paying the last guy to haul your car and having to pay a ransom to that last hauler to get your car back.

    Once I considered all these possibilities a door to door covered carrier made all the sense in the world. More expensive yes....but it was money well spent when she arrived just as she left. ;)

    Here is a pic just moments before she was unloaded...looks cozy in there eh?


  9. As a someone with many similarities as you bofusmosby I can understand the "sticker shock" as it pertains to the cost of haulage.

    I am new in all this as well and when I did my shipping research on buying a car in the lower "rust free" states I was shocked at the range of prices. I was looking to ship to Ottawa Canada and got from $900 to $3000. This was a strong indication that I needed to learn about this car carrier business. I must have called over ten companies and pumped them with questions, the more I asked the more questions I had for the next guy. What gave me the most info was the brokerage company that I was required to use to import the car to Canada. The guy I talked to there spent about 30 mins discussing the car carrier business and that there are many carriers that they just won't get involved with.

    So all that being said.....I ended up paying $2,500 for Mackie Transport, an enclosed carrier that took care of everything and was door to door. The car I bought was only 5k but I quickly learned that these are toys we are talking about and if I wanted a that special car I would have to bite the bullet and pay what amounts to be half the price of the car for shipping.

    I think what you are hearing from the likes of Trulyvintage is that regardless of who told you what it would cost you now know what it truly costs. It does suck that you were mislead but the reality is you are not going to get that car shipped for that price any time soon.

    I wish you good luck...

  10. We have all heard about the "Elanor's" and "Christine's" which are "Classic" car names.....

    Well I found my "Shelby"....

    ...thats where my problems start when people hear her name.

    She is a Buick, yes a 1954 Buick 2dr hardtop....my Roadmaster.

    The name was what I wanted for my first born Daughter, a name my wife adamantly did not want. I actually thought of my li'll girl as Shelby for the first couple of weeks of he life until I got used to calling her her real name....my wife correcting me every time. :o

    Well enter my new passion in life, my Buick. The first reaction I had when MrEarl sent me the pictures of my future purchase was there she is, my Shelby....I have found you! :D

    Yea, I know.... I know, it just happens to be a coincidental name of a very famous car builder ....but it also just happens to be the name of the most favourite car I have ever had the pleasure of housing in my garage.

    If for nothing at least it starts a conversation....:P

  11. I have to be honest...I get "apathetic" when I drive my work truck...I'm in and out so many times it just gets annoying to buckle every time.

    ...that one made me think.

    Not sure if any of you out there have seen the "Remember Charlie" safety video of a guy talking about how he sustained tremendous burns at the work place due to being lazy with the "Safety Procedures". It hit me like a tonne of bricks....this add had close to the same effect.

  12. To be honest...I joined out of a sense of indebtedness to all you the Buick community....yes the Bugle did have a factor in that decision as well. There are so many who put in more than they take...as a newbie I could only start with monetary support which I hope to one day to add to that.

    The cost of membership is about the same as a tank of gas (CDN member) so for the life of me I can't understand why not join and support those who would so willing support you if you would have the need.

    Methinks there is and underlying issue/agenda other than just monetary or BCA policy...

    All that being said, direct and succinct criticism can be helpful...as long as it has altruistic motives behind them.

    Thank you to all contribute....

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