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  1. Today I was catching up on my Antique Automobile Magazine (AAM) Reading and updating my personal & work calendars. I do this periodically so I can keep my calendars in sync with the AACA Calendar of Events and for future planning purposes. I noticed that in the March/April and May/June 2017 AAMs, the 2018 Eastern Spring Meet is no longer listed like it had been listed in the January/February 2017 and prior AAM issues. I also noticed in the recently published document regarding the Zenith Awards that the list of 2018 Meets does not include an Eastern Spring Meet. Is it safe to believe that the meet that had been scheduled for Cape Cod, MA. in 2018 has been withdrawn from the 2018 Calendar and may or may not be replaced? As we all know, the AACA Calendar of Events can and does change from time to time. Just wondering if Steve M. can fill the members in as to what is going on? Thanks. Charlie
  2. Wayne, Boy that must have been a nice, long drive there and back with a lot of sightseeing. Totally understand about funding AACA activities. There is only so much time and money available. The Huntington Meet was my long distance AACA meet for this year. I count my blessings that I live so close to Hershey that I can attend that each year without a lot of travel time. Speaking of Hershey I hope to see you there since that is my next and final AACA Meet for this year.
  3. Wayne, I believe I saw Novaman at the meet in Huntington, WV a few weeks ago walking to a local restaurant one night but was not able to speak with him. Speaking of DFers I saw and spoke with ex98thdrill at Huntington and I am pretty sure I saw Shop Rat at the judges breakfast but didn't have a chance to speak with her. Speaking of the Huntington meet, were you there? If you were there sorry I missed you. Isn't Huntington kinda in your neck of the woods (ie the state next door)? Charlie
  4. The photo of the C.H. Charlton Bridge Joel took is the one that reminded me a little bit of the New River Gorge Bridge near Fayetteville, WV. The New River Gorge bridge is a lot taller at 876 feet. Both bridges seem to have the same walkway system underneath them. Boy looks like you had some nice weather on the way home. When I left Huntington at the crack of dawn Sunday morning it was cloudy. Almost my entire trip home it was cloudy and not much sunshine and blue skies like you had. Seems like one or two rainstorms chased me all the way home. Every time I stooped for fuel or to take a break the rain/drizzle caught up to me. Small price to pay for the dry weather in Huntington on Friday and Saturday. I'll take that trade any day! See you & Joel at Fall Hershey. Charlie
  5. A BIG "Thank You" to all the members of the Huntington Region and everyone else who helped put on this meet for all your hard work. Putting it together in half the normal time (1 year instead of 2) made it even more of an accomplishment. All you hard work is Very Much Appreciated! I do wish I had taken the time to see some of the local attractions but I spent all my time visiting with old friends and making new ones which I don't often have the opportunity to do at most meets. That was a nice change of pace for me and made this meet different/special. Special Thanks to Mother Nature for keeping us dry on Friday and Saturday even though the weather forecast said otherwise. Thanks to everyone for posting the photos of the Meet and other photos. Annie, it was nice talking to you and Joel on Saturday at the show. Did you and Joel see anyone walking across the bridge in your photos on the walkway under the bridge? If that is the bridge I think it is they give tours that include walking on that walkway to cross the bridge. Charlie
  6. You are quite welcome. I too have stored all the addresses for the Huntington Meet in my phone that I used for navigation. Steve, funny I was thinking that the trailer hooking/unhooking would be part of my exercise for the meet in addition to judging (chassis). I am sure I am not the only AACA Member who very much appreciates that the Huntington Region stepped up to host this meet. Hopefully the weather for Saturday changes for the better like it did for a few other days this week. I guess we will know come Saturday morning. Safe travels everyone. Charlie
  7. According to the Huntington Meet's Tri-Fold information, the trailer parking lot is located at ACF Industries Parking Lot, 2300 block of Third Avenue in Huntington. This lot is approximately 14 blocks from the host hotel (Pullman Plaza) and about 5-6 miles from the show field. The show field is located in the HIMG Parking Lot at: 5170 US Route 60 East #1, Huntington, WV. 25705 I checked both of the above addresses in both Google Earth and Mapquest and they work fine for navigation. Charlie
