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  1. The Google Listing was from Rotterdam Netherlands and says the things worth : €14.46 I think that's Euro's which 1 euro is equal to $1.09 US, so they go for about $15 if you can find a buyer.
  2. Not suggesting that our asking the Museum to remove our name from their building, literature and correspondence is improper, but, I doubt that the Museum would appreciate what our suggestions for a new name for the Museum might be. Could fuel a new fight between us and them which is counter productive. However, they would be smart to identify them selves with "Hershey Entertainment" and name the Museum something like, "The Hershey Auto Museum".
  3. Dad had a '69 Chevy Puck up truck he bought new, and after many years a problem with the Three on the Tree Column Shift linkage developed. The linkage would sometimes hang up in gear, usually in 3rd gear, while at an up hill Stop Sign or Red Light with traffic behind me. We would have to turn the engine off, put the emergency brake on, grab the large screw driver on the dash, run out, pop the hood and use the screw driver to force the shift linkage to Neutral. Then we could restart the engine release the brake and shift to 1st gear to get rolling again. I eventually took own ship of Dad's truck, after his passing. I fixed this problem by buying a 3 Speed Floor Shift conversion Kit for $36 from JC Whitney. Installation was simple. I still have Dad's truck but there have been many changes made over the years, including an engine and 4 speed transmission swap, but the original steering column linkage, no longer used, is still there and every time the Hood is up I look with fond memories of that darn Shift Linkage we had to deal with.
  4. I just had one of those weird odd ball things happen while getting ready for a Car Rally with my Porsche. I was just prepping the usual things, cleaning, checking the oil and tire pressure. The tires, over the Winter storage, lost a couple pounds so I pumped them up to the correct pressure, 27# front / 29# rear. I didn't drive the car after doing this but the next day the right rear tire was flat! After sorting things out, the cause was the Cap covering the Valve Stem. The Cap is a Chrome one with the Porsche Emblem on the end and has as an extra thing to prevent air leaks, a tiny rubber O Ring that manage to some how fold it's self over where the O Ring now pushed in the Valve Stem causing a slow leak flatting the tire. Not a big fix, I took the O Ring out, but who would have thunk it? So much for Good German Engineering!
  5. Moved the '74 Porsche out of the storage Garage to the attached to the house Garage for final prepping for the all Porsche Swap and Meet at Hershey next weekend. April 21 is a gathering of 914's for a Cruise Fridays, followed by Saturday's Swap Meet & Concourse Show for Porsche's of all ages and Models. This is an annual event and there will be over 1,000 Porches there from all over the the country. Mine just needs Cleaning and Waxing. The "68 AMC/AMX is still in the outer Garage. I woke it up, drove it checked fluids and kicked the tires. It needs to be ready for the AMC National Meet in Gettysburg in June for Concourse Judging. There's very little to be done other then Cleaning and Waxing, the drivers seat has a couple threads that I need to stick, and glue, back into the seam holes they pulled out of. Also need to touch up the Wiper Motor on the Fire Wall.
  6. A big Thumbs Up from me.
  7. I go in using the "EBAY MOTORS" selection to look for parts, and I have my Cars and Trucks registered. Seems to cut out some of the junk an find things specific to what I'm looking for.
  8. Greg you make a valid point that I understand. I'm lucky to live in Pennsylvania 45 minutes from Hershey, where the AACA HQ and Fall Meet is held, and actively do the Meets in the area, driving to them in my 68 AMX. It's good to hear from the outer area's so we can get together here on the Form. Hemmings stirred up a Hornets Nest between us and the Museum, and now with the big price increase I think they need to back off. Seems like they're having huge financial problems doesn't it? I would not be surprised if the price increase hurts them even more. I've experienced other Magazines that upped their Subscription prices and when I refused to resubscribe they would come back with "special" prices, much lower?
