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  1. Computer problems with my ASUS, laptop any help?

    It is simple: Apple makes the best computers for people who do not like computers. Only company I know who can charge full MSRP for a 2015 device & who use refusal to update an older computer to sell new ones.
  2. Advice on a Bentley please.

    " I would not do the repairs myself." - well right there says you are better spending more for a running driving car you can enjoy now and not somewhere off in the future. This is more for someone who wants more than a car, they must want a hobby, a lifestyle, and incidentally transportation.
  3. Advice on a Bentley please.

    All I know is that a 57 Rolls is the easiest car to hotwire in the world. Whitworth sockets and wrenches are available on Amazon, and some even know how to pour their own bearings. The engine and tranny are both designed for "enough" power and are very strong/long lasting. The weak spot in any English car of the 50s is the Lucas electrics. Now the question is "why do you want it ?" If to drive around in something unique it is a great car but designed for cool climates. Not the easiest to add AC and a more efficient cooling/electrical system. A 100 point bustle back Bentley makes no sense but some here cannot see past trophies. For me the biggest issue would be rust, there are answers to everything mechanical (but not necessarily anything a purist would like. OTOH if you buy it, it is YOUR car and not anyone else's.
  4. Looked but I have one that is 2x3 1/4 and it is fine for width but too long. I need exactly 2"x3" + 1/16 and those are 2 3/16" X 3 3/16"
  5. From a few years ago: (still have 2 of them).
  6. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    Received my four replacements way back near the start of the thread. Did get an e-mail last week apologizing for the delay. Wonder if receiving more... Call was to ask what to do when they do not fit in the box. Still waiting on that.
  7. Advice on a Bentley please.

    Looking at some advts for period Bentleys suspect the magic letters are "SBC". Did once repair the power brake servo on an E-type with an inner tube and some hose clamps. Do still have a set of whitworth wrenches....somewhere. ps Jag owner's manuals of the period has a section on "decarbonizing the valves". Head was supposed to come off periodically.
  8. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    Lesse, 40,000,000 8 lb extinguishers... Am more concerned about faulty mechanisms discharging while being shipped. Over a week now and no call from Kidde.
  9. Advice on a Bentley please.

    That's just a "big six" and easier to work on than a Jag of the same timeframe. Always liked the fastback better than the bustle back.
  10. Car Ads which don't include the price

    Same here: no price and I have no interest.
  11. Just looked and in accessory you get the radio/tape screen, not the "general" screen. You need to be in RUN to get "no malfunctions". Touch screen/buttons are a separate harness from the CRT. ps Retained Accessory Power - when you remove the key power stays on the radio and windows until you open the door or it times out.
  12. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    Mine were all the same and all 2A10BC. Plastic handles. New ones are shorter and have metal handles. Thinking I should discharge them before shipping back. Received four a week ago and just got an e-Mail apologizing for the delay in shipping. Week later and no call with instructions. Wonder if more are coming...
  13. Also the CRT and the buttons/touch scream have different connectors may just need an R&R of the connectors. ps Oct. 5th 2015 ?
  14. Convertible - Final Step to Latch Top

    The convertible top manual used to be online as a .pdf, do you have that ? - The red lever on the driver's side should not be covered by anything, there is a velrco flap but should not be blocking the lever. - When the lever is pulled, the rear frame of the top shold drop down with the pins touching the tonneau - a firm push on both sides should lock them - Now the front rail should be able to be pushed into position to be latched, if not the 4th bow needs to be adjusted until it fits.
  15. What a Horible Shame

    Haven't been very active lately, totally occupied with life and my pair are both on collector's policies now. Very little cost to keep in garage but probably should keep the 88 since I consider it a landmark car and sell the 'vert. Just no motivation. Spent my college years in Indiana/Michigan and remember a 67 Eldo that said No Parking on the driver's floor and "70 MPH" on the passenger side. Now live in Central Florida where "rust must be imported".