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  1. Bet you haven't seen one of these:

    Thanks guys but the tires are good and recent, was just saying... Hard part seems to be getting keys - have the blank codes now, seems one is for an MG and the other for a FIAT.
  2. Bet you haven't seen one of these:

    When I was living in Indiana I had the other MG 1100 sold here. Wound up trading for a set of tires or something. Had real tires AFAIR (12" ?) and a ribbon speedo.
  3. Bet you haven't seen one of these:

    Hanski got it. 1275 engine. Great dashboard but having trouble finding key blanks. ps plate is for a US Serviceman in Japan.
  4. Bet you haven't seen one of these:

    Naah, think European - hint: 1973 model.
  5. Bet you haven't seen one of these:

    Where was his made ?
  6. Latest resident. But it doesn't have AC. Tirerack doesn't have a 145/80/10
  7. Number 12 Screws, Aaarrgh!

    Amazon also has lots of #12s. I use them to replace #10s in thin material.
  8. Is there a way

    to determine how many of a car are titled or registered in the USA ? A friend with a rare Italian car asked me and I have not a clue how to find out. Google is no help.
  9. Forum Rules Interpretation

    Agree with price and location as a minimum but I always ask for more. Since for me only cars with AC are considered this usually means 1963 or later so I also need the VIN. This lets me research the car from several different aspects. A biggie is a clear title. If the seller will not provide the VIN then that is another sign and I just pass. It is a target rich environment.
  10. Avatar photo change

    Think you have to delete the old one first and the delete box may not be visible (happened to my .sig)
  11. Guess what is missing is "do you want to learn" ? If so computer or pre computer ? (and we had FI in the early 50s, long before computers). Major difference is that pre-computer a car will run badly with problems for a long time. Post computer it will tell you when it has a problem and what is is if you bother to ask. (a few things won't set a code but that is an indicator in itself. Any car responds to triage (quadage ?), have to have: - air - fuel - ignition - compression Just some make it easier to tell what is wrong than others. That said have driven old (fastest is almost 50) cars for thousands of miles at Interstate speeds with the AC on & once sorted go for years with just normal maintenance.
  12. Really the first question should be "where are you ?" Probably the best place for the cars you mention is Southern California but there are cult pockets in strange places. The place to find out is on the marque forums. Second should be "do you want a computer car or not ?" (GM started in 1981). Personally I really like the instrumentation possible but is yet another sub-culture. Finally "What facilities do you have available ?" I have changed a clutch before on an oak tree root but prefer a garage. Having a Harbor Freight close by is also good. All together should help with "what car". Personally, I'd leave the Skyline to fanatics who pull engines for a tune-up. Datsun Z cars are always popular, my preference would be a 240 stick car, 260 then 280 each got a bit larger and have safety bumpers. Whatever you decide on get a service manual first to get an in-depth feeling for the car and check on-line for common problems. Good luck. I started with an XK Jag because it was cheaper tan the TR3 I really wanted. Then I found out why. Still have Whitworth wrenches.
  13. Sitting garaged for 33 years

    For me first flush both the fuel and cooling system. Check transmission and rear end. Change oil and filter. Clean or replace plugs, check wires and distributer. Then new tires. Then try to get running. 170 cid 6 and automatic ? Why sitting for so long ? ps because not much was here before Disney (late 60s). Population has been doubling every 15 years. Not many barns.
  14. Prewar car values

    Suspect part is that "pre-war" now means "before Vietnam", all of which are AACA eligible and marks the age group that is now retiring. Every year the pool of AACA cars grows and now must compete with hot rods, resto-mods, and replicas most of which have automatics, AC, brakes that do not go away when it gets wet, and wonderful parts availability from Jeggs, Amazon, and Rock. Many of these have never used a clutch. The final nail is that many interesting used cars (like Merc SLK retractables) are now under $10k for under 100k miles and have equally fanatical forums so DIY is not difficult. Just consider what was available and how hard it was to get parts when the AACA was formed vs this century. Even though the population is growing, millennials are into things with touch screens for the right hand and not sticks so flattening despite inflation is understandable.
  15. 1990 Coupe dies....

    Can also check by jumpering A to B on the ALDL plug and counting the Check Engine flashes. Not all GM cars have displays.