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  1. A friend of mine had a Ford back in that timeframe. He had the same "molting" issue with the clearcoat and paint. Ford blamed it on "acid rain". Eventually Ford repainted the vehicle. I guess there was a LOT of "acid rain" back then because my friend's Ford was not the only one I saw with the exact same problem.
  2. Thanks Annie! It is a pretty long haul for me from where I live here in Eastern Pennsylvania so it will require planning on my part. Some friends of mine periodically come down for the AutoFair so maybe the next time they come down I will caravan with them. Charlie
  3. Looks like I need to put this meet on my list of AACA events for the future. Just curious, how many vehicles registered for the meet this year?
  4. Thank You for the additional information about the trailer parking on Saturday from the meet chairman. For those that need parking at the show site this is good to know. I can understand Robert's concerns about hitching & unhitching numerous times when staying at the host hotel. A courtesy van is a great idea if the hotel has one and does not need it for other guests who have to get to the airport, etc.
  5. This is probably a question you should consider asking the Meet Chairman directly via email or telephone listed in the meet tri-fold. When I used Google Earth to look at the show site there did not appear to be a lot of big parking lots capable of supporting trailers and tow vehicles. If that is the case, there could be limited trailer parking at the show on the day of the show. The meet chairman should have this information and is the person I would ask if I were you. Charlie
  6. I live in a Township that enacted an ordinance 25 years ago to deal with "motor vehicle nuisances". This ordinance goes into great detail to describe a "motor vehicle nuisance" with 19 details of what it constitutes and under what conditions a homeowner may have such a vehicle on their property. This ordinance was prompted by a resident of the township that basically turn his property into a junkyard. IIRC, this person had 30+ vehicles on the property that found their way there and never left. Back then (maybe 25-30 years ago) the township tried to get this person to clean up the property and deal with the animals, etc that were living in the vehicles and other problems. It was one costly situation for the township and a living nightmare for the neighborhood. That is what prompted the township to draft and enact this ordinance (Referred to as the "Junk Car Ordinance"). Back then I heard about the ordinance before it was passed and it appeared to be a decent compromise that as an Antique Vehicle Owner I could live with.
  7. Now that photos are no longer required in PA for Antique Tags that has opened up the floodgates fully when it comes to abuse. Years ago when I applied for PA Antique Tags (with photos) PENNDOT denied the application due to my truck having fog lights and a cap on the bed. I removed those items and was issued tags back when these tags were $97.50 (ie cheap). I see from your post that you opted not to go with the personalized Antique Tag. I can understand why since that adds $100 to the cost of the tag. Gotta love our state legislators making the money grab from our wallets. Last summer when I went to a local car cruise in I noticed that close to 10% of all the cars at this show had PA Antique Tags which never would have been issued back when photos were required. Really kind of ticked me off since many of us abide by the law and others abuse and/or take advantage of it. Speaking of abuse and taking advantage I saw the truck in the photo I attached around lunch time a couple of Wednesday's ago. I am no expert on Ford Ranger trucks but I do not believe they came from the factory in this color, nor had a bar like that mounted in the bed nor were lifted with big tires like these. I also do not think there were any Ford car shows scheduled that Wednesday. BTW if you zoom in on the passenger side rear tire you will see that it is nearly BALD and would absolutely, positively fail a PA Safety inspection. Hope I am not driving near this fella on this highway next time it is raining heavily. Would not want to be him either when he has an accident with those bald tires. I also find it a shame that the PENNDOT web site does not have a page, link or email where people can email or post photos of vehicle owners abusing PA Antique Tags. Photos like this could easily be used to revoke tags issued to people abusing the system. Heck, that would mean more money for PA since these people would be forced to buy new, regular tags, pay the yearly registration and have the yearly emissions and safety inspections. Charlie
