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  1. 1934 Burlington Zephyr
  2. York was a brand name for automotive AC compressors (and home and commercial ACs also, dunno what else. Looks completely different from a Rochester of the same period, more like an air compressor.
  3. The thingie marked F44 is a York compressor (or a clone). Other thingie (round cyl with a yellow label band) looks like a receiver/dryer with a sight glass (think the glass went away around 1973) AFAIR ARA was an aftermarket AC company based in Dallas.
  4. Most GM carbs of the period has a part number either stamped into the side of the bowl or on a tag under one of the screws. It would help just to see the carb out of the box. Looked like a Rochester 2GC loose on the ground.
  5. ps AFAIR they used a two cyl York compressor. Quite distinctive.
  6. Think that was also the early Mustang factory AC. Remember seeing quite a few in south Florida when new.
  7. Back in the day, a car was a thing of pride and there were few distractions. Today cars are appliances and the world is full of distractions. When I was growing up a TV in the drivers vision was illegal. Today everyone has multimedia and traffic is so dense I often cannot see a following car's headlights. The only good thing about that is they cannot hit me hard. Biggest difference of modern times is if I need to brake hard, my first glance is to the rear view mirror. Few months ago I was rearended while stopped by a lady who did not see a fire truck with all lights going blocking the road.
  8. In the '30s a lot of the steel from the Chicago "L" was sold to Japan. It was said to be returned in the Mitsubishi A6M. In the 70s I was living in Indiana and a thorough pre-delivery check was just something I expected for a new car. My main concern after that was rust. Today my last new car was a '12 Jeep from the Daimler-Chrysler period. The factory has fixed more things than I ever noticed. Now have all three generations of the same V6 drivetrain with three different badges on the hood.
  9. Bottom line: today there are more interesting choices than ever before and HP is back, even absurd.
  10. Dumb idea since so easy to circumvent.
  11. That is correct, you can get it to run with 12v to the coil, but not for long, a GM 12v coil is designed to run through at ballast resistor at 9v. Jumping at the key switch rather than the coil will do this. This is so it can get a full spark when cranking with a weak battery.
  12. Used to have a bet I could walk up to a locked 60's car and have it open and running in under five minutes. for your car one jumper to turn ignition on and a second to crank the starter is all you need but may not have accessories ('nother jumper). Can often be done easiest under the hood if the solenoid is reachable. Starter should be big purple wire. Can just go to a flaps and buy a starter switch with key and a set of gator jumpers to DIY. Just leave hanging under dash. Remember at one show the sales critter was extoling the anti theft qualities of something new, think a Vega, really visible starter, reached in with two quarters and had it running. Hard part might be the gas cap, may require and addco binder clip.
  13. 66 GP looks kind of neat and has AC, quite a bit of aftermarket stuff but no 8-lugs so brakes are easy. THM400 transmission. Big question is underbody rust. "Solid Frame" does not bode well for floor pans. No engine picture, be an easy tripower swap.
  14. That '60 Hawk would be the deal for me. V8, Manual trans, & O/D, wow. Kicker would be rust particularly underneath and would need a lift to examine properly. For someone up there to say "rust spots" I would be very concerned.
  15. ps if pulling the head might also consider hardened exhaust valve seats. Modern unleaded gas/alcohol mixes are very hard on valve seats and valves. Lead not only improved octane, it also acted as a top end lubricant.