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  1. I was sure nice to meet most of you guys! I had a blast at my first Nationals...

    Only thing for me was the heat, I can take the cold but as Mike said you can only get so much naked.

    Dad and I had a little miss fortune on the way home, a dammed wreck that held us up for about two hours just sitting on I-81 so by the time we started looking for hotels they were all booked up. We stopped at about 5 exits tried about 10 different hotels all full. I just told Dad to recline the seat and I will drive the whole way home....18 hrs on the road.

    Special thanks goes to Brian....great job man. Also thanks to Lamar who showed me around and introduced me to so many.

    It was also nice to have some 55 guys at the first ever 54B Forum lunch.

    Hope to see all you guys next year!

  2. I call NOT under Stoneberg!


    Ya'all havent met me I figure.......

    Might want to make sure I'm first in for that endeavor.

    I quote Lamar's first comment when he saw my unloading pic of my Roadmaster....

    "Good thing you got a LARGE body Buick!" problem, at least I'm drought and famine resistant.

  3. 5 '53 syklark's

    3 '54 Skylarks

    39 36-38's

    Spectators are ABSOLUTELY WELCOME. There is no fee for general spectators.

    Also keep in mind we are only using the track on Saturday spectators on other days should come to the host hotel.

    Take note folks!

    39 36-37-38's is stunning.......were you able to get every model, I can't imagine how rare that would be?

  4. I enjoyed the BCA Nats I attended and would do so again if I were permitted a "display only" basis for a reasonable fee and they were within a few hundred miles. I have nothing against the BCA and still hang out here and offer help when I'm able. I only left the club because the dues, when added to the other clubs/magazines I supported, got to be more than they were worth to me. Personal decision. I also dropped other memberships and magazine subscriptions for the same reason. Maybe someday we will meet................Bob

    I can respect that...

    I was dismayed with your reasons for terminating your membership, but with some thought it has occurred to me that you still are here helping others.

    It is what its is...and it is not the same for everybody.

    I am about to embark on a special trip, my first Nats and 10 days with my Dad. As a young lad I used to spend countless hours in the winter driving on back snow covered roads with him, on the way to some hockey practice or game. I am who I am today because of him and those one on one talks.

    Its more than just a car hobby.....its about the connection to your past and present.

  5. Interesting thread; thank you for starting it Al. I am watching it closely so we can learn and improve.

    PS. Did I forget to say it was 500 metric cars...that's like 310 US (standard/english) cars so, we're good!! ;):D


    We said 54 1954 Buick's right.....well we left out the fine print. It was in Gallon to liters format. Yes that gives us a 53 54 Buick's but I think on the day of the event we will get out 54 (liter) 1954 Buick's!

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  6. Why do people not go?

    It can be a costly commitment which demands time, energy and effort to go. The costs however of attending the actual meet are NEGLIGIBLE compared to the costs of actually making the trip so the BCA can not be at fault for the meet costs. I think it comes down to the travel costs and if they are worth the experience of attending.

    This will be my first Nationals this year, I will be traveling down from Canada with my Dad....I hope to make this our annual thing. I also hope to meet all my online Buick friends....time, energy and effort well spent methinks.

    Could not imagine a reason for not going would be over a simple and CHEAP club membership fee, let alone a CHEAP registration fee.

  7. All,

    This is my first time to this forum and making a post. I've been working on a 56 Buick Special with tireless efforts to get this running properly. After replacing the radiator this weekend to solve the overheating problem, I took the car for a few spins then had water leaking out the oil pan. Seems as if my dreams of not rebuilding the motor now is slipping away.

    Can someone recommend a nailhead machanic that's in the Southern California area or in Orange County? I'd love to take this to Russ Martin however, he's a bit far from my location.

    Active thread on that very subject...