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  1. JACK M

    Piston question

    Hmmm, I always try and turn the ring gaps as far from each other as possible. Maybe there are pins to do that in the lower grooves as well. But I always thought that rings would want to move some.
  2. JACK M

    Johnnie's Garage Tow Truck ???

    These days "Can You Hear Me Now?"
  3. JACK M

    ALSA Chrome Paint

    WOW, that stuff is cool. The guy demonstrating spent all his money on it thus couldn't afford a table to work on. Am I seeing that his overbrushing isn't flashing like his project?
  4. JACK M

    Tail light lens wanted DG8

    Ollies got right back to me and does indeed make these but has to check his inventory. Price for a pair is right where I bid for the one assembly on Ebay. Fingers crossed.
  5. JACK M

    Tail light lens wanted DG8

    Thanks Spinny, I found him. Not showing the one I want but does have the same without script. I sent a message.
  6. JACK M

    Help finding ignition points screw

    Hope its not down in the distributor. Its probably just a plain old #6 screw.
  7. JACK M

    Need id

    Spell my name and send me a set.
  8. JACK M

    Need id

    Like maybe a theater marquee?
  9. JACK M

    Chrysler 323.5 Straight 8 Flathead

    A bit off topic. I had a motor home with a 460 in it and I used it to tow my race cars. One day I was pulling a slight hill and it unloaded a HUGE cloud of blue smoke. I quit after I crested the hill. After the race that night around a campfire a guy asked if I had recently topped off the tranny. Yes I had. He was a Ford mechanic. It turns out that this is not uncommon on that Ford set up as there is a vent that is near the exhaust and when the fluid expands it will puke a bit of fluid and make smoke. I have mentioned this story to several guys since as a lot of neighbors and other acquaintances think I know a lot about engines. They think I am genius when I ask if they had just topped off the tranny fluid.
  10. JACK M

    Piston question

    Good of guess as any. I suppose those that built those engines were not mechanics.
  11. JACK M

    Piston question

    What do you suppose that small dot near the valve is?
  12. JACK M

    Help recommend a car for a 17 year old?

    I think next time I get interested in some specific car I am going to leak that info to Auburnseeker. Speaking about Jeepsters (which I wasn't really looking for). I have it running and driving but am having problems figuring out the overdrive. I think I have a bad relay. More on that if a future thread.
  13. JACK M

    collector cars in California fire

    My daughter has a friend whos family lost several homes, one relative was flown out from the hospital as were all other patients evacuated from there. Some by land, some by air.
  14. JACK M

    1938 Packard Deluxe Eight

    He mentions original paint several times, but I can see rattle can over spray on one of the headlights. If I were to read the ad without pictures I would expect to see something with paint that looks different than this, either better or worse.
  15. JACK M

    Twelve Dilapitated Lincolns 1925 to 1938

    We have been hearing a lot lately about the 'what's going to happen when' dilemma. I agree that selling each one over time would be a much more plausible and possibly a more lucrative task. But someone has been appointed to liquidate ASAP for a number that is probably less than the old coot that died was bragging, thus making the estate believe that this should be quick and easy. As we have been seeing often lately, the market for this stuff is going away and I hate to see it going out of country because it wont be available for OUR ancestors.