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  1. Airplanes

    If you need something larger, last I knew the XC-99 was a chicken coop (not coupe) somewhere outside San Antonio.
  2. 1920s Car Radio

    The problem was the "B+" requirement of vacuum tubes and why there were 9v/90v batteries. Tubes of the time needed high plate voltages and its hard to raise a DC voltage (but easy for AC, too bad they did not have alternators back then. BTW the 1LA6 came out in 1939 (Sylvania) making true portables possible, before that car radios were mostly farm radios (32vdc) packaged to fit a car. 'nother, 'nother hobby. At least we do not need to be concerned about AC/DC radios any more. GM got into trouble about making it hard for accessory mfrs to add their radios, they were a big profit item (but Delco radios were excellent quality) for the general. Think SEMA got involved and the result was something called a "radio accommodation package". I ordered my '78 Sunbird that way and came with prewired in windscreen antenna and power connections but a "Radio Delete Plate". Like the clock plate they screamed that the owner was too cheap to buy one.
  3. What's the better buy?

    To me the question assuming you can afford either is cruising speed. Figure the Model A 4 cyl would be straining at local street speeds around here (mostly 45 mph). The Buick could stay with modern traffic.
  4. Questions about an old car

    Sorta. Gogomobiles were small "popcorn-poppers" and some could even exceed 50 mph. Built in south Germany by GLAS which was absorbed by BMW. Don't think GM ever marketed a 2-stroke (but am sure someone here knows).
  5. Airplanes

    Not a pilot but usually go to Lakeland and once upon a time designed engine and flight controls. What is the aircraft ?
  6. White Cars

    For national racing colors (colours), see here.
  7. White Cars

    '57 Bonnevilles were also White. Was a TOL color in the '50s.
  8. True but do not understand why, in Florida, Black is now the most common color.
  9. White Cars

    White and Blue are the American racing colors.
  10. Just got back

    I carry one of these plus a t-bar lug wrench, a serpentine belt wrench (which includes an 18mm socket), and a small fire extinquisher. In general, what I carry is not needed.
  11. 1913 REO

    Both had to use a different name after their first company was purchased by GM. (Albert Champion - AC spark plugs, Ransom E Olds - Oldsmobile)
  12. Henry Ford?

    And looks nothing like the Henry Ford I've seen in newsreels. The original's ears were lower. Looks more like the actor who just played him.
  13. Cars That Made America

    And Amazon's price for the DVD is up to $13 (new) now.
  14. 1913 REO

    And for trivia what does the REO have in common with Champion spark plugs ?
  15. The authority on collector cars

    I always liked Chico's method in A Day at the Races: he would tout a different horse to different people until he had a lock on every horse in the race, then collect from the one that won. One issue is that modern cars have more HP (net vs gross), more gears, and lighter weight than "muscle cars". A SRT Crossfire is more than a match for my Judge. And just about all come with AC now.