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  1. Someone may speak better to this but don't you need to match up the lifters and rods...I recall something either being out length or even dissimilar metal densities?

    There was definitely something though, about sourcing the two separately....

  2. Romanian...

    ...and if my Romanian serves me well the owner of the Buick posted this:

    If God helps me, to finish the car will appear in public next month dinnou fully restored and a new coat. The only Buick Roadmaster (model 1956) made the special order of the Romanian State for the Interior Ministry. Roadmaster All sites were worked by hand, unique and customized for its owner. This is the only one who has wings for flag carriers. When ready you'll see here.

    Well Google helped me but looks like it was a Gov't car back in the day.

  3. Well I certainly feel I would be remiss in my duties of maintaining the "Girls on Buicks" thread if I did not at this opportune time take the once in a lifetime opportunity to post this fantabulous image of the

    "Beautiful Lady in the Landau"


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Lady landau....or Landau Linda....regardless it's a great pic!

    So the question is....is this the same girl, or some other Roadie Rhonda?

    Lamar and I have a side bet...don't we bud ;)


  4. I just went through and read every post in this thread, the one thing that stands out the most to me is....it is something of a Restorer's mission statement. I am what one would consider new/young at this. I can't say with enough passion that you Dean have inspired me to do better and to understand that anything can be accomplished with enough fortitude and discipline. For that I thank you.

    You said this a couple of pages back and it's something we all should think about when attempting these projects that enter into our lives.

    The big question people tend to ask is "how much is it worth now". I think they expect me to say it's worth twice as much as I have into it. I'm afraid that's not the case. I didn't keep receipts and never added up costs, but I'm pretty certain I'm upside down in it. I did not do it as an investment, and don't care. This was the best for me. There is a lot of satisfaction of restoring a car and I highly recommend it.

    That's a restorer's mission statement if I ever did see one...hell I want a bumper sticker that says that!

  5. Great pics Serb.....you must be so proud!

    You hit a nerve for me. Maybe we should have a subsection just with "Brides and Buicks"

    It is my hope that my daughter (now 4) will someday want to involve the Buick in her wedding....I can see her right now there in the back seat as I drive her to the church. :)


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