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  1. Doug Novak

    Are the hobby members getting that old?

    Yes it's the AAseeMore Show in Lititz Pa.
  2. Doug Novak

    Are the hobby members getting that old?

    Good to know, I've been looking for a cemetery where I could be buried in my car.
  3. Doug Novak

    Any test pilots on this forum???

    You would love the New Garden Air Show & Car Show coming August 18th and 19th, 2018. Show Cars get in at half price and park near the hangers. It is in Toughenamon, Pa. off of Rt. 1 near Kennith Square close to Maryland Delw. and Pa.
  4. Doug Novak


    I GOT A BONUS for Showing at the Spring Meet............came in the mail. It's the 5th Wheel Tap to go on to my Repeat Preservation Award Board. Going to drive up to AACA HQ this week and get the award that goes with it. Thanks again Chesapeake for this Meet.
  5. Doug Novak

    Any test pilots on this forum???

    Yes but does it come with a "AIRBAGS" ?????
  6. Doug Novak

    2018 Eastern Spring Meet results

    Paula it was clearly one of the best AACA events I've been to and participated in. The Hotel location and grounds were excellent, and the attention you showed to the members such as having the coolers with ice and bottled water on such a hot day was appreciated. The Judging was first class, the trailer parking , the paved Show Field, etc. I could go on plus the Air Conditioning near by in the Hotel was greatly appreciated. Well planned and organized with 511 AACA cars of the highest caliper in every Class was the amazing and everyone had a great day. Hope you do this one again, I d be there again for sure. Thanks to Chesapeake Region for all your hard work on this Meet, well done. You hit it out of the Park.
  7. Doug Novak


    Excellent Meet, some one earlier posted that it sounded like it was going to be a MINI Hershey with 511 cars.....which is a good description. The weather was good, on the hot side in the afternoon but to be expected this time of year. There was a collection of really high quality vehicles here from all Classes. Thank you Chesapeake AACA for the amazing job you did, it was to the highest level and you should all be congratulated. I have on youtube a four part Video of many of the vehicles. I didn't get to all of the fields due to time and heat. You can see these if you go on youtube, or just click the red pop up arrows below on each of the pictures to start each video.
  8. Doug Novak


    The Battlefield Harley Davidson Dealer Ship is on Cavalry Field Rd. and Route 30 (York Rd.) further East of Gateway Blvd. where we turn off 30 to get to our Host Hotel. I don't expect there to be a problem, I was half kidding about following a Harley to the area we will be at......however, worst case they actually might escort you to our show area. The Bikers up hear are good people. 🙂
  9. Doug Novak


    Couple of quick travel notes using GPS or Maps.........To find the Hotel, which is easy, look for Gateway Blvd. (W. Presidential Dr.) The Gateway Building and the Host Hotel are very visible from Rt. 15 and Route 30. Route 30 is also called York Road. Above locations are at the intersection of Route 15 and Route 30. Worst case find some Harley Davis Motor cycles and follow them. The Harley Dealership is a stones throw East of our Meet Location on Route 30.
  10. Doug Novak


    I road through the Site at the Hotel and Show field area today. This is early in the 4 days of the show, people are arriving so can't say much more them 511 are expected to show come Saturday. There were Venders setting up and think I saw 5 or 6, did not see any sign, or mention of a Flea Market today.
  11. Doug Novak

    Unending patience

    TerryB... when I was 16 my older brother bought a new '66 Chevelle, Blue with the 327ci, Four Speed, Duals, Bucket Seats and positraction. It was a very fast Chevy that could easily run with the 396 SS Chevelles. When he left for the navy for two year my Brother gave me the keys to the Chevelle. Loved that car, the only one I actually owned that compared was a '95 Z28 6 speed manual, 350. As for 3 speed Manual Transmission problems, I bought new in '72 an AMC Gremlin X V8 with HD Suspension, 3 speed Manual, Posie rear. I ordered it from the factory to race it in Auto Cross in E Stock against the BMW 2002's and kicked their butts. We won 8 First Places and were the e Stock Champ racing in Maryland, Pa. and Virginia. As for the 3 speed Manual I bent the floor shift mechanism from Shifting between 1st and 2nd which meant sliding the shift from bottom left then to the right in neutral then up to 2nd on the top right.
  12. Doug Novak


    The current forecast for Gettysburg is looking good. 85 to 89 degrees July 11th Wednesday thru Friday the 13th, and Saturday 87 Cloudy Humid with 30% chance of an afternoon Thunderstorm, Sunday 88 Sunny and Humid. This will change as we get closer to the dates so look for updates and plan accordingly.
  13. Maybe a Tech School with a Auto Mechanics basics class to start her to learn how to wrench. Then focus on what era Cars to strive for. Don't think a Collector Car would be available for some one to try working on with out some basic experience and knowledge. The tech School would be a big help directing her to Car Clubs. Restoration Businesses and other contacts if she wants to really get serious with the hobby and stick with it.
  14. Doug Novak

    56 Lincoln Capri

    Bias Ply Tires will do that? Radials fix it usually. What are your tires. Also when I put new Gabriel shocks for vintage cars on my car with Bias Plys, and got the tire pressure adjusted it helped a lot.
  15. Doug Novak


    The Tire Point Deductions have been lowered and shouldn't hurt you. I joined AACA and started Showing in 2012, and I took the same approach you indicated in expecting not to do well at first, but learn what I would need to to do for the next year or Show. I Love Wrenching, Detailing, Polishing, finding Parts and Documentation. I spend a lot of my spare time in my favorite place, the garage. You're going to enjoy doing the same and the best part is everyone at the Shows, especially those in your Class, the Judges, and others will give you great advise and help getting things done. Also, just being there at the Shows is amazing. This is a good one coming, and followed by Hershey October 13th are going to be great Shows. Oh forgot to mention, I to drive my car to all the Shows. Longest drive was to 155 miles, coming and going in pouring rain to Williamsport for the 2016 Grand National. Best way to travel is in a vintage car.