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  1. My thinking is on today's cars Driving lights are to help make cars seen during the day and times of day when Headlights are not necessarily on. The exception now is most new car's seem to have their Headlights on automatically at all times of the day. You don't see factory fog lights on newer cars normally. All that being said, Driving Lights would help on older cars to be seen to prevent accidents, BUT at the same time Fog Lights should serve two functions, acting as the only lights to be used in fog but also can be used to be seen during the day when there is no fog. Sometimes I think I over think things.
  2. Doug Novak

    Lowered 66 Riviera

    There is a Buick Forum in here, scroll Down and ask them, they might know. Only things I can suggest is find a Low Rider Group for info, or possibly try SUMMIT or JEGS. I once parked next to a '60's Low Rider Pontiac Grand Prix convertible at a local show and he had it lowered to about two inches from the ground by using 13 inch wheels, Hydraulics and low profile tires.
  3. Doug Novak

    So whom would you sell it to?

    I had a similar situation where two people wanted to buy for the price I had asked for. I told both what was happening and that my position was this. Who ever puts the money in my hand, it's sold as far as I'm concerned. Only fair thing to do IMO.
  4. Doug Novak


    Lets not forget that the Gas Tax we pay covers things like Road and Interstate repairs and Road Construction. What does the Electric Powered Cars contribute to this as they do not pay Gas Taxes. The end result as Electric Power replaces Gas is we'll be seeing the Gas tax go away and replaced by a Mileage Tax for all vehicles. Good Bad who knows?
  5. Doug Novak

    Bringing one home from Canada

    Wait till Winter when the Great Lakes ice over and drive it across at night. 😉
  6. Doug Novak

    Saw this decent looking 1955 Buick today....

    What I love about it is it's a Buick with pretty much the same body of a '55 Chevy Two Door Post, which is highly desirable and rare to find in this condition. I think it's price right at $5K with a much higher potential if done right, and could be restored to stock, or modified so there are two markets for this to be sold in.
  7. Doug Novak

    Driving old cars vs new cars

    Back Up Cameras are great for lining my Truck's Hitch up to the much easier. Also good to tell how close to whats behind you before you hit it. Some of the newer cars rear windows are hard to see through so the camera helps, but as you mention, you wont see what's out of it's view range and best you still turn to see whats off to the side.
  8. Doug Novak

    Driving old cars vs new cars

    Slightly off topic maybe but my 2014 Chevy Equinox gets 99 Miles Per Gallon at all speeds!..... when drifting down hills and with the engine is running? The dash information screen tells me in real time what my MPG is and my average MPG for 50 miles. I would assume my emissions are greatly reduced as well. I'm not sure if the RPM's changes when drifting, does the drive shaft, or transmission go to neutral, allowing the engine to idle when drifting? Checked this today while drifting and getting 99 MPG. The RPM's on the Dash do not vary from that indicated when under throttle, what ever the speed is.. I assume that the gas is cut off at the Throttle Body.
  9. Doug Novak

    Saw this VW Beetle at the store today....

    The '74 VW-Porsche 914 is a 1.8L, flat 4 boxer mid engine with a five speed 911 transmission, built from '69 to '76 at the VW Karmann factory as a joint venture between VW and Porsche to replace the Karmann Gia and the Porsche 912.
  10. Doug Novak

    Saw this VW Beetle at the store today....

    Air Cooled Engines are the best choice for Desert Travel as they will not over heat and stop running.
  11. Doug Novak

    Saw this VW Beetle at the store today....

    Found this picture of my Beetle I bought in 1966 when I was in High School. Rag top Sun Roof and flapper turn Signals on the door pillars, and no gas guage. When it starter to run out you had to flip a valve under the dash to open the reserve. I forgot to close it after getting gas and ran out with no reserve a few times, usually a night and had to walk home.
  12. Doug Novak

    Saw this VW Beetle at the store today....

    First car I owned was a used '64 VW. Lots of fun, not fast in fact it's 36HP Engine was a challenge to get up to speed when getting on to Highways. One of my cars that I have now is a '74 VW-Porsche 90HP and a blast to drive. The saying we have is it's more fun to drive a slow car fast then a fast car slow. Punch Buggy (Color) No Punch Backs, is what the kids say here.
  13. Doug Novak

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    Just my thoughts about previous Posts starting with Bob's #30 and others suggesting awarding Jr. Sr. and Grand National at one time. How would one register a Car to Show for the first time at one Meet, entering in Jr., Sr. and GN? Would not it require 3 entry forms and 3 separate entry fee's considering that the Club would potentially be awarding 3 Trophies at the same time? Also, the entry Sheet, Judges Score Sheet and after wards the Winners List, would need to show the car 3 times. The Judging might be confusing as well. Wouldn't it be necessary to Judge the Car 3 times at each level by 3 separate groups of Judges to put it in the same status as a Car judged at three separate Meets that year or at one Meet over a period of years where the Judges are not the same?
  14. Doug Novak

    Are the hobby members getting that old?

    Yes it's the AAseeMore Show in Lititz Pa.
  15. Doug Novak

    Are the hobby members getting that old?

    Good to know, I've been looking for a cemetery where I could be buried in my car.