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  1. JACK M

    1941 FORD SUPER DELUXE COUPE w/Overdrive

    R.I. Is the Super Deluxe a six or an eight cylinder car? I guess if I look closely I can see two exhaust pipes.
  2. JACK M

    Just found on line

    Well Carl,,, At least its better than being or feeling like a "Dumb A$$".. Maybe I am feeling a bit frisky today too, hmmm I always liked the Darrins, They just have a look that I like.
  3. JACK M

    Car collectors knowledge needed

    I hope you got a "A"
  4. Maybe chromed the hubs too.
  5. Must have had some work done on the wheels.
  6. JACK M

    Auction on Craigslist for old cars.

  7. JACK M

    Auction on Craigslist for old cars.

  8. JACK M

    Inspired by Keiser

    Love that hearse. I suppose it needs a roof rack in case they get more than one customer.
  9. JACK M

    1926 chrysler 4?

    Thanks Tin. Sorry if I hijacked. I had just never seen an engine like this and now see that it is diesel. Very cool. The guy that has to make three trips to find the right wrench in that last link reminds me of someone with my habits.
  10. PM sent. Now that I look the starter (at least the solenoid) that I have for parts appears different.
  11. Some kind of rally scheduled out of Shelton this weekend. Olympus rally, I think its those Subarus being abused.
  12. JACK M

    1926 chrysler 4?

    This Boxer interesting, a shared cylinder and super charged as well? Is that an injector in the middle? Or is there a carburetor in front of that pump and this is a spark plug? What did these come in? I have never seen one.