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  1. Is that really a rev counter and not a speedometer ?
  2. padgett

    Question to ask when buying old cars?!

    I would agree with the Buick & there were many in the MPG craze with V6 engines.. It has the aero nose late 70/early 80s, said 85 so would make it a Lesabre. If so it is an early computer car with ALDL. Can have a lot of fun with those. 231 V6 is also very reliable (have two with the later incarnation, the 3800) In general a Buick will have had better care and be more optioned out than a Mercury. That said the gaskets are an afternoon on jack stands (or a big oak tree root, have used both). Change the oil and filter (I'd use 10W-40 High Mileage). While under check the tranny regulator for oil in the vacuum line - common GM fault. And the Diff for fluid. Exhaust leak could just be a gasket or a cracked manifold, though at $500 it does not really matter.
  3. I remember Herb Adams telling me that 400s did not need any pressure at idle, just some flow is enough. That said an idiot light should be out by 1200 rpm hot (unless you have 5-15 Mobil 1). GM shop manuals say when in doubt, use a mechanical gauge. One possibility I have seen is a stuck oil pressure relief valve - simple fix but expensive if not done. Should have 40-60 psi at speed. The old time saying was 10psi per 1,000 rpm.
  4. padgett

    Question to ask when buying old cars?!

    First question - do you really want it ? Second question - how much will it take to make safe/nice ? (if a rat rod, not much) Does it have a floor ? Third question - do you have the cash to cover 1 & 2 ? Fourth question - do you have a place to store it ?
  5. padgett

    Poor Reatta lost its mind

    Agree, a closed switch instead of a sensor could drag down the sensor bus voltage and affect many things.
  6. padgett

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    The only thing worse than being misquoted is not to be quoted at all. ps Deltona is a fur piece from California.
  7. padgett

    abs sensors

    Just a note as have not needed to work on mine for some time: The code has little resemblance to the actual problem. Need to check the mechanical functions also. End of sensor is supposed to be .020" from the toothed wheel. If the toothed wheel gets dirty or clogged the sensor may not register.
  8. padgett

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    Ok so find someone who repairs/tunes Volkswagen Squarebacks. ps was commenting on A/F mixtures in GM P4 systems not Bendix/Bosch K-Jetroninc.
  9. padgett

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    Well sorta. GM computer cars of the 90s had a "lean cruise mode" of 15.7:1 and "Power Enhancement" (PE) may drop to 10-12:1 (why it is better to downshift for a hill than let it go into PE in top gear). However since the Seville has no feedback (O2 sensor), it is just guessing and evidently needs tuning. Fuel line pressure is the easiest thing to change without impacting other things.
  10. padgett

    Help with Modern Car Problem

    Probably either StaBil or Alcohol (remember gas line antifreeze ?) Should be on the receipt. Gotten any further in finding a correct scanner ? BTW where are you ? May be someone local to help.
  11. padgett

    Help with Modern Car Problem

    BTW "The correct fuel pressure for this vehicle is 58 psi +/- 2 psi. " It really helps to have your own service manual, this one is on my PC. Misfires may set a code but the secondary ignition (coils, plugs, wires) usually does not. Just a general rule of thumb, electrics sometimes heal when cool off, mechanicals rarely do. It might be possible to either replace your drivetrain or move the lift equipment you have to another van for reduced cost. I suspect it either has a 200+ A alternator or dual alternators. The reference to "kneeling" sounds like it is bagged.
  12. padgett

    Help with Modern Car Problem

    OK, lets start with the "rough running" (P030x): When Monitored: Any time the engine is running and the adaptive numerator has been successfully updated. Set Condition: The threshold to set the fault is application specific; it is tied to the level of misfire that will cause emissions to increase to 1.5 times the standard or in some cases 1%. It is always a two trip fault above the calibrated RPM. It takes one fail to set a Pending Fault and two trips to set the MIL. Three good trips to turn off the MIL. In most cases Torque Pro (don't leave home without it) will display & clear pending faults as well as those that turn the dash light on. Again to read the in-depth Chrysler/Mercedes codes you need a specific scanner. The least expensive I have found is an Autel DiagLink. (YMMV). Also '12 models were designed in the Chrysler/Mercedes era so you really need a good tech who understands both Chrysler and Mercedes. Problem is that a good tech who understands computers were gravitate to air conditioned jobs that pay better. Personally I collect test equipment, have some tube testers from the '40s, a Sun distributer machine from the '50s,, and even a few exhaust gas analyzers (may take a dig to find) clear up through CCC scanners, ALDL scanners, to 2017 Autel & iCarSoft scanners. Plus several oscilloscopes and custom breakout boxes. Is what my hobby is about.
  13. padgett

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    Try this or similar.
  14. padgett

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    Just noticed it failed on excessive carbon monoxide, not HC. It is called "too rich" but is really incomplete combustion. See here. If fuel pressure checks out maybe time for something else ?
  15. I recall those - were based on a Grand Prix but looks like a different rear end (thought original had a spare tire there) . Big Pontiac V8s in '72 had three bolt exhaust manifolds and were famous for leaks.