  8. Please post a photo of the blue tag with the parts number on it as I am very curious to see the part number. I think I may have found a "detachable" roof rack in a VW Accessory brochure and I want to see if the number of your roof rack matches that document. Strange that you have had so much trouble with the strut mounts. I got just a hare over 95,000 miles on the original mounts in my Rabbit before replacing them. I did replace the replacement ones with new OEM VW strut mounts w/bearings and new struts in the original, restored strut housings when I restored my Rabbit. My 1981 VW also had long lasting strut mounts as well (over 100K) The replacements in that vehicle are around 60K at this point. As you probably know, Meyle and FAG have been making parts for VWs for a long time. I suppose the quality of there parts could have declined in recent years but I have not seen it. Buying parts for VWs made in other countries (other than Germany) is a different story when it comes to quality. Given the number of parts issues you have had and given your roads are 1000% better than here in Pennsylvania I suspect your problem is being caused by your suspension modifications (coilovers, etc) and/or your setup and/or your current wheels and tires. Those things are the constants with regard to your problem. Having so many parts wear out prematurely and/or fail makes it unlikely that the cause is simply poor quality parts but moreso related to your setup. That is just my opinion. FYI, the tire size for your Rabbit (and mine too) is 155/80R13 as published by VW. I have seen one VW spec sheet VW published that referred to the tire size as 155SR13. If I were you I would not repaint your original VW Steel wheels. They are original right now, why repaint them? HPOF is all about "Original" not necessarily about shiny or new looking (ie repainted). At a VW show repainted wheels may get you a few points in HPOF that is not necessarily the case. Regarding the modifications you have made to your Rabbit.... Given the non-factory/non-VW parts, the VW parts from other models/years both seen in the photos you posted and that you have mentioned in your posts and the missing original parts it would be absolutely impossible for your Rabbit to be certified as HPOF Original. It is also unlikely that it would be certified as HPOF. I suspect there may also be some other items that might be missing or that would be subject to deduction that have not been seen in the photos or discussed here. For example, when you replaced the exhaust did you remove the catalytic converter? If so, that falls into the missing original parts category and could be subject to deduction. Be advised that everything in this post is not meant to be mean or mean spirited but to educate you like others have tried to do in a few of their posts. That way you can make an informed decision and should your Rabbit not be certified HPOF you will know why. As 61polara has said you need to make a choice. Keep your Rabbit the way it is right now and enjoy it as you have modified it or you can put it back to it's original factory condition. That is your choice. By now, you have probably figured out that the way AACA runs their National Meets is NOT like the way many, if not all, VW Shows are run. (ie allowing a certain number of modifications in a stock class WITHOUT penalty). AACA does not work that way, never has, never will. I have worked at 100s and 100s of VW Shows over the years and judged probably close to 2000 water cooled VWs. I have never, ever, been at a VW show and not been asked the question "How many mods can I have in the stock class?" Boy I wish I had a $1 for every time I heard that question over the last 20+ years. Good Luck with your decision. Charlie
  9. Blade3562, First of all nice Rabbit! With all due respect, I believe you are confusing "Period Correct" parts with "Original Features". HPOF stands for Historic Preservation of Original Features. To me "Original Features" means features or options that came on your Rabbit from the Westmoreland Factory. Also included in that would be Rabbit Accessories that appear in the VW Parts Catalog or in Rabbit Accessory literature publish by VW. Yes, your ATS Cups and Abarth exhaust may be period correct but those items did not come on a 1981 Rabbit and were not listed in the VW accessories catalog (same goes for your steering wheel). Also, AFAIK, no VW Rabbit ever came from the Westmoreland factory with a badgeless grill. The roof rack in your photo appears to be clamped onto the rain gutters. Rabbits from that time period had a VW Accessory called the "Four Seasons Sports Carrier". That carrier did not clamp to the rain gutters. The roof rack you have was sold to Rabbit owners back in the day but I doubt it was a VW accessory since it does not appear in any VW Accessory catalog I have seen. Others here have also noticed that you have lowered your Rabbit from the factory stock height and they would be correct. Your original wheels should be 4.5Jx13 steel wheels (they could also be the 5Jx13 wheels) and the tires should be 155/80R13 steel belted radial tires. You should also realize that when it comes to tires Brand "is unimportant" per the Judging Guidelines (pg 2-22 #11). Therefore, it is NOT CRITICAL that the tires on your Rabbit be Michelins. Any brand will do as long as they are the size specified for your 1981 Rabbit (155/80R13) by VW and are Radial Tires. I know for a fact that this size tire is available from a few manufacturers other than Michelin (heck Tire Rack even sells them in that size among others). So you would be hard pressed to make a case that they are not available. In case you are wondering, I have owned water cooled VWs for 37+ years now, am a diehard VW person and an AACA Judge. BTW, say hello to your Dad for me. He emailed me back in 2010 when you got your Rabbit because he knows I know a thing or two about them . I still have the same email address if you or he has other questions. 61polara, NIce post above, sorry if I repeated some of what you posted above. I was typing this post when you posted yours. Charlie
