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  1. I was recently talking with an old guy about these fluid drives and he told me of a fellow near here that works on these and has parts. I don't have one so don't know much more than that. However, I did get the guys phone number that knows these things and if you send me a PM I will give you the phone number. (if I can still find it)
  2. 350 chev engine & trans into 1961 Buick lasabre

    SBC, the answer to EVERYTHING....
  3. before travel

    How about headlights? Do these fancy LEDs cast any beam? I need to find something that will let me see the road at night on one of my rigs that has terrible weak hi beams. I tried those projector beams and don't like them either. I see those big light bars at the off road shops that they mount over the windshield, but do they just light up bright at close range or will they cast a beam? My F-350 has great hi beams so I know there must be an answer.
  4. 1936 Dodge Heater Removal

    You can simply run the heater hose as a loop, but it might be cleaner to plug them both. The only down side is the slight bit of engine cooling that the heater provides.

    The mirrors in question replace that short piece if trim is between the door and the hood. I would guess that there is a right and a left. They will have some way of mounting that is unique to these cars. No pics as I rarely see them.
  6. eBay Rat Bags

    Kinda related. I sold this car thru Mecum a couple of months ago. This guy is asking well over 10K more than I sold it for. Its not really as perfect as the new owner claims, but its not bad. I would have kept it if I had more storage. (that is a whole other story) http://www.ebay.com/itm/1966-Plymouth-Satellite-Big-Block-4-Speed-Convertible-/322759464831?hash=item4b25f6977f:g:-FQAAOSw~oFZwLA8&vxp=mtr
  7. Is this a 1930 Dodge?

    Most likely on the drivers side just behind or near the left front spring hanger. About impossible to see unless you sand the frame clean.
  8. Partially clogged hi speed jet?
  9. New Tires, Bias or Radial?

    They are expensive. I have found that on these old cars that are only occasionally driven that they will time out before they wear out. You will probably be driving on borrowed time after ten years. So to spend $500 per tire or $100 per tire would be your choice. But they need to be replaced after ten years regardless. I know, I know, lots of guys will drive these old tires and some successfully, but isn't there a Buick guy on here somewhere that wonders why his tire blew unexpectedly and now his car is wrecked? I don't like the odds. You have to realize that one needs to pay to play.
  10. I have all of that as well. I am near Portland and you can come and pull it on your own. Almost free.
  11. Cars That Made America

    My same thoughts. Entertaining, but ......meh.