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  1. Doug Novak

    antique air cooled engine

    Guess I should clarify, I'm speaking of the newer Antique Cars, such as my 1974 Porsche. The more Vintage Antique Cars may not have achieved what has evolved in the development of Air Cooled Engines.
  2. Doug Novak

    antique air cooled engine

    Water freezes and cracks blocks unless the anti-freeze prevents it, or the freeze seal on the blocks release the pressure. I don't think Oil freezes. The oil cooling brings engine temperatures down some what and air flow over the entire engine, such as on the Porsche and VW, is routed to flow over cooling fins in the Cylinder heads which are horizontal to the block, Oil pan of sump, oil filter, etc. The porches have a fan as part of the fly wheel on the front of the engine. Also the engine is made from light metal with good thermal conductivity. Magnesium and Aluminum was used for engine blocks. An Air Cooled engine, vs. water cooled, will never boil over or freeze.
  3. Doug Novak

    antique air cooled engine

    I have an Air Cooled Engine in my '74 Porsche 914, 90 HP 1.8 liter flat 4 cylinder Boxer engine. Air Cooled and Oil Coiled in that the Oil is very important to keeping engine temperature down. I have an old Ted Williams 7.5 HP Sears outboard Motor from the '60s which is basically a push lawn mower engine not water cooled. Never had a problem. Also had several Motor Cycles over the years. Think about it this way, many Air Planes since the beginning had, and still have, Air Cooled Engines that demand dependable operation.
  4. Doug Novak

    Ford is all but getting out of the Car Business

    If I recall all the devices started with the car that in a pleasant voice would say "Your door is a jar". I can't remember the year or make but it change the relationship that I had with cars forever. Some times when alone on a long trip I talk to my car but it does not reply. 😟
  5. Doug Novak

    Ford is all but getting out of the Car Business

    I live in South Central Pa. Near the Mason Dixon Line. Pa. gas is 30 cents per gallon more then Maryland due to a Pa. Tax on Gasoline. I buy my gas in Maryland. So if you are traveling in Pa. fill your tank before you come through. On a side note we love where we live, moved up here from Maryland 14 years ago and will never leave this area. Plus we're 45 minutes from Hershey so no hotel required during the Fall Meet.
  6. Doug Novak

    Ford is all but getting out of the Car Business

    Jumping in late but here's my 2 cents worth. New vehicles in general seem to be highly inflated in cost. Used cars that are maybe 2 years old can be bought for much less having the same design and options for the most part. Heard on the news that the averaged savings, buying used verses new knocks off $14,000. Also heard used car sales are growing and faster then the new cars and have surpassed new car sales.......DAH! My 2014 Chevy Equinox with only 16,000 mile on it we bought this year cost about half of the new cost when we include the trade in of a 2010 VW Tiquan,. our purchase cost ended up at $ 8,000 for the Equinox. The Equinox is averaging 30 Miles Per Gallon on regular gas. Back Up Camera kits can be bought for $30. You pull your Rear Backup Light out to wire power to the Camera so when you put the car in reverse it turns on the Monitor and Camera. Easy to install but if you need a shop to do it for you figure $ 50 for Labor. I don't like the newer Pick Up Trucks. Too much glitter, ugly and to me they are too BIG in size compared to 4 or 5 years ago. What happened?
  7. Doug Novak

    Letter from the "aaca" museum

    Not surprised as it gets right back to the on going problem. For the Museum it would publicly hint that they are not part of the AACA Club, and for the Club it says the donated items, if from Club members, are sold to only benefit the Museum.
  8. Doug Novak

    Letter from the "aaca" museum

    All being said I think we must recall that the Museum's Response to the Club's requests, pertaining to the AACA Name issue which is being side tracked by the Museum while the Museum is now telling us it has some authority, and control, as to what the Club can do with our new HQ Building. Does the Museum really feel they can restrict and limit our operation, can they? Limit displays, limit the Cars at the Club HQ? Is this a negotiation point they are creating to prolong the real issue?
  9. Doug Novak

    Letter from the "aaca" museum

    I'm sure more information is forth coming so let the kettle boil till then. When it comes to legal maters all the facts are best held back until the time is right. The Club is on solid ground due to the actions by others.
  10. Doug Novak

    Building Garage/ shop doors what types have you used?

    I went with one large roll up that opens up two bays of the three bay garage. I like to let the Sun and Air in while I'm working on the vehicles. Also the larger width makes it easier to get in and our verses two individual bays each with their own door. IMO I have panel windows across the width of the Roll Up to let light in when closed and allows me to see out side.
  11. Doug Novak

    Convert slides to digital?

    I converted my Navy Slides by projecting them on a white wall at home and snapping pictures of them with my Cell phone and my Digital Camera. From the Cell Phone I forward the Pictures to my Email address to down loaded the Pictures to the computer. Easy to do and the quality was surprisingly good. With the Digital Camera, with a SD memory card, same process except you take the Camera SD Memory Card out after taking the pictures and put the SD Card in the computer if it has the slot for down loading SD Cards.
  12. Doug Novak

    Classic Cars at Salvage Auctions

    Might want to check out what's involved with re-titling.
  13. Doug Novak

    Just saw this nice 1968 Camaro SS....

    Yes......Coker Firestone Wide Oval starting at $169 in the Summit Catalog.
  14. Doug Novak

    Wipers Not working

    Spray the linkages and any other moving parts with WD40 and see if that helps. Might need to see if you can move the blades by hand.
  15. Doug Novak

    Hay, How are you going to move that car?

    HAY......Wow, it's one of my favorite Chevy's, a '55 TWO DOOR POST!