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  1. charlier


    Doug, I was kidding also. I know a number of motorcycle owners, good people all. I am staying at the host hotel for the meet here. Before sunset I plan to take a walk around the show field to take a look at the large numbers of vehicles that are already on the show field. 😁 Today I spoke with a few of the region members who were parking trailers. They told me they expect about 110 more trailers will be coming to the show on Saturday morning. Given the logistics of the trailer parking area and show field, it would seem advisable that all show car owners coming on Saturday morning get here as early as possible. Just a reminder that the show field opens at 7:00 AM tomorrow and judging begins at 11:00 AM. Charlie
  2. charlier


    Just whatever you do DO NOT follow HD motorcycles on Saturday morning. That is unless you want to get STUCK in the traffic going to the HD dealer on Saturday for their open house. 😁
  3. charlier


    I suggest that you contact the Meet Chair or the Registration Chair since they are best equipped to answer your questions/concerns. Given that the meet is underway it might be best to call them on their listed phone number since they may not have access to email. Click here for Eastern Spring Meet Information. Charlie
  4. charlier

    hard starting

    Good suggestions. He also might consider just buying a battery load tester. I bought this one at Harbor Freight and used one of their 20% off coupons. Best money I spent considering the number of vehicles I have and the time and effort to remove the battery and haul it somewhere to get it tested. I would most definitely clean the cable connection on the switch on the starter as well as the cable itself. Had this exact same situation with one of my old cars. Turns out the cable connected to the started needed a cleaning. Problem solved. Charlie
  5. charlier

    2002 United trailer

    You might consider posting the city and state where the trailer is located. That can be important to prospective buyers.
  6. charlier


    Hopefully this means we will see a Yugo at an AACA Meet in the near future. After all, the Yugo is a part of automotive history and deserves it's day in the sun like any other vehicle.
  7. charlier

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    After the restoration of one of my vehicles was done I would get a LOT of inquiries as to who did the paint and body work. At that point I did a pre-screening interview for the body shop that did my work. During that interview I told the person what they should expect as far as quality of work, cost (ie not cheap) and the expectations the body shop had when it came to a potential customer. If the potential customer got past my pre-screening then they met with the body shop owners to have a more in-depth interview. A very few of these inquiries turned into actual projects for the body shop that all turned out the same. The customer had a HUGE SMILE on their face when they picked up their finished vehicle and the shop had a VERY satisfied customer who always spoke highly about the quality of the work. Charlie
  8. charlier

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    Matt, Three words that may apply to that customer..... 😁😉 Charlie
  9. Came across the following video on YouTube last week made by a fellow AACA member from North Carolina. Thought some members here would appreciate it. Enjoy. 2018 Grand National Video Click Here Charlie
  10. charlier

    Off to the crusher?

    Kind of early to have them loaded to take to the Swap Meet at Fall Hershey I would think. 😁😉
  11. charlier

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    I do have to wonder what impact this decision will have on attendance at the 2019 AGNM in Auburn. Since that is the first AGNM to be held after the decision goes into effect. Will it open the floodgates? Will this meet see 500-600 cars like the last two Eastern AGNM or will the attendance be lower like the typical Western Meets? Should be interesting to see. Having never been to Auburn I would imagine that the facility can easily had 500-600 entrants with almost as many car trailers and tow vehicles if it has to. Time will tell I suppose. This decision and the decision about no more Dual Meets brings up a much bigger question for the AACA Board of Directors.... When is the Board going to start asking for input from AACA Members in a more predictable and manageable way that better reflects the wants and needs of the membership? Unless I am mistaken, the AACA Board appears to make decisions based on complaints, feedback or requests from the membership once that feedback gets to a certain number. If that is actually the case, how does that number compare as a percentage of the 60,000+ members? Is is 20%, 30% or 1-5%? Has the AACA Board ever considered a yearly questionnaire? Send a paper copy out each year with the club magazine in the issue when the Boards Elections are held. Put an electronic copy on the AACA Club website where members can sign in and fill out the questionnaire once if they choose to instead of mailing it in. This could be the means by which the Board asks the membership is THEY want to change the requirements for the wait period for a Grand National. This would be where the Boards asks the membership if THEY WANT to have Dual Meets or not. Doing this will undoubtedly give the Board MORE ACCURATE FEEDBACK than they are getting now to base their decisions on. This would also give AACA Members a voice in the way the club is run. Obviously, not every issue the club faces should be put in a questionnaire to it's members but there are some that could warrant this type of feedback. Some might say that the response rate from a questionnaire might be low or cost too much to do. To me, it is a cost of doing business much like when a company sends out proxy voting materials before an annual shareholders meeting to ask shareholders to vote on issues impacting the company. Regarding potential low response rate to an AACA questionnaire... Even with what some might consider a low response rate that response has to be 10, 20 or 50 times higher than the current feedback the Board gets. The biggest plus of all is that the AACA Membership is given the perception that the Board is LISTENING to the membership which right now is probably not the case if you ask some AACA members. Lastly, please take this post as a suggestion to improve the way the Board communicates with the AACA membership which is what I intended. It is not a criticism of the Board. They do a GREAT Job for AACA Members. Charlie
  12. charlier


