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  1. JACK M

    Hawkeye Hawskinson Article

    I saw that episode. It was one of those shows that you didn't want to end.
  2. JACK M

    Suburban script DIY

    This looks like fun and the hard part is already done. I have no idea who or when these were made. Just something that I ended up with. The molds and plaster parts all for fifty bucks delivered USPS lower 48.
  3. JACK M

    52 Plymouth temp gauge

    This came with a car (52 Suburban) that I had a few years ago. I am assuming 52 Ply. and probably others as the dashes looked the same for a few years. Freshly rebuilt in 03 according to the receipt. $120 shipped to lower 48.
  4. JACK M

    71Riviera questions

    This is one of those things that if it has to be explained you will never understand. "likes please"
  5. JACK M

    WWII Jeeps

    PM and phone call to the seller yesterday. No replies.
  6. JACK M

    What make of truck?

    Good eye.
  7. JACK M

    Inspired by Keiser

    I would love to have one of these early Utes. We don't have them here.
  8. JACK M

    Optima 6V discontinued!

    No, just a tractor battery. I have never seen a need for an Optima in six volts. Those cheap tractor batteries last forever. I do need at least two AGM batteries for my motor coach as two of the six are shot. I cant even run the furnace over night. But the rig takes six of them and they are EXPENSIVE and they are all the same age. I think they are similar to golf car batteries but I'm no battery expert. The costs of Glamping I guess.
  9. JACK M

    Optima 6V discontinued!

    I recently bought a 6 volt battery at Bi-Mart. Seventy nine bucks and a 15 dollar core charge. So I gave them an old lawn mower battery.
  10. JACK M

    Update on Ron in Michigan

    I think a guy should be able to do what he wishes on his own property. Chances are that he has lived in that place longer than any of his neighbors.
  11. JACK M

    1935 Packard owner wants it gone

    OK, drop it off at my place in Oregon along with the proper paper work and I will buy it. It will get a Hemi if there is no running gear.
  12. JACK M

    Commander 6 engine

    I always thought that those flathead 6s were called Champions and the Commander was an eight. I am no Stude expert however.
  13. JACK M

    1948 Chrysler Windsor problems

    Mostly true but one would want to at least swap the wires on the coil.
  14. JACK M

    71Riviera questions

    I should have mentioned that it does indeed dip to about 15 lbs at a hot idle.
  15. JACK M

    71Riviera questions

    I just built an old 425 Nail head for my neighbor. It had plenty of oil pressure when I primed it but only about 25 lbs when running and warmed up. The owner told me that 25 lbs is plenty for that engine and its some what higher than when we started. It was in a beater Riviera but ran pretty good. Its a hot rod now with dual quads in a 33 Buick sedan. Fun stuff.