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  1. Convert slides to digital?

    I converted my Navy Slides by projecting them on a white wall at home and snapping pictures of them with my Cell phone and my Digital Camera. From the Cell Phone I forward the Pictures to my Email address to down loaded the Pictures to the computer. Easy to do and the quality was surprisingly good. With the Digital Camera, with a SD memory card, same process except you take the Camera SD Memory Card out after taking the pictures and put the SD Card in the computer if it has the slot for down loading SD Cards.
  2. Classic Cars at Salvage Auctions

    Might want to check out what's involved with re-titling.
  3. Just saw this nice 1968 Camaro SS....

    Yes......Coker Firestone Wide Oval starting at $169 in the Summit Catalog.
  4. Wipers Not working

    Spray the linkages and any other moving parts with WD40 and see if that helps. Might need to see if you can move the blades by hand.
  5. Hay, How are you going to move that car?

    HAY......Wow, it's one of my favorite Chevy's, a '55 TWO DOOR POST!
  6. Estate Planning Question

    Maybe you can just add their names to the Titles as joint owners?
  7. Are show cars still historic vehicles

    This argument will never be resolved as both positions are correct for two different opinions on what a classic car needs, or does not need to be. Basically it's your car, you own it and make what you want it to be that makes you happy. As for over restoration if you look at fine art hanging on the walls of the best Museums, most have been touched up at one time or another. Coin collectors are told to never clean or polish their coins as it devalues them which is true. Some think shined up polished coins would increase their value and be easier to sell, not true. Different strokes for different folks.

    If the only incorrect item on your car are the Radial Tires, which is -5 points for each tire, or a total of -20 points out of 400 that leaves you with a score of 380. In the Judging Class you begin trying for First Junior that requires a score not lower the 365. Once you win First Junior you enter the next year trying for First Senior which you need a score not lower then 380, and once you win this one you go for Grand National that requires a score not lower then 380. From there on you will enter each year in Preservation for an Award requiring a score not lower them 360. I you have other cars in your class that are more correct you can still win 2nd or 3rd. Now having said all that remember that you will also need a correct SPARE TIRE, plus there might be things that will hurt you such as not having Sealed Beam Head lights. Most people replace sealed beams when they burn out with newer types used today. It's easy to over look these sort of things, ask me how I know! It's all part of the fun and making corrections over the years is part of the Hobby that I have enjoyed the most. What I did with my '68 AMX, that had non original type Radial Tires on correct Magnum 500 Rims was to go buy another set of correct Rims and Coker Bias Ply Belted tires of the correct size and style. I switch the Tire/Rim set up depending on where I'm going. It takes less then and hour to change all 4 Wheels. Your Corvair looks like it has steel rims that shouldn't be too expensive to find and your wheel trim should be interchangeable. Again don't forget the Spare. My Spare is a correct inflatable Space Saver Tire. I'll never use it if I get a flat. One last comment about Bias Ply Tires, yes they can be less desirable a can take a little while getting use too. How ever I was shocked at how a new set of correct Gable New Shocks for Vintage Cars fixed 90% of the problems? Now I too have kept on the car and run with the Red Line Bias Ply Tires all the time. I drive to all Shows and feel it's important that the cars be seen everywhere they go.
  9. Car Ads which don't include the price

    Just for the record, I never buy New Cars! I wait and look for cars that are 2 to 4 years old. Many of the 4 year Old cars at places like Carmax are Leased Vehicles that the Leasing Companies are rotating out. We recently bought one from Carmax, a like new 2014 Chevy Equinox with 16,000 miles on it for a price less the half the cost of the new ones. Carmax gets the cars from the Auto Auctions that only Brokers can attend. When you trade a car in at Car max it too goes directly to the Auction, not to their Show Room or Sales Lot to be sold. Basically they are flipping cars. We traded in a VW Tiquan which covered half of the sell price Carmax wanted for the used 2014 Equinox. The Trade in lowered the cost to where we could pay cash for the like new Equinox. No Car Payments, or loans.
  10. Car Ads which don't include the price

    Slightly off topic, sort of, but what amazes me are the Adds on TV for New Cars and Trucks. They do not mention the price to buy the vehicle, they only tell you what the Monthly Leased Vehicle Cost starts at for the vehicle?
  11. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    Had a similar problem and decided not to worry about it, it's Kiddies' problem and on them. I doubt that it matters and put the too large for the Kiddie Box in the box and taped it with packing tape then put it in the shipping box with the peanuts around it. I did call Kiddie and they said they were aware of this problem and indicated they were handling thousands of returns which to me says they wouldn't be getting to a solution for this for awhile. What can they do about it if something happens when returned, nothing I think and doubt that it's a major problem. One other interesting thing is they sent a nice Trigger Handle type to replace a less expensive Button Type recalled. Sounds like they a discontinuing the Button Type.
  12. 1970 AMC Rebel SST Wagon

    Looking forward to seeing your Rebel when you get it going. Potomac Ramblers have an All AMC Day at the Mason Dixon Drag-way in Boons Borrow Md, which is South of Frederick Maryland. It's usually in the Fall each year. Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania AMC Cars gather on the Show Field and the Guys with the AMC Drag cars Race all day. Venders with AMC Parts will be there also. I drive down from Pa. each year. Check your area for a club, AMC people help each other. I Video most Shows I attend and post on you tube.. Below is a 3 part Video I made of the 2016 gathering at Mason Dixon Drag way.
  13. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    I got the replacement for the first one I called in. I called the other 2 in after I got the first replacement. Should see the replacements this week. Pretty painless and easy process getting it done. The return label that comes with the replacements and has a phone number to call, FedX or UPS. They schedule a pickup, leave the return boxes at the front door with the return label on the boxes, and they're gone next day.
  14. 1970 AMC Rebel SST Wagon

    Not sure but think it depends on which Wiper your' Rebel has. There were two versions, one Wiper worked from a vacuum hose that came off of the Fuel pump and the other worked from an electrical motor at the washer I think. My 68 AMX wipers are run by an electrical Motor. There were two different Fuel Pumps also. The Electric Wiper fuel pump did not have a vacuum hose connection point where as the Vacuum Motor Fuel Pumps had a connection point specificly for the vacuum hose to connect to the wiper motor. Good luck sorting it out. You might want to join the AMC Form where you can ask for help on this one.