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  1. 2018 Philly General Meeting Questions!

    2017 National Award Winners
  2. 2018 Philly General Meeting Questions!

    Thanks Steve. To be honest I probably would not swear off donuts altogether. After all, there is something to be said about fruit for breakfast with a donut chaser. Isn't that what is referred to as a "balanced" diet? Wayne, Thanks for the tip on the fruit cup on the lobby level! Charlie
  3. 2018 Grand National Registration

    All good questions. I suggest that you call John Kuhns to get the answers you are seeking. See his post earlier in this thread for his number and the days and times to call. Charlie
  4. 2018 Philly General Meeting Questions!

    Annie, I agree that fruit in some form is not too much to ask as an alternative to the food offerings that have been around for years. Hopefully we will see something like this at next year's Annual Meeting. Charlie
  5. 2018 Grand National Registration

    Robert, I STRONGLY suggest that you CALL John Kuhns Jr. Tonight or Wednesday night of this week and ask him your questions directly. His phone number is listed above in this thread. That is the only way you can get your questions answered promptly and correctly then you can decide how you want to proceed. BTW, I can identify with the logistics of putting two cars on an AACA show field when you are the only person driving them. I did that for the AACA Meet in my hometown. It was one LONG day for me and something that I will probably not try again anytime soon. Just curious, what do you mean when you say "sort of non-driving cars"? Charlie
  6. 2018 Grand National Registration

    FYI, I met John Kuhns Jr, The Grand National Meet Chairman, and his Dad John Sr. at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia this past weekend. VERY NICE fellas. Given that John Jr. rarely uses a computer I thought I would pass on some of the information that we spoke about concerning the 2018 Grand National. As of this past week (02/09), they have over 300 vehicles currently registered for this meet. He also reminded me that there is a LIMIT of 500 Pre-registered cars for this meet which is in the meet brochure and a few other places.. Once the limit of 500 cars has been reached they will not be able to accept any more registrations. The region hosting the Grand National wants all participants to have a great time so they want to avoid having cars packed too tightly together on the show field hence the limit of 500 cars. So, it is STRONGLY recommended that anyone wishing to attend this year's Grand National and have their car on the show field had better get a hotel room and get their vehicle registered AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Heck, I ran into one AACA Member I know that registered for this meet at the annual meeting with the help of another member and his smartphone. FYI, the host hotel has been fully booked for a few weeks now. From what I understand some of the other hotels on the list for this meet are also booked up. Judges who plan to judge at this meet had better get their hotel accommodations AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as well. If you need a hotel and all the hotels on the meet's tri-fold list of hotels are full, check out the list of New Grand National Hotels posted on 02/12. If all else fails you could try giving John a call at the phone number he listed above on the days and times he listed about available hotels. If you have other questions regarding the Grand National give John a call as well, we would be happy to answer your questions. Charlie
  7. Forum Guys at Annual Meeting

    It was nice to meet you and Frank and see the other forum members I knew. Thanks for wearing the DF'er button. When I saw Marty I thought I may have found the right table and seeing your DF'er button and name tag let me know for sure I had found the correct table at lunch. I also found Wayne and sat with him at the Judging School on Saturday. Nice to see you again Wayne! Charlie
  8. Enclosed Trailer Paint

    I painted the walls of my trailer with white primer and white house paint. It make the inside of the trailer MUCH MUCH BRIGHTER inside than the bare wood walls were. I used Thompson's water seal on the floor of my trailer. It does a good job of preventing fluids from seeping into the wood floor. I have E-Track in the floor of my trailer which helps provide a some traction when the tires are wet. If I didn't have the E-Track I probably would not have sealed the floor because doing so would have negativity impacted traction. If you choose to paint the floor of your trailer good traction should be a concern. Last think you want to do is slide sideways if the tires lose traction when loading or unloading. Charlie
  9. Trailer Tires

    VL, you might also take a look at the Sherline Trailer Tongue Weight Scale as well. I have the 0 to 1000 lb scale which fits my needs given the Tundra's maximum tongue weight. If your future plans include a larger truck and trailer then you should consider a tongue scale with 0-2000 lb capabilities. Charlie
  10. 2018 Annual Meeting Registration & Seminar Schedule