  8. I guess my point is that the Grappler videos showed almost all one "criminal" vehicle and one "police" vehicle examples on a closed course except for the final part where there were two other vehicles one on either side of the "criminal" vehicle. Interesting to note that youtube seems to only have demo videos of the product and no videos of real world use by police of this device. I guess this is a new product? Come visit where I live in Eastern PA. We have one 4 lane divided highway that is posted at 55 mph. According to local police the "average" speed is 75-80 mph. A few years ago over a 4 day period they ticketed 200 vehicles. A few of those vehicles were clocked at 110 mph. One person was even ticketed TWICE during the 4 day period. I guess he did not learn the first time. FYI this road carries 50,000+ vehicles per day and can get "crowded" with vehicles traveling 75-80 during morning & evening rush hour with very little buffer space between them (ie Nascar Racing) Sadly this is just one example of more than a few roads in this area. Charlie
  9. Have to wonder how well the Grappler works when the chase is 80-100+ mph on a crowded road/highway? Also have to wonder if higher speeds create a greater risk of the vehicle flipping and/or hitting other vehicles on the road? Strictly from a risk point of view to others on the road the Dart seems to pose much less of a danger to the public.
  10. I have not seen a count posted as of now. I will be there with my VW in HPOF and will be judging. I too an looking forward to seeing the Huntington area and seeing old friends and making new ones! Charlie
  11. You REALLY need to talk with your parents and both you and them need to talk with their insurance agent/company and you need to do that BEFORE you buy a car. Are you currently a licensed driver listed on your parent's auto policy? If not, that would be the place to start. Find out how much it will cost for you to simply be added to their policy on the cars they own. That cost may surprise/shock both you and your parents. I have two nephew's your age. One is learning to driver now and the other will be doing that early next year. Both nephews parents have spoken with their respective insurance companies and the cost increase for their policies by adding their sons is FAR from peanuts. When it comes to Antique/Classic Insurance there are two BIG things to keep in mind. First there is Driver Eligibility requirements and second there are the Vehicle Usage restrictions. For example, the company I use to insure my Antique Vehicles defines these as follows: Driver Eligibility All licensed drivers in the household may not have more than 1 moving violation or at-fault accident in the past 3 years. A maximum of 2 per household. An operator with a major violation is ineligible for the program. Licensed drivers must have at least 10 years driving experience in order to be eligible for coverage. Any member without 10 years driving experience must be excluded from the policy (supplemental form required to be signed by insured and excluded driver (s)). Each licensed driver in the household must have a regular use vehicle, which is insured with limits equal to or higher than the limits being applied for on the collectible vehicle. At least one regular use vehicle must be less than 15 years old. All licensed members of the household and any other drivers of the vehicle must be listed on the application. Vehicle Usage Vehicles are not to be used for: Work/school commutes Regular personal use Business/commercial use Track, racing or timed events of any kind whether competitive or not A substitute for a regular, personal use vehicle Backup transportation Vehicles must be stored in a fully enclosed, locked garage when not in use. These Driver Eligibility and Vehicle Usage guidelines will vary from company to company you so you need to research this well. For example, I have seen another company that requires just 5 years of driving experience as one of their driver eligibility requirements. Still others fail to mention these requirements at all on their web sites. Once you submit an application to them for coverage these requirements then kick in and you may not be offered coverage. FYI, the reason why antique/classic auto insurance is less expensive is because these vehicles are exposed to less risk (ie not driven daily, driven by more experience drivers with very good driving records and are kept in a locked garage when not in use). The Eligibility and Usage requirements listed above may pose a big challenge for you when seeking this type of coverage. The other thing to keep in mind is that a vehicle on a policy like this will have to be registered/owned in your parent's name(s) and the policy be in their names. That also means they are legally and financially liable should that vehicle be involved in an accident while you are driving it. (BTW, this would be the same if you buy a more modern vehicle as well) Please be advised that I post this information to inform you and others of what you are getting into, Sadly, this information might not seem very encouraging. Personally, I am a firm believer in researching the heck out of things like this. The more research you do, the less surprises you will have and then you can feel confident that you made the best decision possible. Good Luck, Charlie
