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  1. Sorry to see you had bad luck with foreign made trailer tires. I had the opposite experience. The foreign made tires that came on my trailer lasted 5+ years before I retired them due to age. In 2010 I bought a set of Goodyear Marathon ST tires for my trailer. Those (brand new, Made in America) tires lasted three years before I started seeing microcracks in the sidewalls even though they were ALWAYS properly inflated and covered when not in use. On the way to Hershey one fall I had a blowout in one of these tires most likely from road debris. With the other tires with cracks in the sidewalls and Goodyear not offering any help towards new tires I purchased a set of brand new Maxxis trailer tires and have not looked back. 3+ years and counting and no cracks or other issues with these tires. Hopefully these new Goodyear Endurance tires hold up better than the old Marathons did. If they do, I may given Goodyear a second chance when it's time to replace my current tires. Charlie
  2. Towing with 2wd

    I agree 100%. Traction with 2WD on grass (especially wet grass) and/or up grades can be a problematic especially pulling a trailer with any weight to it. Over the years I have switched on 4WD more than a few times when towing my loaded car hauler on wet grass, grass up grades and or wet/soft ground surfaces at AACA Meets. Don't want to lose traction and get stuck and/or tear up the field due to using just 2WD. Charlie
  3. Marty, Very valid concern regarding not securing the rear of the vehicle on the trailer. I saw a real world example of this a couple of months ago after a local gathering of Ferraris in my area. An open car trailer hauling a beautiful Ferrari hit a dip in the road in front of my house. The rear of the Ferrari literally shifted sideways maybe 6 inches. In this case the car was anchored in the rear but it was not properly done. Fortunate for the car owner, the trailer had a solid floor and was wide enough that the car did not come off the side of the trailer. IMHO, U-Haul trailers are not very well suited for towing some vehicles. The front rachet straps require that the vehicle be moved all the way forward until the tire makes contact with the stops. Unless the vehicle being towed is not very heavy in the front, that creates an unbalanced load on the trailer and produces excessive tongue weight on the tow vehicle. It also prevents one from moving the towed vehicle backwards to decrease excessive tongue weight and balance the load on the trailer. If one looks closely in the video one can see visual evidence of that the pickup in the video is squatting to a degree. If I had a $ for every tow vehicle I have seen squatting (more than slightly) while pulling a loaded U-Haul car trailer over the years I could treat multiple members and their spouses to dinner. Charlie
  4. scammers

    I set up an email account years ago for businesses that want my info for different things or shopping online like Craigslist. 99+% of my junk email and scams go to that email address which I periodically delete. Charlie
  5. This weekend Das ( Ouch! ) Fescht, ( Bad Vendor)

    Yes, Das Awkscht Fescht is being held this Friday, Saturday and Sunday August 4th, 5th and 6th. Click here to see the show's web site. FYI, last night I spoke with the person running the event as I had a question regarding trailer parking. This year the trailer parking will be available at 150 Locust Street at the Allen Organ Company on Saturday and Sunday. Not sure where trailers can park on Friday since the company is open for business on Friday. The person I spoke with told me he would be putting up signs for trailer parking on Friday and would be speaking with the folks at Allen Organ to confirm what parking areas the show will be using. Charlie
  6. Swap Meet Food - Any Stand-Outs?

    +1 for the crab cakes at Hershey! They are a yearly tradition for me. Charlie
  7. Forum New Look

    This happened to me last night around 11 pm. It was totally unuseable. I tried reloading the forum pages a couple of times then I gave up. Looks like it is back to normal now.
  8. Here is the link to the 2017 Hershey Fall Meet's Tri-Fold Brochure. At the bottom of the 1st page the registration deadline is clearly shown. Sorry I am not sure where the printable car show registration form is located. I always use the on line registration. 2017 Hershey Brochure Charlie
  9. Check Those Lug Nuts

    Good reminder for everyone who tows a trailer. So glad you caught this before something very bad happened. Before I tow my trailer I check the lug nuts on my trailer tires with my torque wrench. During every trip I check all wheels and tires, hitch, chains, trailer electrical cable and tie down straps on the car in the trailer when I do my walk around each time I stop for food, fuel or Mother Nature.
  10. How old was your car when you bought it?

    1980 VW Rabbit was about 1 month old when I bought it new in 1980. Now it is 37 years old. 1981 VW Pickup was about 14 years old when I bought it from it's 2nd owner in 1995. That was 22 years ago. Now it is 36 years old. 1985 VW Golf was about 12 years old when I bought it in 1997 from it's 2nd owner. That was 20 years ago. Now it is 32 years old. 1987 VW GTI 16V was about 1 year old when I bought it new in 1988. Now it is 30 years old. At one point or another most of the above vehicles were my daily driver for a number of years before it was semi-retired and another vehicle took over. Looks like so far, I am the only person here who is the original owner of their old cars. Of course they were not "old" when I bought them but they are now. FYI, I met a very nice gentleman in his mid to late 80s yesterday at a local car show. He purchased his 1987 GM car brand new back in 1987 and has owned it since. Another AACA member and myself (both of us judges) spoke with this gentleman for a while, We invited him to join the AACA and enter his car in an AACA National Meet. He was hesitant to do so because he did not think his car was old enough and good enough for class judging. Since this gentleman has been to Fall Hershey before I cannot help but wonder if he overheard negative comments from other less open-minded people about 1980 & 90s vehicles on the show field. This low mileage car would be extremely competitive in a point judged class given what the other judge and I both saw when we looked at this vehicle. The other AACA and myself both told him about the 1980s vehicles we both own and show in AACA events. Hopefully our little chat helped him to reconsider membership and entering his beautiful car at Fall Hershey.
  11. Trailer