    Personally, I am a big believer that one can never have too much information when planning a trip In case anyone wants details on what streets are closed and when click here. Street Closures and Parking Restrictions for Eagles Super Bowl Parade Here is a street map that will come in handy: Street Map of Philadelphia including the Annual Meeting hotel and parade route. FYI, 201 North 17th Street is the street address for the hotel shown on the map. The Gateway Parking garage on the map is the garage I mentioned in an earlier post There are a number of streets in the area of the hotel that will be closed from early morning until early evening on Thursday. For example, 17th Street between Arch Street and Vine Street will be closed so if you normally use those streets you need to plan an alternate route. Anyone driving to the annual meeting on Thursaday might want to take a look at the above information and plan their route carefully. Charlie
  11. Trailer Tires

    Trying to learn new things or verify that something you have learned is correct is NEVER foolish IMHO. So as not to take this thread more off topic than I have already, let me just say you are correct about S-Mode for the most part. It does other things as well which I will explain to you in a Private Message along with other things the Tundra can do when towing. Glad you are home safe. Charlie
  12. Trailer Tires

    I agree that the extra weight due to the Jeepster being more forward on the trailer may have been changing the geometry of the tire on the wheel thus impacting the seal of the wheel on the tire. If that where the case however, one would think that air loss caused by something like that would be more rapid and catastrophic. I can't remember reading in this thread. Did you ever post that your trailer tires has Rubber or Steel valve stems and caps? I agree that your difficulty in filling the tire with the valve stem would indicate an issue like you surmise. The last time I had a slow air leak on one of my car tires I found that once I replaced the needle in the valve stems and made sure it was good and snug my slow leak stopped. FYI, just in case you are not aware the Tundra as an engine braking feature which is nice when towing. Especially down hills/mountains. That feature was nice last summer when I was traveling up and down the mountains in West Virginia to an AACA Meet. BTW, do you know how to use the Tundra's "S-Mode" transmission feature and what it does? If not, you REALLY should. LMK and I will be happy to explain it to you. It can be VERY beneficial when you are towing up/down mountains. Be Safe as you continue your drive home. Charlie
  13. 2018 Annual Meeting Registration & Seminar Schedule

    For the annual meeting I usually do not stay over at the Sheraton since I live about an hour away. Anyone looking for an alternative to the underground garage at the Sheraton might want to consider the Gateway Parking Garage located at 1540 Vine Street. I used this garage last year when I came to the Annual Meeting on Saturday. The fees seem reasonable to me (I paid $7 for park all day Saturday). The link above shows all their parking rates. The parking garage has two entrances. Be warned that vehicle clearance for the garage is 6 feet 10 inches tall. Depending on your length of stay for the meeting (Weekday rates are higher than the cheap weekend rates), this might be a cost effective alternative to the Sheraton Parking Garage. FYI, this garage is located just across the street from the Sheraton. Also be advised that you park your vehicle first then walk to one of the Parking Kiosk Machines in the garage to pay for your parking. There are signs to direct you to the machines. When I used this garage last year you had your choice of paying with cash or a credit card. Charlie
  14. Trailer Tires

    Be advised that I corrected a math error in my prior post above. By mistake I used the rated weight of my trailer (7K) in one of my calculations instead of the trailer's actual weight when I computed the percentage of GTWR published by Toyota. That changed the percentage number in the post. Per Toyota's published specs for the Tundra the answers to your question can vary based on all the criteria I mention in my prior post. For Example: - Max Tongue Weight for the V8 engine (with Tow Package) ranges from 900 lbs to 1,040 lbs depending on the criteria I mention in my prior post. - Max Towing Capacity for the V8 engine (with Tow Package) ranges 9,800 lbs to 10,500 lbs depending on the criteria I mention in my prior post. - Gross Combined Weight Rating (with Tow Package) ranges from 15,300 lbs to 16,000 lbs depending on the criteria I mention in my prior post. - Payload Weight Rating ranges from 1,445 lbs to 2,080 lbs depending on the criteria I mention in my prior post. When I first weighed the tongue of my loaded trailer the tongue weight as a percentage of the loaded trailer was 14%. After I moved the car back a few inches and relocated my spare tires (2), and some tools to the rear of the trailer then the tongue weight as a percentage of the loaded trailer dropped to 11%. FYI, in my particular case, the actual, measured, tongue weight for my loaded trailer is about 71% of my Tundra's Max Tongue Weight rating as published by Toyota. Charlie
  15. Trailer Tires