    FYI, I received a mailing yesterday from the host region that contained a "Trailer Parking" Dash Card, a map of the Host Hotel Complex and a letter with "Arrival Instructions". The map shows the various show fields labeled with letters and entrances, two trailer parking areas, judges parking, vendor and car corral parking, the Show Day registration area where show packets can be picked up on Saturday. The letter goes over various bits of information. It also states that swap meet vendors and judges will receive a mailing with parking dash cards as well. Hope this helps. Charlie
  13. charlier

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    Thanks, I must have missed the announcement regarding this Board decision. 😁
  14. charlier

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    I certainly hope this "quick" decision also considered the downward trend in the number of AACA National Meets (only 4 National Meets in 2019 and 1 was just added recently) and how that might impact this rule change? Also, were Dual Meets (Grand Nationals on Friday and National Meets on Saturday) during the same weekend discussed before the Board voted on this? If so then great. What is the new policy in this regard? If not, the next big complaint and push from AACA members will be to move the National to Meet to Friday and the AGNM to Saturday for Dual Meets so people do not have to "wait another year". Wow that could potentially mean a car goes from Junior to Senior to 1st Grand National in less than a two months by going to Charlotte or Auburn and a Dual Meet. Hmmmmmm. You might also want to include the impact of this decision on future Dual Meets in your upcoming Speedster notification as well. Otherwise, you and the board will have some "splaining" to do when the next Dual Meet occurs. That is, unless Dual Meets do not happen again (due to all the work they entail for a host region.) Whether or not this decision is the start down a slippery slope or not remains to be seen. Some of us have concerns that it is just that. Only time will tell what happens. Everyone should hold on for an interesting ride. 😉😀
  15. charlier

    trailer weight question

    This past weekend I took a trip to upstate New York for my godson's high school graduation (driving my truck without a trailer). The safety issues I saw with people towing trailers were so numerous and serious that I just hoped I could get past them before something happened. What I saw spanned the tow vehicle spectrum from SUVs to 1/2 tons for Dually F350s. Seems when it comes to lack of towing safety concerns, it seems that no class of tow vehicle is exempt. It is just more of less when it comes to the numbers of each tow vehicle class that are not towing safely. Some issues were mirrors that simply did not extend out far enough creating extremely dangerous blind spots, dangerously improper tow ball height (trailers looked like they were climbing a hill on LEVEL ground), lack of weight distribution (saggy rears) and lack of sway control (trailers doing the wiggle dance). On one stretch of highway I saw a tractor trailer doing the posted speed limit (65) with a flat trailer tire that was flat and shredding itself. Would not have wanted to be around the people towing trailers in that heavy traffic when that tire came off. Basically, the "But" situation Marty mentions above. The bottom line is all those who tow a trailer need to be careful out there and have good safety equipment which is properly setup. There seems to be a growing number of people that tow that do not know how to tow safely or simply do not care. Those people are going to run out of luck someday and the rest of us do not want to be there when that happens let alone without good equipment set up properly. I have not been towing all that long (13 years). During that time there have been occasions like Marty mentioned about where the proper equipment and setup made all the difference. Sure made me glad I had it.