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  1. Just a thought but GM starter solenoids used to do the same thing: just click when hot and not engage. Solution was a Corvette unit. Don't think that will help here but might measure the voltage going to the solenoid, may have a resistive wire/connection.
  2. Dunno about the left coast but real estate is booming in central Florida, real seller's market & have heard of bidding wars.
  3. I just calculate speeds in gears using a spreadsheet, makes it easy to change ratios and tires. BTW Tirerack specs gives revs per mile for tires and another good source for modeling is here. Scroll down for revs per mile. This takes into account rim width. " The only accurate way is to have a calibrated speedometer and tachometer. " - the GPS in my phone is pretty accurate for steady state.
  4. Have had a gaggle of 'vairs including a Corsa 'vert that was a killer autocross car and a Fitch Sprint with a turbo. Think a 'vair on trombones is about the most beautiful sound imaginable, almost as good as a Jag with Bananas. Last one was less than a decade ago but the AC was always problematic.
  5. My feeling is that as an art form, everyone's ideas are different, that is what makes it art.
  6. Something I noticed a long time ago is that many of the best cars come from places that have a winter e.g. when there is not much else to do for a season. Of course I always thought Connecticut was for New Yorkers who wanted to keep some of their money. Also think there was a bit of generalization about servicemen. Officers usually brought back interesting cars, enlisted men had to build their own based on what they had seen but with an American twist (no tax on displacement). Two different cultures.. Might also consider that from Northern Virginia to the North and East were three things: a lot of money, low speed limits (one car mag called it the "slow corner"), and short distances. Wereas the souf had little money, often no speed limits (for years Florida was "Reasonable and Proper",with a whole lot of nothing between the coasts & Florida's Turnpike had an over 100 mile stretch with one exit and was mostly dead straight). Tends to make a different kind of car popular. Which naturally reminds me of the quintessential American movie: Smokey and the Bandit :" it depends on what part of the country you're standin' in... as to just how dumb you are. " ps long long ago, remember what a quarter horse is. Seems like we can't make it that far any more.
  7. In a past life I was an SCCA Tech Inspector and the purpose was to determine if a car had met the SCCA safty requirements AND was safe to be on a race track with other competitors. I never heard of any question of liability but then all drivers had already signed a release to be allowed to complete. It is all a process and needs to be viewed that way.
  8. Always a herd of Corvairs around here (six on the local CL at the moment). So if seriously looking what year/color/body style/ engine/transmission/ etc ?
  9. Reminds me of the elrly 70's Delco AM-FM stereo/8 track. I used to see the head units on swap meet tables everywhere most with buyers complaining they did not work. What all the grabbers missed was the stereo amp that sat on top of the glove box. Dunno how many cars I saw with the head unit missing and the amp still sitting in the dash. Was a $2 item without the radio, not sure how many are still under a workbench.
  10. I'd suggest asking here. The roadster is kinda like the Pontiac tripower, many more built than ever left the factory, so I would be careful about documentation. It is a pretty car.
  11. Those look like Delahaye styling touches on the Merc. Back in the day I had a Devin-Jag, closest thing to the subject I ever had. Found on a car lot in Miami. Eight speed (O/D rewired to be on all four) & wonderful as long as it didn't rain, no top.
  12. More since Wayne featured the popcorn poppers on his show, but those were older. Was '97 during the GM period ?
  13. and don't forget Smokey's templates.
  14. Well if it had the available manual transmission...
  15. Don't think any of my cars are stock, often have the new parts here before the car arrives. All of my cars have radials, most on larger alloys than stock, and AGM batteries & all are equipped for hands free phone operation. Fuel systems have appropriate materials for pump gas, most are on Mobil 1, and seats have been repositioned for my driving comfort. Judge suspension is a mix of W-30 and WS6 components (does it count if mods were made over 25 years ago ?). Do keep the stock parts in big baggies so could put back but cannot think of a modern tire that would fit on a 14x6 wheel that could handle 400+ hp.