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  1. White Cars

    I just bought a White car and you are correct.....WHITE IS THE NEW GRAY.
  2. car show fun

    From an owners perspective I would not want to enter the Hobby with a perfect car. I would prefer a car to be brought to a level of perfection thru the years. Showing at each year at AACA Meets is the guide to achieving this as you learn of the thing that result in point deductions. Off season, spending time researching, obtaining parts, fixing, correcting and installing what's needed, doing as much as you can your self is the most satisfying experience I get out of my Vehicles, other then driving them. It never ends, and when and if it does I'd probably have to look for another to start over again.
  3. Car number not on Grand National badge

    Thanks Peter but I'll let my Heir's deal with this when the time comes, I'm keeping till my last breath. As to the original question from Russ, here's why I think the Grand National Grill Badge does not have the car number engraved on it. When you Won your Junior Award that Badge has the Car Number on it. When you Win your Senior Award you get the collar that goes around the Junior Badge. So when You win the Grand National you get another Badge that you typically would mount on the Grill next to where you mounted the the Jr./Sr. Badge that has the official car number on it.
  4. Car number not on Grand National badge

    My GN Trophy from Williamsport 2016 has a two part front plate. At the top is a the small plate with My Name, Model Year and Make. The larger bottom Plate has FIRST PLACE, 2016, ANNUAL GRAND, NATIONAL MEET, WILLIAMSPORT , PENNSYLVANIA. The Larger bottom plate came unglued and fell off twice. It's actually a double sided sticky film used to glue these on. Not complaining I'm keeping it forever.............. did I read that all AACA Awards stay and go with the Car if Sold? I was impressed that they could have the Trophies available with the owners name and class as fast as they did considering they there were over a thousand cars there if I remember. AACA Show are the best.
  5. car show fun

    Loved the Music in my Video. As for the New Cars at Car Shows here's something to consider. The Show was a Charity Show with all proceeds going to Military Veterans (Home Town Hero's) needing some kind of support, medical, housing, transportation, Financial, etc. Every Car there had to Pay to Show, and it was suppose to rain Buckets that afternoon and it did but nobody left. Also, the Car Shows are set up with Classes either to be Judged, as this Show was, or Peoples Choice which was also included at this show. So, to include an event where all Makes, Models and Years of cars, competing against same kinds and years in their Class, the door is open to anyone. Also, to Park on the Show Field is a nice perk. I think there were 250 cars there and a gathering of families and friends enjoying conversations, the Cars and Music day in a Park. Oh, my Green '74 Porsche 914 took 2nd in the Import Class.
  6. World's most expensive AMC Hornet?

    Hemmings Daily had featured this last week and pictures of the stunt car show that the interior was stripped out and the frame reinforced. It had a racing seat only mounted in the center and a Roll Cage and Harness.
  7. car show fun

    Tend to agree, some factory correct cars are looked at by many people who imagine how they would fix it up to their liking not knowing what they are seeing. I give credit to some of the Auto Auctions on TV and AACA Rules that show the Value of a Factory Stock Car verses cutting one up and making modifications. Hopefully it helps turn people in the direction of maintaining the Pure Stock. Typically, Chrome and Bling is an easy way to get attention if you can afford it, and there is a bigger Fan Base possibly for this. We see it on TV daily. It attracts younger people or old people trying to be young. On the other hand, Fall Hershey, as an example draws the Biggest crowds and our cars are appreciated for their uniqueness. An oxymoron, a rhetorical device that uses an ostensible self-contradiction to illustrate a rhetorical point or to reveal a paradox. ?
  8. car show fun

    How about the guys with the Big Block Blower and Big Tubed out Racing Slicks that have never taken it to the track. The only place it is driven is from the trailer to the Show Car Lot and back? I do a lot of Shows and Cruise and mingle with the neighbors, but what I try to do at most Shows is Walk the Show Field with a Video Camera, capture all the cars and then post it on YouTube. This was my latest.
  9. Looking In All The Wrong Places

    I've had a lot of luck using Mr. Clean Scuff Pads. They also are great for cleaning the Wheels and easy to use. OT...if you have white interior doors in your house they make them look like new freshly painted. I think they are safe to use on just about everything.
  10. Chance to buy a 1968 Chevelle - Need Advice

    The '66 Malibu we had was ordered from a Dealer in Baltimore and build at the Chevy GM Plant on Broening Highway in Baltimore. It was faster then the 396's. My Brother was a Barber and one of his regular customers was the GM Plant Manager. While getting a hair cut my brother told him about a problem with his '64 that had a leaky trunk. So the Plant manager got info on the '66 on order and said he'd walk it through the plant to make sure we'd like it? We're pretty sure it had the Corvette 327 but there's no way to confirm, all we knew is it was fast. We'll always wonder if it was a COPO. I learned to drive, at 16, from this car, with a 4 speed and became a gear head because of it I think.
  11. Chance to buy a 1968 Chevelle - Need Advice

    What I've read is that the '68 SS biggest engine is the 396ci, and in '69 they made some COPO Chevelles with a 402ci , but badged them a 396ci. No factory 502's. (My personal favorite that I had was a '66 Malibu 4 speed with a HOT 327ci 350hp.
  12. One MORE Reminder...HERSHEY!!!

    Sent mine in last month.............look for me at 36E '68 AMX Factory High Performance - American Motors Corp. 1960-1969. Need to get my 4th Preservation Button. Actually, would not miss this, rain or shine.
  13. Forum New Look

    I resigned in ......all set to continue. I like this, seems easier on the eyes. Going to see if I can drag a photo in. Something to cool us off from the Heat Wave.
  14. The '57 Is Finally "Home"

    Beautiful '57.........I'd never put the top down, they can be a problem.
  15. Photobucket

    When Windows 10 came out and I Upgraded I lost the "Movie Maker" program I was using because Windows 10 & Movie Maker wasn't compatible. Later my Computer went in for service and the Computer Service Shop loaded a Program called VLC media player that works great and is similar to Photo Bucket and Movie Maker, plus it is free. It will let you down load Pictures and Video plus other media. Google it and check it out to see if you think it is an alternative you can use, if need be.