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  1. Car Ads which don't include the price

    Just for the record, I never buy New Cars! I wait and look for cars that are 2 to 4 years old. Many of the 4 year Old cars at places like Carmax are Leased Vehicles that the Leasing Companies are rotating out. We recently bought one from Carmax, a like new 2014 Chevy Equinox with 16,000 miles on it for a price less the half the cost of the new ones. Carmax gets the cars from the Auto Auctions that only Brokers can attend. When you trade a car in at Car max it too goes directly to the Auction, not to their Show Room or Sales Lot to be sold. Basically they are flipping cars. We traded in a VW Tiquan which covered half of the sell price Carmax wanted for the used 2014 Equinox. The Trade in lowered the cost to where we could pay cash for the like new Equinox. No Car Payments, or loans.
  2. Car Ads which don't include the price

    Slightly off topic, sort of, but what amazes me are the Adds on TV for New Cars and Trucks. They do not mention the price to buy the vehicle, they only tell you what the Monthly Leased Vehicle Cost starts at for the vehicle?
  3. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    Had a similar problem and decided not to worry about it, it's Kiddies' problem and on them. I doubt that it matters and put the too large for the Kiddie Box in the box and taped it with packing tape then put it in the shipping box with the peanuts around it. I did call Kiddie and they said they were aware of this problem and indicated they were handling thousands of returns which to me says they wouldn't be getting to a solution for this for awhile. What can they do about it if something happens when returned, nothing I think and doubt that it's a major problem. One other interesting thing is they sent a nice Trigger Handle type to replace a less expensive Button Type recalled. Sounds like they a discontinuing the Button Type.
  4. 1970 AMC Rebel SST Wagon

    Looking forward to seeing your Rebel when you get it going. Potomac Ramblers have an All AMC Day at the Mason Dixon Drag-way in Boons Borrow Md, which is South of Frederick Maryland. It's usually in the Fall each year. Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania AMC Cars gather on the Show Field and the Guys with the AMC Drag cars Race all day. Venders with AMC Parts will be there also. I drive down from Pa. each year. Check your area for a club, AMC people help each other. I Video most Shows I attend and post on you tube.. Below is a 3 part Video I made of the 2016 gathering at Mason Dixon Drag way.
  5. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    I got the replacement for the first one I called in. I called the other 2 in after I got the first replacement. Should see the replacements this week. Pretty painless and easy process getting it done. The return label that comes with the replacements and has a phone number to call, FedX or UPS. They schedule a pickup, leave the return boxes at the front door with the return label on the boxes, and they're gone next day.
  6. 1970 AMC Rebel SST Wagon

    Not sure but think it depends on which Wiper your' Rebel has. There were two versions, one Wiper worked from a vacuum hose that came off of the Fuel pump and the other worked from an electrical motor at the washer I think. My 68 AMX wipers are run by an electrical Motor. There were two different Fuel Pumps also. The Electric Wiper fuel pump did not have a vacuum hose connection point where as the Vacuum Motor Fuel Pumps had a connection point specificly for the vacuum hose to connect to the wiper motor. Good luck sorting it out. You might want to join the AMC Form where you can ask for help on this one.
  7. 1970 AMC Rebel SST Wagon

    No radiator over flow jug back then, possibly because there was a sticker near the fill cap that says to keep the fill level 1 1/2 when hot to 2 inches when cold below the rear of the filler neck. Don't fill it any higher. The Cap will vent water through the escape hose on the neck to the ground if over filled. The windshield washer fluid uses a bag with a pump that mounts on the passenger inner front fender . I've never used mine but have it for judging. they're possibly hard to find. Try the vendors from me previous message. They have online catalogs. It's good you're interested in all this, that's what makes the Old Car Hobby interesting and fun, searching for info, parts and ideas never ends.
  8. 1970 AMC Rebel SST Wagon

    Kalve check out Potomac Rambles AMO Car Club which might be close to your location. They just hosted the AMO National in Gettysburg Pa.this Summer with a huge turn out, about 250 plus Cars, Parts and information. AMO stands for American Motors Owners Club, a National Club specific to AMC cars including Rambles, Nash and American Motors cars, all years all models. Go into You Tube and search AMO National Convention, Gettysburg 2017. Also to find PARTS for your new Classic go online and visit Kennedy American and also American Parts Depot . Lastly the leading authority for AMC information Parts and information is Eddie Stake at Planet Houston AMX, . Eddie is very receptive to providing expert information and has recycled AMC parts. Now as for "SST", it is mostly an upgrade for trim and accessories, not so much for high performance upgrades.
  9. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    I have three being replaced. I called Kiddie and gave them all the info, pretty easy to do. They're sending replacements with instructions for the return of the recalled ones. Usually the way it works is when you get the replacement, you put the recalled one in the box the new one came in. Kiddie includes a return label to put on the box and then UPS comes to pick it up. No cost involved in getting it done.
  10. The other possible issue is if the Badges were lost, or removed and not passed on with the Car to new owners can the new owner re enter Meets and start the process over by gong for 1st Junior? This opens the door for a new owner to continued the preservation of the car and enjoy the results if successful. On the down side it could devalue the car temporarily by not acknowledging it's passed success. However if the car re enters the Show field and achieves current success, it might increase it's value above what it is valued at from success achieved years ago?
  11. Hershey car show

    Does any one know how many cars hit the Show Field this year? Seemed to be a bigger turn out then I can ever remember.
  12. Rechrome vs Reproduction

    The question of Repo vs Re-chrome asked about a Truck Bumper which is easily reproduced and generally in stock for immediate shipment at a lesser cost then shipping your original bumper and waiting weeks to get it re-chromed. 10 years ago I bought from LMC Truck a Chrome front bumper for my '69 Chevy C10. It fits perfectly and looks great. If the part was rare and hard to find as a reproduction I'd have it rechromed, but Truck Bumpers are not that hard to find. The comment about Repro Parts Fit problems is true but not always the case. I replaced the Doors on my Chevy with doors from JC Whitney and they fit perfectly.
  13. Drone appearance!

    Didn't see the Drone but heard it over head. I belonged for years to an RC Club and stopped flying as the new age of Drones are taking over. Drones and RC Helicopters don't mix well with fixed wing planes. If you can fly a Computer Simulator you can fly the expensive Drones, the ones in the $2K cost range, using a lap top computer screen and joy stick. The screen on the Lap Top shows what the camera on the Drone is shooting. Watching these Drones from the ground, line of sight isn't how they are flown. If you lose sight of the drone it is programmed to go auto pilot and will stop at 3 miles turn around by its self fly straight back and land at you feet where it took off using GPS. Any dummy can buy and fly one, no skill required. However Drones for lesser cost that require Line of Sight only to fly can be challenging to an inexperienced pilot, hard to see and control. I did see a Drone fly over the field last year and wondered if this was allowed. The FAA requires that they be Registered and there are Restrictions. Also I saw a Bi Plane circle the Show Field Saturday, not sure if he was restricted, but if not he would be required to fly same rules as the Banner Planes that fly over the Stadiums. He wasn't towing a banner.
  14. To cover the car or don't cover, opinions on car covers

    I agree with auburn's method and can only add that I always have a incandescent Light Bulb burning 24/7 usually, just a 60Watt Bulb to be a heat source and a fan to circulate the air. When humidity is really high I use two or three to dry out the air. Also, I use a California Duster as needed to remove the dust, and Miquires Quick Detailer to remove any harder stuff like what the bugs and birds might leave.