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  1. G'day Everyone, I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction. I am trying to find the headlight tie bar rubbers which sit between the bar and the guards, I have seen them before but can't remember where. I am also looking for the rubbers that fit around the base of the windscreen posts. Many Thanks Stewart
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been working with the Mopar Montanna Vintage Speed team towards getting new high performance cylinder heads made to suit Chrysler/Dodge/DeSoto Straight 8 Engines. The plan is to create a head with a stock appearance but modern chambers underneath using all the research and testing from their salt flats racing and work with the Edgy heads for 6 cylinder Mopars. The heads will fit Chrysler Dodge and DeSoto Straight 8 Engines (details below). They would have all of the stock provisions for spark plug cover, throttle linkage, etc, and well as have provisions for both Airflow (side) and stock (top) mounted thermostat housings. We are at the point where we need to get as many people on board for the project to go ahead. At this point pricing is looking like being between $2000 and $3000 depending how many people are interested. Please contact me via PM or post below if you are interested. The head would fit the following- Chrysler Dodge and DeSoto Straight 8 Engines with the following capacities; 1930 - 1950. 207.7CI - DeSoto CF 220.7CI - Dodge DC 240.3CI - Early Chrysler CD, Dodge DG 260.8CI - Late Chrysler CD 273.8CI - Royal 8, Airstream 282.1CI - Dodge DO 298.6CI - Chrysler CP, Chrysler Airflow and Airstream 323.5CI - Chrysler Airflow's, Airstreams, Imperials, New Yorkers , Crown Imperial, Windsor, Town and Country, and Saratogas to 1950 Cheers Stewart
  3. G'day Everyone, I spotted this for sale, it is very complete and seems to have all the right bits on it. Someone please save it! Cheers Stewart
  4. stooy


    Our CF gets 16mpg (imperial) on a Holden 202 Stromberg carby. Being driven at 85kmh.
  5. Hi Everyone, I was hoping someone can tell me the Dimensions of a 34 DeSoto SE airflow gas tank. Looking for length width and height please. Thanks!
  6. stooy

    30 Desoto trunk

    No worries guys. I can do proper measurements and lots of pics when I get a chance. Cheers Stewart
  7. stooy

    30 Desoto trunk

    G'day Mars, Yes there is a factory trunk, it can be seen in one of the surviving factory photos. We have one fitted to our CF8 Sedan. The factory luggage rack was pre drilled for it I believe. It only came on cars with sidemount spare wheels. I can share all the deatils and lots of photos if you want to make one. Cheers Stewart
  8. stooy

    30 cf emergency brake

    Mars Spineyhill is correct DC and CF are the same. I have one of each. Has he answered your question or are you still looking for answers, do you need parts? If so give Dodge Vintage City a try, they had a DC in the wrecking yard a few years ago. If that fails let me know and I will reach out to my contacts. Also what CF8 do you have! We have a 1930 DeLuxe Sedan. Cheers Stewart
  9. Thanks guys for all the input. Firstly there is no way I am going to install a 5 speed box in the car, I have nothing against people who do, but I really enjoy the crash box experience. Thanks Grimey, I didn't know about Mitchell. Do you mind if I ask how much it roughly cost you? (there are no prices on their website). Cheers Stewart
  10. Spineyhill you make a great point. My CF8 is bored to 3" and the block is almost too weak to take it. The crank case on the later ones, is definatly a little wider though, having had a CU airflow crank in my DC block, it would fit, but the block and the counter weights would need some relieving. Cheers Stewart
  11. Hi Guys, Don't forget the DeSoto CF8, which is a badge engineered version of the 1930 Dodge DC8. The Dodge DC8 and DeSoto CF8 indeed share a 2 7/8" bore. The Dodge has a 4 1/4" stroke and the DeSoto a 4" stroke. There was a change in the block for the Chrysler Air Flow's in the mid 30's, for example the camshafts were now fed with oil and have a slightly wider and more reinforced crank case to support the 4 1/2 inch stroke. It also got a counter weighted crank which the CF and DC don't have. Not sure about the CD. I can't help you much with parts, but we have heaps of knowledge, having fully restored the CF8's mechanical and are working on the DC8 now. Cheers Stewart