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  1. Thanks for posting about the article. Terry, is this the article? AACA’s to purchase new building for headquarters and library
  2. An Antique Vanity Plate?

    Personalized Antique plates have been available in Pennsylvania for a couple of years now. The plate can have a combination of letters and numbers with a maximum limit of 4 characters. A hyphen or space can also be used but they count as one of the four total characters. Only one hyphen or space is permitted but not both.The cost of one of these plates currently appears to be $244.00 if my math is correct. Click here for Pennsylvania Personalized Antique Plate Information
  3. Ethanol Free Gas at Convenience Stores...

    Wawa is a regional convenience store chain that currently operates 720 stores in Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
  4. Thanks so much for posting all the photos. My friends and I didn't make it to some of those events so seeing your photos was very nice. So nice to see you, your husband and the rest of your group at Hershey this year. Charlie
  5. Ethanol Free Gas at Convenience Stores...

    My local Wawa has gutted their store for a major remodel. A few years ago when they replaced their underground tanks (which stations do every so many years around here) they added Diesel Fuel pumps. I can only hope that when they have to replace their underground tanks again they add a tank for Ethanol Free and start selling it. In the near future Sheetz will be building a new station not a mile away from this Wawa. Should be interesting to see if Sheetz adds Diesel and/or Ethanol free to their offerings when this station is built. Their current station in the area that the new station is replacing does not sell either Diesel or Ethanol Free. The place where I currently buy Ethanol Free gas for my Antique Cars and small engine devices (Lawn Mower, Weed Wacker, etc) is about a 25-30 mile round trip from my house. This place is a country store that sells 87/89/91 octane Ethanol Free. They do a good gas business selling to Antique Car Owners, Lawn Care Companies and Motorcycle owners. Sure would be nice to have a source for this fuel closer to home. A few years ago on my way home from an AACA Meet in Lebanon, TN I found a place selling Ethanol Free gas in Virginia by accident. The price was the same price I pay in Pennsylvania for Ethanol gas (thanks to Pennsylvania's tax on gas highest in the USA). Anyway, I filled up my tow vehicle and got about 1.5 MPG more with the Ethanol Free gas towing my enclosed car hauler. If the price of Ethanol Free gas was closer to the Ethanol gas (currently $1.04 more per gallon here) it might be worth it to me to use it more often in my daily driven vehicles. Right now it is not. If more mainstream retailers like Wawa or Sheetz started selling it around here that might help to bring the price down.
  6. A couple of weeks ago my brother stopped at a new Wawa that recently opened in his area on Cedar Crest Blvd. in Allentown, PA. Seems that this Wawa is selling 89 Octane, Ethanol Free Gasoline. One has to wonder if this is something Wawa is doing with all new Wawa locations or a regional thing in specific areas? The price on the pump in the picture is about 34 cents/gallon less than the place I currently buy my Ethanol Free gas for my Antique Cars and Lawn Mower. Should be interesting to see how sales do at this location. I'd bill willing to bet that sales will spike at this location when the AACA Grand National is held in Allentown in a couple of years. Anyone else seeing Ethanol Free Gas popping up at new convenience stores in their area?
  7. Not sure what the rules are concerning generators on the swap meet fields. I have been staying with friends in their RV on the RV parking field that HE&R runs where the old airport once was. On that field, the generator rule is that they cannot be run from 10 pm to 7 am which I have found that all RV owners follow. The one exception is the generator that runs the portable light unit near the HE&R trailer which runs all night long. This year my friends parked their RV further away from the HE&R trailer and we could not hear the generator even with all the windows open in the RV due to the warm overnight temperatures. Hopefully Steve M. can bring this to the attention of Hershey Region and they can look into this situation further for next year.
  8. Drone appearance!

    The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has a page on their web site regarding Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) (aka Drones). Unmanned Aircraft Systems I suspect when it comes to HE& R property the "within 25 feet of private property" is what applies here. With Penn State Hershey Medical Center just a few miles away, drones are a bad idea when it comes to their Life Lion Helicopters as well.
  9. What did you buy at Hershey?

    Spent two days and about 10 miles of walking. Found one book at a great price. For me it is about spending time with friends, seeing AACA members I know and catching up and hunting for hidden treasures. Also bought a crab cake sandwich each day for lunch.
  10. Want to add my Thanks as well to the Hershey Region for all their hard work at this year's meet. I too am looking forward to 2018.
  11. Click here for Steve M.'s post regarding Hershey Meet Trailer parking from last year (2016).
  12. The bus has left the building...

    I had read that the bus from the movie The Big Bus had been scrapped. Did someone restore it? Making the turn onto North Hockersville Road with this bus to get to the show field would be something to see. Would also have to widen the entrances and lanes on the showfield.
  13. Al, Thanks so much for your directions. When North Hockersville Road ends it feeds you into Old West Chocolate Avenue. Like you said if you turn right at the stop sign onto Old West Chocolate Avenue it will eventually bring you back to Hershey Park Drive at the traffic light you mentioned. I am a little confused because you said to turn left at this light. If one if leaving Hershey or possibly going to a hotel I think that turning Left is what you would want to do. If you want to go back towards the Giant Center and the Trailer Parking Lot it looks like you want to turn Right onto Hershey Park Drive (from what I see on Google Earth). Another way to go would be turn turn left at the stop sign where North Hockersville Road ends onto Old West Chocolate Avenue which will take to towards the Town of Hershey. When you get closer to Town, Old West Chocolate Avenue turns into Route 422 (aka Ben Franklin Highway). Soon after that you can turn Left onto Route 743 (aka Park Avenue) and follow that until you get back to Hershey Park Drive. Either way will get you back to the Giant Center and the Trailer Parking Lot. Personally, I have used both of these routes after the show to get back to my trailer. Both get the job done. Charlie
  14. I will be walking the fields all day Thursday and Friday with friends. Saturday I will be on the show field with one of my VWs which will be going for it's DPC Certification.
  15. Please be advised that the owner of this car told me yesterday that she entered this car in the Car Show at Fall Hershey next Saturday 10/07. So, if you would like to see the car in person you will have the opportunity to do so.