  12. Some here have touched on the fact that car shows and events can be a challenge when it comes to appealing to spouses and their young children. I thought it would be good to pass along what a friend of mine does at a Volkswagen car event he runs that addresses the young children. Maybe the AACA should consider doing something like this or something else geared to children this age since this method has shown proven results. The first year or two my friend started running this VW car show, his mother noticed something when she was at the event helping out. She noticed the there were not a lot of families at the event with young children (ie children 10 and under). The children she did see appeared bored and not very excited. The following year she decided that the children needed something to do at least for a little while that would get them excited about being at the car show and actually make them want to be there. So, she decided to start a VW coloring and trivia contest for the children. She set up a couple EZ Up tents with tables at the show. She then found some illustrations of various VWs that the children could color. She purchased crayons at the end of the local stores "Back to School" sales at a deep discount. All during the year prior to the VW show she purchased Volkswagen matchbox and Hot Wheel cars whenever she came across them along with other car based toys, etc (ie a DVD of Disney's "Cars" or one of the Herbie The Love Bug movies). The coloring contest is broken down into different age groups with winners in each group. There are also very easy trivia questions with prizes and other give-a-ways as well. (basically each child goes home with something). During these activities (which take about 45 minutes) the children have a lot of fun and their parents get a chance to sit down in the shade under a nearby tent and relax watching their children have fun. Over the last few years I have watched this activity grow in size. When I asked my friend how this event went last year (2016) he told me his Mom told him that she had SIXTY-THREE children take part in these activities last year. Needless to say the word is out among parents as attendance for this activity has continued to grow every year as has show car (up to about 200 cars) and spectator attendance. These activities are free for the children and run by my friend's Mother (a retiree with grand children who loves kids) and some other daughters and mothers who help out. The smiles on the children's faces and their parent's faces says it all. So, this is an example of something a Grandmother did that has sparked an interest in young children and motivated the children and their parents to come to a car show. Maybe the AACA should think about activites like this for children at their events (ie Meets or Annual Meeting) that would make those events more appealing to the children and their parents. That might be one way to grow membership of younger people who have children. Charlie
  13. Steve, Thank You for clearing this up. Obviously, when it comes to AACA Meets, schedules can change. It looks like I will finally get to a meet at Auburn in 2019. I have been trying to figure that out for a while now. Will be nice to finally see what looks to be a great area and facility. Also great news about the GN in Puerto Rico. I am sure everyone there is excited about that meet as well. Looking forward to more information about each of these meets when that time comes. Charlie
  14. Are you sure about this??? ^^^^^ The reason I ask is that it has been published in the AACA magazine (March/April and May/June issues) that the 2019 AACA Grand National Meet is being held in Allentown, Pennsylvania on May 25, 2019. Maybe Steve M. can chime in here with a clarification as to what is going on in 2019?? If the location has been changed I suspect a retraction/correction will be in the next issue of the AACA Magazine? Thanks, Charlie
  15. Welcome to the AACA Forum! Good to see that you are looking to avoid impulsive and naive decisions regarding a vehicle. So, what are your plans to deal with the challenges you face posed by insuring the vehicle you want to buy? Do you already have all these challenges worked out (a company that will insure you and the older vehicle you desire and the high cost of insurance you are facing)? How do those costs compare to or impact your budget? How/who will be paying for your auto insurance? Best of Luck with your search for your first vehicle. Charlie