  9. We're lucky we get our own Club Magazine "Antique Automobile" which is of such excellent quality. This one plus another very high quality Club Magazine that I get is "Panorama" from PCA. Both are worth the membership fees alone and specific to the Hobby. It's interesting that a Club can make a better Magazine for Members only, affordable verse News Stand Magazines. Hemmings canceled the one news stand subscription I enjoyed, "Sport and Exotic Cars", but to fill that void I get Road and Track which is OK but not nearly the Quality of the Club Magazines.
  10. The NASCAR races are too long, they don't race in the rain, the cars are not stock, Restricter Plates to slow things down, (there shouldn't be limits) and the crashes seem to be rigged or set up as some sort of strategy and if not then its just poor sportsman ship in action. Around here People love local Dirt Track Racing and there are at least 5 Race Tracks close enough to take the Family to on a Saturday night that doesn't cost a fortune to go to. There are popular weekly TV Series, such as Street Out Laws, that hit closer to home and are easily understood and interesting in how the preparations, racing and planning are done. Lots of People get it, talk about it and it's fun. F1, Cart, Indy, SCCA, IMSA Racing series are closer to being what Professional Factory Sponsored racing should look like and more technologically main stream that have a big following. Many of the new cars people are buying from the dealers incorporate features that were developed from this sort of racing. There's a new open wheel Racing now for Electric Cars that look like Formula One cars. Can't imagine racing cars that don't need mufflers. But all that being said the best racing is the Vintage Cars and Motor Cycles. Historic Race Cars and Bikes on Road Courses.
  11. I think there is an upward swing in the cost of collector cars when ever the Stock Market jumps up like it has recently. In most places you are looking at a good non taxable interest, and if you need to cash out through the sale of the car the buyer may see a big jump in the Local Tax when he goes for Title and Registration, plus cost of Insurance. I tell my Wife that Collector Car purchases make more interest than our money sitting in a Bank making 1.5% , which is a fact, and you can't see your money, or sit in it and drive it around if it's in a Bank Vault some where.
  12. Thanks John, that's good to know there's 12 years on line, should help if I go through withdraw or need to search for some info. I really liked that Magazine. Doug
  13. Yes, they tell us "we are excited to introduce you to HEMMINGS CLASSIC CAR, THE DEFINITIVE ALL-AMERICAN COLLECTOR-CAR MAGAZINE, beginning next month". For me I live in both Worlds having American and European Cars and have had Japanese as well. So, looks like the I'll not be getting articles for any foreign manufactured Cars with the switch be Hemmings as they also state Classic Cars covers American Classic Cars from the Brass Era to the 60's. Not saying I have a problem with this as I also get Panorama from the Porsche Club, and Road & Track that covers the void for me.
  14. Love GPS Navigation, generally we hit the back roads where ever we go, if time allows, and we plan our travel time using the GPS that shows how far we are from our destination and approximate time of arrival. Last long trip we went from Pa. down to visit friends in N.C. and on the return trip did the East Coast Shore line. Great way to explore, and if you get in trouble time wise you know were to change direction to get on an Interstate Highway.
  15. A few years back when I wanted Pennsylvania Antique Tags for my 69 Chevy C10 Pickup, I was required to provide front, rear, left and right side photos as prove it was Original Condition. I had Rally Wheels on it (still do) but this was unexceptionable. So I had to search out 2 original Chevy Truck Hub Caps to place on the Rally Wheels and retake the pictures first on the right side and then on the left to finally get the Antique Title and Tag. Now, photos are no longer required in Pa. At a local Show there was a late model 4 X 4 lifted with huge wheels and tires that had Antique tags? I guess he knows somebody at PennDot or I guess anything goes now? BUT, I'd think you'd be subject to a fine if police pull you over and most likely have the Tag Pulled. Sounds like a Money Maker for Pa. Also, I doubt that an insurance company would insure something like that as Antique. On another of my cars, a '74 Porsche 914, I just re-titled this year as Antique, which it is. The total cost for new Permanent Title, Registration and Tag was a one time deal for $156, and the car is now exempt from annual Inspections and Registration renewals. Pa. says you can drive it one day a week or for special events, or to and from a mechanic.