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  1. Love GPS Navigation, generally we hit the back roads where ever we go, if time allows, and we plan our travel time using the GPS that shows how far we are from our destination and approximate time of arrival. Last long trip we went from Pa. down to visit friends in N.C. and on the return trip did the East Coast Shore line. Great way to explore, and if you get in trouble time wise you know were to change direction to get on an Interstate Highway.
  2. A few years back when I wanted Pennsylvania Antique Tags for my 69 Chevy C10 Pickup, I was required to provide front, rear, left and right side photos as prove it was Original Condition. I had Rally Wheels on it (still do) but this was unexceptionable. So I had to search out 2 original Chevy Truck Hub Caps to place on the Rally Wheels and retake the pictures first on the right side and then on the left to finally get the Antique Title and Tag. Now, photos are no longer required in Pa. At a local Show there was a late model 4 X 4 lifted with huge wheels and tires that had Antique tags? I guess he knows somebody at PennDot or I guess anything goes now? BUT, I'd think you'd be subject to a fine if police pull you over and most likely have the Tag Pulled. Sounds like a Money Maker for Pa. Also, I doubt that an insurance company would insure something like that as Antique. On another of my cars, a '74 Porsche 914, I just re-titled this year as Antique, which it is. The total cost for new Permanent Title, Registration and Tag was a one time deal for $156, and the car is now exempt from annual Inspections and Registration renewals. Pa. says you can drive it one day a week or for special events, or to and from a mechanic.
  3. I'm cheating the system, sort of............on my '68 AMX I have the Official Antique PA State Tag, with registration, on the rear bumper, but I put a Period Correct Tag on the front bumper, unregistered at no cost. PA does not require a front tag so no law is broken. I think there's no requirement preventing doing this. PA Antique registered cars are exempt of all Annual, Inspections, Tag and Registration Renewal. Usage is supposed to be restricted to driving not more then one day a week but I have never seen this enforced, or figured out how it could be. Maybe, it could also mean we're suppose to drive them one day a week, which would be hardly likely.
  4. The other thing to remember about 25 year old cars, although some what newer design and technology then what AACA is use to, they do compete with cars in the same class and era based on year of manufacture. They are not as challenging to restore, but if kept original, and new classes are developed, why not? It might save the Club eventually when these newer cars are much older later on and the youngsters become Old Man.
  5. When we start Showing in AACA Meets, and continue over the years to do so, it's always a learning experience. I've gotten a tremendous amount of help from the other members Showing in my Class, some with the same Make and Model car. Most of my success is because of their help, and when you reach a point that you are winning you return this kindness to the new guys in a friendly way to help them make changes to improve their cars.
  6. This picture makes me wounder about the lack of a Side View Mirrow? Can't remember if they did, or didn't come with side mirrors on these cars back in the day.
  7. We use to see a Helicopter with Trump written on the side, as shown in the Video. It use to fly over our house a few years ago on a heading towards Washington, but haven't seen it in a long time. I don't know if he was actually on it, or if it was used for other purposes.
  8. I understand what you're saying and agree totally with you that for the purposes you want to use your vehicles for, doing the mods that you need to do are for good reasons. There are two different schools of thought, both sound and good in thinking. Interesting about your sons Chevy. I also have a Chevy 4X4, it's a 1984 K5 Silverado that I bought in '87. I used it to tow my Boat around in the summer and for Winter Snow transportation. Love this truck. It's waiting for me to restore it behind the Garage but Major Rust, Brakes and Transmission problems keep it as a "someday I will get to it project", but realistically it's probably to far gone now to be doable. Coincidentally, I had a Jetta too but traded it in 2 years ago for a VW Tiguan as the daily driver.
  9. I have no boundaries as to year or model. I tend to lean towards the ones that are unique, different and low production numbers. The under laying thing said here I believe is a concern that the money invested in a car is expected to turn a gain if we wanted, or have to sell the vehicles. The perfect vehicle for this is in the mind of the buy. Also, who doesn't want to be driving the one that turns eyes and gets the thumbs up and wins the Awards? As for style, we are AACA and as a Club the standards have been set as to what we are to judge a car by. AACA pretty much looks at Original Show Room condition to be the mark to hit regardless of year, or Original untouched condition still functional and complete. The general public to a degree understands this and if you watch the Auctions on TV these are the cars that get the majority of the time on the screen and the top dollars. Some of the Shows where they make street rods and such actually promote Originality when they get an Original complete car and will flip it, or do a restoration to it rather then cut it up to be a custom street rod. They see the value of Originality. Back to the Topic, 1950's cars like all other years will rise and fall many times over a period of time. So, it's like investment in anything, its a crap shoot.
  10. The offered sell price sounds reasonable and the majority of it could be recouped if the 3 cars were fully restored. The Nomad might be worth a lot, love to have that one. The thing to consider is the buyer would need a place to store it and complete the work, so that would limit the number of people who have a facility, or more likely a restoration business to do this. Might also be able to flip the cars quickly. As for the parts, they are said to be for the 3 years 55-57 specific to Chevy so this could limit the market and the number of customers that are working on restoration for these. I think there could be a million dollars in the total deal but that would be retail after it's sold and who knows how long it would take to sell it all. Not saying the seller is wrong in his description, but how big is the market for it.
  11. I hear you Peter, I love the Fall meet and the Grand National was a major good time. I started making it to all the Fall meets, since 2011 and reached the point that I've made great friendships with the people in the cars I seem to always be parked next to. Anything that comes along with in driving distance I'm going to try to make it. I also belong to AMO American Motors Owners Club and make it to their shows. They're having their National Meet in Gettysburg near here this June that's on my Calendar. The Judging mirrors the AACA Rules so it should be a fun time. Congratulations on Retirement, I pulled the trigger 01/01/2015 and highly recommend it. Doug
  12. Williamsport last year was my first National which I really enjoyed. I drove 155 miles in the rain to get there in my car, no trailer, and seems this was actually one of the closer Nationals to make it to. I don't think I can travel much further then that. I'll keep looking to see where the Nationals are going to be however and would like to make a few more. Hershey Fall Meets are easy for me to get to, takes me about 45 minutes to get there.
  13. How'd you do that? Only asking cause it'll take me 34 more years to get them at the Hershey Fall Meets, and at my age I don't think I'll make it.
  14. On the older cars you can usually spot a rolled back Odometer because the numbers don't line up perfectly. Also after 99,000 how can you tell if it's hitting 100K, or 200K, even worst it may read 20K when it's actually 120K.
  15. On 2014 Fall Hershey we got our Senior. Then 2015 we were awarded the Preservation Board and our first Chip. At last years 2016 Fall Hershey we picked up our Third Repeat Preservation Chip to put on the Preservation Board after we had already won First Grand National 2016 at Williamsport in the Spring. So in addition to the GN Trophy they also awarded us our Second Preservation add to that when we were Judged at Hershey 2016, Head Judge noticed our Grill Badges and stopped his crew telling them he was instructed to do a "Visual Only" for the GN Cars, which I assume meant don't spent much time Judging the GN Cars. They didn't spend a lot of time Judging my car, or the or the other GN car next to me. Might also have been because of the rain. Only regret is what is there left to go for? I might have to buy another car to start the process over again. As to your question about the most Preservation awarded Car, there was one at Hershey 2 or 3 years ago that had a full Board with 25 Chips displayed with his car. It wouldn't surprises me if there were others with a lot more. Remember also that if you sell your car all the AACA Awards are supposed to be past on to the next owner with the car.