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  1. JACK M

    1969 F100 3spd w/factory OD $1200

    815 = Joliet IL
  2. JACK M

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    Definitely NOT the mini van.
  3. JACK M


    Very creative, especially like the BBQ and the subway car.
  4. JACK M

    Unending patience

    I understand that and agree.
  5. JACK M

    Unending patience

    Easier to see the original paint in these pics. The SBM idea didn't take long to bore me. I have a functional windshield wiper. Living in the NW sometimes can offer unpredictable weather and I have had to use it several times.
  6. John, Is this what Justin Bieber will look like in the future?
  7. Hmm, ball joints eh. That should help.
  8. JACK M

    Thanks to AACA and all Forum members....

    Yea, drop by this way as well. Congrats on the 7K.
  9. JACK M

    1936 How to undo Dodge Desoto Horn trumpet

    A little heat works wonders.
  10. JACK M

    Unending patience

    It was explained to me that the establishment wants the registration to be what the vehicle looks like. This looks like an old Chevy. (and I like it by the way) This is why the kits these days are registered as say a Model T even though there are no Ford parts on your typical fiberglass Bucket T. If a cop gets a call to be on the lookout for a 1998 Chev pick up he would not be looking for this one. So, if Grog robs a bank and the cops are on the lookout for his Corvette he may just get away with it.
  11. JACK M

    Unending patience

    Now you are comparing apples to intake manifolds. My point is that I think clear over patina looks tacky to me. These patinaed vehicles lasted what, 60 years without clear coat. Do you think it is going to make the rig last longer with that stuff over the finish. Not likely. I see clear coats on practically new vehicles that look like crap. And I doubt putting it over rust is going to last long. I have many cars and trucks as well, the question you ask is the same as does this Hemi belong in my 28 Dodge? (nothing to do with the finish of the car). This original paint car has lasted 90 years so far. I suspect that it will outlast me.
  12. JACK M

    1946 Dodge coupe parking brake band replacement help

    The second diagram is later. The over center lever can be adjusted right there under the dash via the knob on the end of the handle. Not sure when they first came that way but 64 was the last year that the parking brake was on the back of the tranny on the pick ups. I think the adjustable handle went on for awhile after the parking brake used the shoes on the rear axle. Seems I remember these on some Dodge motor homes and vans on into the late 70s.
  13. JACK M

    Unending patience

    Clear coat over patina? A complete waste of time in my opinion.
  14. JACK M

    King of the 1/4 Mile

    Tried a 1/4 mile myself night before last. A different kind however. Unfortunately was NOT the King.
  15. That Langhorne track looks almost exactly round.