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  1. +1 - When starting it is best to buy the best interesting (to you) car you can find, one that you can enjoy now while doing what ever you want to/with it. Something that is apart in the garage is not a fun car, it quick become neglected. Key is to research and decide on the make/model/options/color you want and then look everywhere. The hunt is part of the fun. Last car I bought involved researching nearly a hundred cars before I found the right one and took about four months. Key is to never "settle", what you want is out there somewhere (but then I enjoy the early computer cars of the '80s with touchscreens in the dash).
  2. AACA Dues

    Couldaswore I did look on the web site but guess I need to send in another $5.
  3. old walker floor jack

    Seem to be a bunch of seal and piston kits available for a Hein Werner 1 1/4 ton including on eBay. Think I replaced mine twice in 40+ years. (Was my first hydraulic jack & will probably outlast me).
  4. AACA Dues

    Did the dues just go up ? Sent in $35 the first of March after checking the web site and just got a notice for $40.
  5. old walker floor jack

    I have had a Hein-Werner 1 1/4 ton for as long as I can remember and wasn't new then but looks like seal kits are still available. Suspect tons were larger then. Has a hole in the center of the saddle that makes it easy to mount things like a door cradle.
  6. Did any of thes Turbo cars get built?

    Certainly it could be done but once the L67 came out (1994 ?) that would be a simpler design. Besides for a 88-90 the weak spot is the 440T4/4T60 transmission, GM even had to dial back the L67 to stop scattering trannys. Besides the main reason for 165hp is that the engines were designed for low rpm torque and not high rpm. For a real comparison you have to look at torque curves. The big difference with modern engines is very broad torque plateaus rather than peaks.
  7. A/C and Plug on 90 Reatta

    "HVAC programmer" did you make sure the programmer is getting vacuum (though with a vacuum loss it usually defaults to DEFROST). Do you have a service manual ? HVAC with wiring and vacuum diagrams is in section 1. Also BD24 gives the air delivery mode.
  8. To MSD or not to MSD ?. That is the question.

    Ronnie that looks like a Magnavox (88-90) ICM. Think you want this one.. Not sure if AC Delco or Dephi are owned by GM any more. Best deal is to find a whole system at a recycling center, that way you get the plate, ICM, and coils. Last one I bought looked new and was $40.
  9. 1960 Thunderbird

    Might look here.
  10. Wheels and offset confusion , where is Confucius ?

    First thought is whether you want to keep a McPherson Strut suspension. Next the lower spring perch is the limit for tires. Dropping the offset enough to clear would have the front tires into the wheel wells on lock. Second way would the to reduce the size of the front tires to match the drop. A 1" drop would limit you to about a 24.3" tire. Might get away with stock axles but not sure. With enough time and money you could bag it.
  11. Battery charger/maintainers?

    I have little (80ma max) float chargers on any car I do not drive regularly and a BatteryMinder Plus for the two GC2s in my camper. Do need to top those off about every three-four months. Any battery that is low, I have a smart desulphating charger I use first then connect the little float devices.
  12. New Buyer Questions

    BTW all Reattas have a built in Scan tool If you really want a separate scan tool, the OTC 2000 with a later (91+) GM or Pathfinder cartridge often shows up on e-bay. Need the GM adapter cable.
  13. 1990 Claret - Abby's Car - Armchair Opportunity

    Good chance to switch from the Magnavox ignition to the later Delco. Fan is probably the controller on top of the heater duct (edge just visible on left side of picture), I usually replace with just two screws - same for ICM - one is a bear to reach. As mentioned can jumper two wires to test fan. Are lucky, they often fail at full speed and can kill a good battery in a few minutes. I usually keep a spare oil pressure sender. Easy replacement, have changed at a curb with channel locks before. Will not cause a code or warning light. Need to learn the built in scan tool and diagnostics, are very handy. A service manual is a good investment. Cracks in tires are a disaster waiting to happen, replace yesterday.
  14. Insurance... can you get a normal policy?

    JCTaylor said no problem driving to distant shows even staying in a motel when I asked. What liability limits did Atlantic City say were too low and how much did they want ?
  15. Cargirl update & question

    BCM BD99 is the PROM ID.