  10. Looks like the Tri-Fold is done for this meet. Tri-Fold for 2017 Eastern Spring Meet
  11. ^^^ Wise words that I agree with 110%. When it comes to "Heavy Duty" trucks they are NOT all created equal. When I was shopping for a truck I looked at and drove a 2011 GMC 2500. I thought heck, a GMC 2500 is more than enough. Turns out that the combination of this truck's features (6.2L, V8 engine,tranny, rear end,etc) actually gave this truck a towing capacity LESS THAN the 2012 Toyota Tundra (with it's 5.7L V8) I was also looking at. It should be stated that towing capacity is not the end-all-be-all number when it comes to towing but it was very interesting that the GMC was less. I ended up buying the 2012 Tundra with the 5.7L V8 and 6 speed transmission. In the last 6 years my Tundra has been back to the dealer once per year for state & emissions inspection and normal maintenance. Other than that, no problems whatsoever. I tow my 8.5'x20' enclosed car trailer with my Tundra. Depending on what vehicle I am towing, the trailer weighs between 5,500 to 6,000 pounds and have weighed my rig on a tongue scale as well as a few CAT Truck scales. In my case my trailer and it contents are well within Toyota's published Towing capacity and more importantly it's maximum payload capacity. I have used my Tundra to tow my trailer to over a dozen AACA meets in a number of states. Some of those trips involved climbing grades ranging from 7-10+ degrees. In all cases, the Tundra did not even break a sweat. RansomEli, if your fully loaded trailer does not exceed Toyota's published towing capacity and it's payload capacity you are good to go with buying a Tundra. Especially if you do not plan on towing a larger, heavier trailer. FYI, when shopping for a pre-owned truck be advised that Toyota adopted and adhered to the J2807 Towing Standard (in 2011) a few YEARS before GM (2015), Ford (2015) and Dodge (2015) did so. If you are looking at a 2007 Tundra it would be best to look at the towing specs for a 2011 model that includes the J2807 specs since the truck was basically unchanged between 2007 and 2011. When it comes to brakes, the Tundra has had the best in class (1/2 ton trucks) brakes for a number of years and even exceeded some 3/4 ton trucks with it's brakes (Front Brake Rotor Diam (in): 13.9 Rear Brake Rotor Diam (in): 13.6) . When it comes to towing I recommend the 5.7L V8 engine which comes with a 6 speed transmission. There are other engine available in the Tundra but the 5.7L is the engine for towing. The recommended fuel for this engine is 87 Octane and the recommended oil is 0W20 Full Synthetic. I have the 4x4 drivetrain (there is also a 4x2 available). Be warned that Toyota did not sell both of these drive trains in all parts of the USA so finding the one you want may not be easy. Be advised that up until recently, the fuel tank capacity was kinda small (for towing) at 26.4 gallons. Toyota finally listened to Tundra owners (who tow) and made an optional 38 gallon tank available in the last couple years. Be sure that the Tundra you get has the Tow Package (Hitch Receiver, Trailer Brake Controller Prewire, 4.300 Rear Axle Ratio, Tow/Haul Mode Switch, Tranny Fluid Temp Gauge, Supplemental Trans Cooler, Engine Oil Cooler, 7 Pin Connector, Heavy Duty Alternator & Battery). I also HIGHLY recommend the optional rear backup camera. It makes hitching to your trailer EASY as well as backing into a parking space. Most Tundras did not come with Towing mirrors. The standard mirrors are not good for towing especially if your trailer is 8.5' wide. I bought the OEM Toyota (Manually) Telescoping Towing mirrors. They were not difficult to install. I use a dual cam, weight distributing hitch when I tow my trailer. With this setup I never have a problem with trailer sway even with very heavy cross winds crossing bridges through mountain valleys. BTW, when towing over 5K Toyota specifies a weight distributing hitch be used. Be sure the Tundra you are considering Unlike the other trucks you are considering, the Toyota Tundra retains it value MUCH better than the others. If you are selling/trading a Tundra that is good news. Unfortunately that means a pre-owned Tundra will cost you more than the other trucks when shopping for one. Toyota only sells about 100,000 or so Tundras a year which is another reason why a pre-owned Tundra may cost more. When searching for a Tundra you might look at companies like CarMax, etc. Complete maintenance records are another good thing to look at. Since you are located in Texas you might be in luck given the Tundra is made there (San Antonio) and I hear there are a LOT of Tundras on the road in that area. I have seen numerous owners post about their 2007 Tundras having 100s of 1000s of miles with just maintenance. Obviously, one needs to thoroughly examine any pre-owned vehicle one is considering buying. Like other trucks, that includes a good inspection of the chassis/frame of a Tundra. Then there is The Million MIle 2007 Toyota Tundra. I have since read that Toyota took this Tundra apart to study the long-term impact of this many miles on it. Their findings have been very revealing as to why the Tundra is such a reliable truck. Best of luck with your search for a truck. If you have more questions about a Tundra feel free to send me a personal message here on the AACA Forum. Charlie
