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  1. Hershey car show

    Does any one know how many cars hit the Show Field this year? Seemed to be a bigger turn out then I can ever remember.
  2. Rechrome vs Reproduction

    The question of Repo vs Re-chrome asked about a Truck Bumper which is easily reproduced and generally in stock for immediate shipment at a lesser cost then shipping your original bumper and waiting weeks to get it re-chromed. 10 years ago I bought from LMC Truck a Chrome front bumper for my '69 Chevy C10. It fits perfectly and looks great. If the part was rare and hard to find as a reproduction I'd have it rechromed, but Truck Bumpers are not that hard to find. The comment about Repro Parts Fit problems is true but not always the case. I replaced the Doors on my Chevy with doors from JC Whitney and they fit perfectly.
  3. Drone appearance!

    Didn't see the Drone but heard it over head. I belonged for years to an RC Club and stopped flying as the new age of Drones are taking over. Drones and RC Helicopters don't mix well with fixed wing planes. If you can fly a Computer Simulator you can fly the expensive Drones, the ones in the $2K cost range, using a lap top computer screen and joy stick. The screen on the Lap Top shows what the camera on the Drone is shooting. Watching these Drones from the ground, line of sight isn't how they are flown. If you lose sight of the drone it is programmed to go auto pilot and will stop at 3 miles turn around by its self fly straight back and land at you feet where it took off using GPS. Any dummy can buy and fly one, no skill required. However Drones for lesser cost that require Line of Sight only to fly can be challenging to an inexperienced pilot, hard to see and control. I did see a Drone fly over the field last year and wondered if this was allowed. The FAA requires that they be Registered and there are Restrictions. Also I saw a Bi Plane circle the Show Field Saturday, not sure if he was restricted, but if not he would be required to fly same rules as the Banner Planes that fly over the Stadiums. He wasn't towing a banner.
  4. To cover the car or don't cover, opinions on car covers

    I agree with auburn's method and can only add that I always have a incandescent Light Bulb burning 24/7 usually, just a 60Watt Bulb to be a heat source and a fan to circulate the air. When humidity is really high I use two or three to dry out the air. Also, I use a California Duster as needed to remove the dust, and Miquires Quick Detailer to remove any harder stuff like what the bugs and birds might leave.
  5. New AACA LIbrary?

    Hemmings Daily on line today HEAD LINE has a nice right up announcing to all the New Head Quarters Building. "Hemmings Daily: AACA to buy larger building for its headquarters and library" Looks like we've gone full circle resolving the issue and BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our Board for making the decisions that led up to this. Just wonder how long they knew about this location becoming available? Not that it matters, other then smart they held off talking about it until it was a sure thing. WOW!
  6. Chevy 1984 K5 Blazer Siverado

    Good point......Thanks John, and the best part is free shipping and delivery will be across the Road from my Garage to his.
  7. Chevy 1984 K5 Blazer Siverado

    Interesting follow up to the Sale of my Blazer. It was purchased by a Neighbor's Adult Son across the road where it now sits. He and his Dad are going to get it back on the road and I'll enjoy seeing it's progress and have offered to help as needed. So far I turned over some patch panels and brake lines, other spare parts, plus the all important HAYNES Manual. NOW FOR THE BIG QUESTION! I have in my garage the original rear seat for the Blazer which I took out 12 years ago, it's in nearly perfect condition, has the Seat Belts, Arm Rests, the back folds forward and when installed it can be rotated up and forward to increase the cargo area. All the mounting hardware is on the seat and in the truck. Out of curiosity I searched on EBAY to see what the Seats are going for. To my amazement, this seat looks better then all ones on EBAY that have a BUY IT NOW price running from $400 to $600. My decision: I haven't mentioned this to the buyer of the Truck yet, BUT I will be giving him the Seat. It is original to the Truck and should return to the Truck. Hard decision for me to make, but felling pretty good about it now. The Seat apparently is worth half the selling price paid for the Truck.
  8. Chevy 1984 K5 Blazer Siverado

    SOLD IT.................... Doug
  9. Chevy 1984 K5 Blazer Siverado

    I purchased it in 1987, lots of rust and some wiring issues. Partial restoration 2008, last Pa. State inspection 2013 (passed), then parked out sidesince 2014 undriven except for running engine periodically. Engine is 305ci V8 runs great, biggest issue, other then rust is the Brakes don't work due to a brake fluid leak some where. It has 142K Miles. Lets just say the truck is in Barn Find Condition and needs a total restoration and leave it at that. The asking price is $1,150 for local pick up required. LOCATION @ NEW FREEDOM, PA., 15298 WHITCRAFT RD., near the Pa. Md. line and the Pa. Visitors Center 3 miles North on Interstate 83. You can contact me by email I also have it setting out side with a FOR SALE SIGN (as of 9-21-17) locally and there has been a lot of interest, expect it to sell soon.
  10. Grand Prix Race this Saturday in Coatesville, PA

    WOW..........wish I knew of this earlier I would seriously wanted to enter my '74 Porsche 914 in it. I'm going to try to get to it if I can figure out how to work around a Grand Sons Foot ballgame in the evening. Coatesville is only an hour and 30 minutes from home. Here's a couple Videos from YouTube....awesome! Thanks


    If you are with your car and you have hood up or down, and there is an interest from some one looking at the car I try to generate conversation to get a feel for what they want or need to see. I have no problem closing the hood or opening it to let them see the engine or to take pictures, either way. My current status is to go in hood down. Usually you can judge a person's interest and then ask them if they want the hood up. Same with the Trunk. Usually the ones that are showing their car will want to see everything which I have no problem with and enjoy doing it. If I'm not at the car it will be Hood Down from now on. One other thing that we are all subjected to is the Award Process at many shows is Peoples Choice, which I think Hood Down is best to do, or Participants Choice which might be better Hood Up. Problem sometimes I see with Particapants Choice is it becomes vote for your buddies car, or your Club Members Car. For me none of this matters anymore, I'm done chasing Trophies, I have enough (36) and I don't want any more. Now I'm in it for the fun not the glory. AACA Judging on the other hand, is the best I've ever experienced, totally different and fare, IMO.

    I also have and show a '74 Porsche 914 and have fun with the younger ones when I open the front hood and rear trunk lid while telling them there's no engine, or ask them where's the engine. The car has an air cooled VW flat four, mid engine mounted and low behind the seats and hard to see.

    I do several local Car Shows with my '68 AMC AMX which does well and is an AACA Grand National Car as well. After the pass two local Shows I came to the realization that to compete having hood up is mandatory for reasons I understand and agree to, but there's no better joy to me then just to get people walking the show field to stop and want to examine the car and talk about the car. The first of the last two shows I went Hood Up and when they called for the Awards I put the hood down, then as I walked to the gathering I looked back at the car with the Hood down and realized how much better it looked with Hood Down. At the next Show, over 200 cars, I Showed it Hood Down knowing it would disqualify it from Judging and Awards. I don't need any more Trophies, I more or less am retiring it from Awards and instead offering it to the general public to admire a enjoy. This proved true the second show. With Hood Down People would walk by and do a double take turn and come back and really look it over. Lots of conversations that day more then any I can remember. Hood Down from now on, only exception wll be Hersey but once judged for a forth Preservation Chip, I think the hood then goes down for the rest of the day.
  15. Then and Now Automotive - Anyone used them before ? ?

    Have not used them yet but on the American Motors Owners (AMO) Club they have been highly recommended for Fuel Pump rebuilds. I think they also do Oil Pumps and other items.