    Give the man a Gold Star..^^^ Yes the bottom of the window does slope upward. BTW, given what VL posted in another thread I suspect that there are parts in the bed of her Tundra as well which is additional weight on the rear axle which also contributes to what the photo appears to show. Personally I think that the combination of the weight in the bed of the truck along with the front weight bias of the Jeepster (anyone else notice the difference in the clearance between the front and rear trailer tires and the trailers wheel wells?) on the trailer and a hitch ball height that appears lower than optimal all contribute to what the photo appears to show. As VL has posted this has been a positive learning experience for her (and hopefully others as well). I have been towing for 12 + years, 6+ of which has been with my Tundra. When I was shopping for a truck to tow with I did extensive research and number crunching. When it comes towing SAFELY, it is all about the numbers for me. Not exceeding the various weight ratings for the tow vehicle & trailer and building in a Safety Factor when it comes to weights (ie being UNDER the various weight ratings). Does the Tundra work for me with the trailer and vehicles I tow, Yes. Would it work for a bigger trailer or heavier vehicles to tow, No. Now onto some FACTS regarding the Tundra’s Towing Capabilities. Many factors determine the various weight ratings for the Tundra (and other trucks as well) when towing. The Tundra’s model code, engine size, 2WD vs 4WD, bed size, whether or not it has the factory tow package (which includes a Class IV receiver hitch among other things), the 4.30 gear ratio in the rear axle and it’s payload capacity all determine the various weight ratings. Also, when I purchased my Tundra (and for a few years afterward) it had the Largest brakes in the ½ ton truck class. Larger than Ford or GM or Dodge. The following are real world loads and weights based on Cat Scale weights along with Toyota’s published weight ratings which meet the J2807 Towing Standards. These numbers tell a story that may surprise some here. When I tow the heaviest of my vehicles to an AACA event, that vehicle along with everything else in my trailer adds up to less than my trailer’s 7,000 lb weight rating (82% of 7K). The actual weight of the loaded trailer is 59 % of Toyota’s published Gross Trailer Weight Rating. So that is well under Toyota's GTWR. When it comes to the Gross Combined Weight Rating of the Tundra and my attached Trailer it is 79% of Toyota’s published GCWR. That means it is 21% UNDER the GCWR. It is hard to tell from the photo I posted but I am using a Reese Weight Distributing Hitch with Dual Cam Sway Control. As you can see in the photo, it is doing the job that it is designed to do. It also makes for a very steady and controlled ride even when I have towed in 30-40 mph cross winds. For me and a lot of others here towing is all about being SAFE. In order to do that one has to know ALL the numbers for one’s tow vehicle, loaded trailer and the published weight ratings for their tow vehicle. Over the last few years I have notice more Tundras towing trailers at AACA meets. Hopefully those Tundra owners have done their due diligence and crunched the numbers as well. FYI, as it turns out VL’s Tundra is the exact same model code, engine, bed size, rear axle, tow package, etc as my Tundra so it has the same weight ratings as mine. Given the weight of her trailer and Jeepster it would appear that when it comes to the various weight ratings she is closer to 50% of Toyota’s published rating numbers. While that does not make up for the forward bias of the trailer or hitch ball height that is less than optimal being that far UNDER the weight ratings is a big positive. BTW, if my schedule permits, I hope to attend the AACA Annual Meeting coming up in Philadelphia in a few weeks. One very interesting item on the agenda for me is the “Trailering Roundtable”. That looks to be an informative discussion on an interesting topic. Hope to see a few of you there. Charlie