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  1. Porcelain Exhaust manifolds

    I have a set of manifolds that I had done in less then chrome silver about thirty years ago and they look just like the first day still. RM Engineering (finish line coatings) Portland Oregon. www.finishlinecoatings.com
  2. 1934 Dodge radiator shell

    Pinch welt.
  3. Spindle reinstalled opposite side from original

    My thoughts as well.
  4. It will look much better out by the mailbox than buried in the draw. Don't dent it up to much.
  5. Shifter boot

    Thanks Marty, Same here, I have many projects and this is on my list for someday. So someday I may try and do some tinkering with available parts.
  6. This must be the reason I had trouble with mine. Its on there now, however I believe incorrectly.
  7. 36 Desoto sedan and I need a lot of parts

    What's so ugly about the ahead of its time Airflo?
  8. 1929 DeSoto project,windshield wiper questions.

    You could try New Port Engineering. (I am sure they would show up on google) Might only be 12 volts though.
  9. 1951 Studebaker Engine Woes

    Sounds more like a starvation problem to me. Maybe a good carburetor cleaning (including the jets) could be in order. Usually you would get some backfiring thru the carb if its lean. Choking as you suggest would most likely show black smoke. However try wiring the choke plate all the way open just to be sure its not sucking itself shut. Love those old Studes.
  10. Hard starting after sitting a few days

    A tip on the boat squeeze bulb. It would work to fill an empty carburetor, works best if near the tank as most pumps do.. The biggest tip, it needs to be pointed up a bit as there is a check ball in there that relies on gravity. Straight up would be best. Make sure you get one that has the correct size nipples, 5/16 and 3/8 are the most common, but there are 1/4 as well.

    Sure is. I keep coming back to look at it. There are some more pics on a previous thread. I don't know if I should get serious about one of these. Haven't picked up the phone yet.
  12. Could it be a motor mount?
  13. Lets not forget the huge gun collection in the café. There was also a very impressive slot machine display that a guy could waste a few nickels in.
  14. Shifter boot

    Thanks Marty, I got one of those parts discs, but its not much help. I had asked earlier about a part number but no replies so this is good info. So I am shopping for a 2405561. I would really like a correct original, a last resort would be to try and make one. OOPs, I typed this out yesterday and failed to hit the 'post' button. I spent a couple of hours googeling parts sites with this PN but found zero results. Just my luck.
  15. 29" DeSoto brakes again

    YEA !!!