  12. Be advised that at the local level (in my case township) here in Pennsylvania some township police forces conduct periodic DOT checks. These checks ARE NOT necessarily restricted to just commercial vehicles in some places. Where I live, they pull EVERY Truck towing any kind/size trailer in regardless of being commercial or not. In the township I live in in Eastern Pennsylvania they do these checks every month or so especially in warmer months. I have been pulled in (had No choice) on my way to Fall Hershey when I was towing my 20' car hauler (no commercial lettering on my truck or trailer). They had me drive onto the scales and asked me to give them my license, truck & trailer registration and proof of insurance. They also checked the truck and trailer for current registration and state inspection stickers and asked me what I was hauling. For non-commercial rigs I suspect they are checking for current/correct paperwork and current inspections, etc more than anything else. If the state of Pennsylvania does have weight limits for non-commercial vehicles then the use of weight scales could get one into a jam if they are exceeding those limits. I run about 1,500 lbs under the 7K rating for my trailer so pulling onto the scales for me was no big deal. BTW, a friend of mine who lives near Greencastle, PA (just north of the PA/MD border) was pulled over by a MD Trooper in MD when towing one of his trailers. When the trooper was checking his paperwork he looked at the plate on the side of the trailer for the trailer's info (weight, VIN #, etc). This plate had the VIN# printed on the plate (not engraved into the metal plate) which most newer trailers have. Due to sun/aging the VIN # had faded and was no longer readable. The MD trooper gave my friend a ticket because the VIN# was "missing". My friend called me to warn me about this since he knew my trailer had the same type of "printed" VIN# and I traveled on I-81 from PA/MD/VA when towing. I called the place where I bought the trailer and they were happy to send me a new, engraved plate with my trailer's VIN# on it (the printed VIN# on my plate had faded as well). My friend got an engraved, replacement plate as well. Moral of this story, check the plate on your trailer if the VIN# is faded/missing get a replacement plate unless you want to pay a ticket.
  13. Thanks Steve! I guess this means we will see the Tri-fold at the Annual Meeting in Philly and on the web site in a couple weeks.
  14. Yes, companies do make car covers for all sorts of indoor and outdoor needs. I have purchased a couple Car Covers from California Car Cover Company. They make a quality cover that fits well and are a nice company to do business with. Be advised that their covers are not cheap but when it comes to car covers you get what you pay for. They are made in the USA and are made to order so your friend should keep that in mind and should not expect the cover to be delivered a couple of days after he orders one. If he places an order by phone, I am sure they can give him an idea as to when it would be delivered. The following link is something you and/or your friend should read to get a better understand the types of covers, what they are made of and how they perform, etc. How to Select a Car Cover They have a nice drop down menu on their web site where he can select the year, make, model and trim (ie Limo) and then they will display the price. There are other companies that make car covers so your friend might want to shop around. I have purchased a couple of covers from this company and I am pleased with their covers and how they do business. Charlie
  15. Actually, Fed Ex has a HUGE warehouse at their Memphis, TN airport complex where all damaged/undeliverable packages are sent. I found this out years ago when Fed Ex lost a package they were delivering for a company I worked for. When I called them first they told me their system said the package was en route to Great Britain. That made me laugh since the package was coming from New Jersey to Eastern Pennslyvania. The Customer Service Rep asked why I was laughing. I told him that if it got lost Fed Ex was going to have to pay several thousand dollars since the package was insured. I was then told I would have to wait 4 weeks before filing a claim. 4 weeks later I called to file a claim. During that conversation I was told about the warehouse in Memphis and was asked to describe the package so they could look for it. Lucky for them the box had a somewhat unique company logo on it. They called me back the next day to inform me they found the package (the Fed Ex shipping label had come off) and overnighted it that day. Received the package early the next morning and the contents were fine.