    Weight distribution is very important no matter what size pickup one is using (yes, even heavy duty Dually trucks). Soon after I first started towing I purchased a trailer tongue scale. When I weighed my trailer I found that my tongue weight was 15+% on the tongue. After I move the car back about a foot and moved some other things around my tongue weight dropped closer to 10%. From the photos you posted It appears that you have a 2014-2017 Toyota Tundra Double Cab with the 5.7L V8. I have the same model Tundra although mine is a few years older that I use to tow my enclosed 20 foot car trailer. The Tundra is a great tow vehicle as long as you do not exceed it's cargo & towing capacities. You might want to re-read your Tundra owners manual (Driving Information, Trailer Towing Section). There you will see that Toyota "requires" the use of a weight distributing hitch when the weight of the loaded trailer exceeds 5000 lbs. My loaded trailer comes in at 5,500 to 6,000 lbs so I use a weight distributing hitch (WDH) with dual cam sway control. With this system I seldom feel more than a very light nudge even with 30-40 mph cross winds or large rigs passing me. I have no idea what the weight is for the vehicles you towed in the pictures you posted. If/when you tow again you should seriously consider a WDH with sway control. Over the years I have seen a few trailers swaying out of control usually in front of me when I am towing. Long stories short, trailer sway is something to be avoided at all costs. Be safe when you tow. Regarding the original tire question I have found that the country of manufacturing origin when it comes to trailer tires is not as important as the materials and manufacturing process used. The first set of tires on my trailer were made in China. Those tires lasted just over 5 years lasted 1000s of miles and had very few, if any, micro cracks (i keep them covered) in the sidewalls when I retired them due to age. I kept constant watch on the tire pressure and tried to stay with the max speeds recommended by the tire manufacturer. The next set of tires I purchased were Goodyear Marathon Trailer Tires that were "Made in the USA". Those tires lasted 3.5 years before one blew due to debris on the road that I ran over. Closer examination of the other tires showed some of them had a number of microcracks in their sidewalls. Given these tires were always properly inflated, covered when not in use and I adhered to the manufacturer max speed recommendation the cracks appeared to be related to the tire itself. So much for "Made in the USA" tires being better. Given the fact that Goodyear wouldn't stand behind their tires I decided on the Maxxis ST Radial M8008 Trailer tires with the D" load rating (8 ply tires). This is the highest load rating I can get for the tires that will fit my trailer. My trailer and it's cargo is not extremely heavy. I just wanted the maximum tire plies I could get in the size tire I can use. At 3+ years so far these tires have performed very well. Oh, and BTW, Maxxis has a 6 year warranty on their tires according to their web site. Charlie
  12. Making the AACA More Appealing to Young People

    Sadly Annie, you are not alone. Both my point judged and HPOF cars are from the 1980s. When I first joined AACA and brought my point judged vehicle to Fall Hershey the first few years I showed it I heard a number of very negative comments (like LINC400 mentioned) as I drove into the show field. I chose to ignore those negative comments and chalked it up to some people's opinions/mindset and lack of what I call "Automotive Respect". To me, "Automotive Respect" is the appreciation of all vehicles and their place in automotive history and respect for their owners. I might not want to own a particular vehicle or vehicles from other eras, put I can appreciate, respect and admire them and their owners. Anyway, over the years I have met many other AACA members from around the USA and made a number of friendships. Had I not chosen to ignore the negative comments (which I still hear once in a great while even though my vehicles are currently 37 and 30 years old) I would have missed out on these friendships and the new people I meet and friends I make at every AACA Meet I attend. BTW, a couple of years after I started bringing my point judged vehicle to Fall Hershey I met an AACA member who told me he worked in the plant that assembled my car and that he actually built part of it. I never would have had the opportunity to talk with this gentleman had I not ignored the negative comments and continued my AACA membership for the last 12 or so years. After I joined AACA I started talking about the club and Fall Hershey to other automotive enthusiasts I know. One year those conversations brought two of these people to a Fall Meet (day trip). The next year year they brought their RV for Hershey Week, walked the entire flea market and went to the car show. Two years ago they decided to join the AACA at Fall Hershey. Ever since that first year, Fall Hershey has been a part of their annual car event calendar. To me, the AACA is about the people one meets and friendships made coming together because of our shared love for automotive vehicles. Yes, the vehicles are GREAT too. Charlie
  13. Scranton Region AACA Meet this Sunday 7/16

    Thanks so much for posting the address!
  14. Scranton Region AACA Meet this Sunday 7/16

    Thanks You so much for posting information about this event. I noticed that the flyer and the club web site do not mention the actual street address (that can be used in navigation apps or a GPS) for this event. The Scranton Region might consider including this information on the flyer and web site for next year's show so that AACA members from outside the area can attend this event. Charlie
  15. Making the AACA More Appealing to Young People

    I agree with you 100%. Parents passing on their love for old cars or exposing their children to them can be a factor for some children but that percentage may be far lower than some here might think. FYI, BOTH of my parents never learned to drive or owned a car. That did not stop myself and my three siblings from learning to drive and owning cars. It did not stop my brother or myself from tinkering/working on cars, etc and owning and/or restoring old cars. I also find it interesting that the vast majority of my car friends have/had parents that were/are not old car enthusiasts.