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  1. padgett

    Rattling noise from crankshaft area

    Three spares I keep around: Delco ignition, oil pressure sensor, and harmonic balancers.
  2. padgett

    I need ECM help

    All "C" 3800s use the -253 PCM just different e-proms for model (fed or Cal), axle, and year
  3. padgett

    Oil cooler adaptor

    Is there a part number for the "late style" ? Does the angle require a filter with an anti-drainback valve (PF51) or not (PF52) ps back around the Fiero disaster I cut apart a PF47 and a PF51 and the filter area was the same, just 51 had a longer case. pps does the "E" suffix mean "England" ? Non-E have 6 periphery holes, E has eight.
  4. padgett

    Getting a car ready for my son.

    Last time I had that happen, some helper with a bigger air wrench than IQ got 12mm nuts on 1/2-20 studs.
  5. Well Chrysler had had a pushbutton trans for years just put it easily at hand and not in the steering wheel. Remember "horse collar" but thought the politically incorrect one was a '70 Cougar. Edsel was also part of a PI "three time loser" joke. At the time wondered "why". It was as if Ford wanted to have a competitor to Buick/Pontiac or Dodge/Desoto but did not want to spend real money or use Mercury to do it.
  6. OY. Oil pressure switch failure is so common I always keep a spare. "top for about a minute, at the most, and then shut off like I had turned the ignition switch off" sounds like when it tried to switch to closed loop. What you need is diagnostics. For in depth I use a Moates adapter, TunerPro RT, and a laptop.
  7. padgett

    Ray Evernham's new TV Show

    Channel 220 on Direct.
  8. padgett

    Calculating compression ratio...

    " Factory Horsepower ratings" are simple: pure advertising in the US. Good dyno is the only way to know. Don't forget for HP we has SAE gross, DIN, SAE net, and wherever the Toledo needle swung to when they dropped the clutch. "Plastic sheet and burette" tells you what the chamber volume is but says nothing about the piston dome shape. Have seen every thing from pop-ups to bowl and everything in the muddle. Finally actual compression ratio says nothing about the head design and chamber shape - center spark can take more advance than an L-head. Straight plug SBCs are when indexing came from which led to the slant plug heads. It is not simple and more an art form than scientific even 100 years on. The method is to come up with a scientific design and then test/modify/test/modify and on many times. Today for street use I prefer a 3.25-3.50" stroke, 3.75-4.0" bore, with a DOHC pent roof 4-valve center spark head. Vary the number of cyl to hit the displacement target. I personally like a 3-4 liter V6 ( which gets me back to my '59 3.4 Jag was 250 hp then, is 300 hp now.)
  9. Should be a rest from finicky Furries, Jags, and Mercs but needs SAE not metric or whitworth tools. Also requires test equipment that is not OBD or ALDL. Normal 289 4 bbl (not 271) is a simple engine but so many hands have been in the pot that it is best to start with compression, cyl leakdown, cam timing, tailpipe sniffer, and ignition timing. Does sound to me like a combination of vacuum leak and lean surge but would want to start from ground zero myself.
  10. padgett

    Calculating compression ratio...

    " you must subtract the amount the piston moves upward " errr no. Might be true if the intake charge was massless but it has inertia (velocity times mass as long as you don't go sonic). In a "High Speed Internal Combustion Engine" this translates in a continuedl cyl filling even though the piston has passed BDC. Further most modern cams are measured not at full closed but at .050" lift. Can spend all day on the math but using a flow bench is much faster. It is an art form (one carb was even designed to run at the edge of choked flow. Also need to understand laminar vs turbulent flow And then there are stacked head gaskets and milled heads... And it all changes with direct injection, boost, and variable valve timing. Just static compression ratio is only the start. See Boss Kettering and Tom Midgley.
  11. I take it that magnetic turn signals are Right Out, would just need 6v bulbs. I have a couple.
  12. BTW Carter/Eidelbrock aftermarket carbs are set waaay rich. For a stock 289 a 450-500 cfm would be about right. What you describe sounds more like a lean stumble than rich. Tom has it right, would just add a tailpipe sniffer, but suspect few others have an O'scope any more. Chassis dyno would help also. Believe the original carb was an Autolite/Holly. ps have several Pertonixs - they are excellent devices that replace the points so the vacuum advance is still functional. On a premium gas V8 I like about 10-12 initial and 38 at 3000 rpm mechanical. 10-16 vacuum is good. Normally a Pertronix system includes a high power coil that is not suitable for a points ignition. pps an engine does not care how old it is, proper maintenance is everything. My Judge is tuned a bit hotter than stock.
  13. padgett

    Need help on 1949 Cadillac purchase #2

    Mostly by people who cold not afford one. What I remember most was the bit clear tubes in the rear window for the AC.
  14. And then suspect there is a third group that just likes certain cars. Have always preferred sporty two seaters for daily drivers (race cars were different) that have AC (Florida). Tend to fixate on certain drivetrains like the 3800/4T60 (two Reattas are ones I kept but also had others including a 90 Bonneville and a 92 Transport). Do have a spare engine/transmission sitting in the garage. Maybe two... Grew up with a Jag infestation & used to have a FIAT 124 Spyder I liked A Lot. Now have a SLK320 that is a modern equivalent. Today all my cars have Bluetooth & 3800s have Delco ignitions so not a stickler for originality. Judge would today be a restomod but dunno what it is called when the mods were back in the period (15x8 '78 Firebird wheels, Delrin bushings, & Olds W30 sway bars. Reattas have 16x7 Bonnie wheels). So not attracted to "old" vs "new" so much as "buy cars I am interested in and just keep the ones I like". Bought my coupe in '01 & still in the garage. Could take to LA tomorrow.
  15. padgett

    Code 41 Engine Control - Throttle Body Senssor

    I can see an occasional resistive circuit affecting everything on that circuit and the computer just showing the one that is out of range. Guess not many have recording scanners for the ALDL though they are available for a PC from & OTC 2000s still show up on CL.