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  1. Thanks PLY33, I have 3 smashed lifters in my imperial motor, from someone yanking the cam into the side of them, and they are broken in a fashion that suggest they are very very hard, a brittle break sort of thing, which makes me think they are chilled cast iron that is mega hard. Very keen to know.
  2. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows in what year Chrysler introduced the Chilled Cast Iron Valve Tappet. I am enjoying Carl Breer's book, "The Birth of the Chrysler Corporation and its engineering legacy" a lot and it mentions this technology and I am wondering if my 26 Imperial E80 has it. Cheers and Thanks Stewart
  3. I am not 100% sure as I haven't seen the spitfire engine in person, it may fit, but I am just not sure. I am confident that all the Airflow/Airstrem engines up to 1937 fit. As best as I know all the 299ci and 323ci engines with the physical appearance of the bare block I linked you to fit. I would be fairly sure all of them up to WW2 will fit.
  4. G'day Everyone, I wanted to share with you a film and book that was shared with me about 12 months ago. In 1948 a couple - Stuart Gore and Jan Kennedy rescued a 1926 Chrysler Imperial Ute from a wreckers yard and drove it across the Western Australian Desert to Dawin and back to Perth covering at least 8000 miles. They were film makers and photographers and documented their trip along the way. I have attached a couple of the photos. The film is free to watch on the Western Australian Archives. http://purl.slwa.wa.gov.au/slwa_b1384414_6
  5. Haha I am only in my mid 30s, so I presume so. I will be surprised to hear you have a broken crankshaft or block (other than from frost damage), I am of course not saying it is impossible, but over the last 25 years one way an another I have met probably 30 or 40 CF/DC owners and never seen another one. The later block has a larger cooling capacity and more reinforcement around the oil pan, so it is probably stronger. You can see in these photos on ebay the extra reinforcing and also note 4 freeze plugs. https://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-1935-Chrysler-Air-Flow-Straight-8
  6. Hi Chris, I have been doing a bit more thinking, I think Dodge Vintage City - https://www.dodgecityvintage.com/ Had a 1930 Dodge DC8 sedan in their wrecking yard with an engine in it. As you may know the Dodge DC8 shares the same engine block as the DeSoto CF8. The share the same casting number, but the DeSoto engines are stamped CF and the Dodge ones DC. The Dodge gets its extra capacity 220ci vs DeSoto at 207ci by having another 1/4 inch of stroke. Cheers Stewart
  7. Hi Chris, A full rebuild on our CF8 Engine cost us $8k Australian. We got our pistons made locally, they cost about $700US to have made in AUS. With some looking I think you will find a block. I saw one for sale for $500 the other day on facebook but I can't find the link right now. If you were going to swap to another engine a later model Chrysler Straight 8 299/323ci would be best. It will bolt up to your engine mounts and existing transmission. They also have slipper shell bearings in the bottom end which will make a rebuild cheaper. I w
  8. G'day Everyone, I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction. I am trying to find the headlight tie bar rubbers which sit between the bar and the guards, I have seen them before but can't remember where. I am also looking for the rubbers that fit around the base of the windscreen posts. Many Thanks Stewart
  9. Hi Everyone, I have been working with the Mopar Montanna Vintage Speed team towards getting new high performance cylinder heads made to suit Chrysler/Dodge/DeSoto Straight 8 Engines. The plan is to create a head with a stock appearance but modern chambers underneath using all the research and testing from their salt flats racing and work with the Edgy heads for 6 cylinder Mopars. The heads will fit Chrysler Dodge and DeSoto Straight 8 Engines (details below). They would have all of the stock provisions for spark plug cover, throttle linkage, etc, and well as have prov
  10. G'day Everyone, I spotted this for sale, it is very complete and seems to have all the right bits on it. Someone please save it! https://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/cto/d/1930-dodge-dc8/6740242196.html Cheers Stewart
  11. stooy


    Our CF gets 16mpg (imperial) on a Holden 202 Stromberg carby. Being driven at 85kmh.
  12. Hi Everyone, I was hoping someone can tell me the Dimensions of a 34 DeSoto SE airflow gas tank. Looking for length width and height please. Thanks!
  13. stooy

    30 Desoto trunk

    No worries guys. I can do proper measurements and lots of pics when I get a chance. Cheers Stewart
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